Anal submission   added 6 years ago
  By: affectionate4u  Age: 51  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, Anal Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: submission Anal
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

We have talked about anal as your ultimate form of submission for a while now. Its an act of submission to have my engorged member inside of your tight little pussy, and the ultimate submission would be for me sodomize your cute little bottom. It has brought you to tears of trepidation to suggest that I'm going to sodomize you or to slide a finger into your bottom while fucking you or playing with you. 

We have not seen each other for a while, so when I come over I am immediately aroused by your always sexy appearance. I kiss you warmly and then suggest we head upstairs for a "nap" before going out for dinner. You agree as you always do, and I lead you upstairs. I place you on the bed after undressing you, and myself, revealing my obvious interest in you. I press down on top of you, kissing you, and then slide down to taste your perfect folds.

You are quickly aroused today, and soon are begging for me to be inside of you. I oblige, pinning you to the bed with my swollen shaft. You quickly head into a subspace of lust and passion. However, not long into feeling me inside of you, you ask if I want to fuck your bottom. I look into your glazed eyes and say yes my love, if that is what you want. You whimper that it is so I pull out and turn you over to begin to prepare you for our first sodomy session. I grab the lube and an anal toy, and begin to massage your bottom, slowly working my finger into it, followed by a larger finger, and finally my thumb. Your moaning and squirming convey an elevating submission.

With each larger penetration, your moaning becomes more animalistic, beyond your control. I next work the anal toy into you. Once it is relatively easily sliding into you, I know you are ready for my inflamed passion. I wrap it in a non-latex condom and lube it to ease penetration into already abused bottom. I slowly work the large head into your opening. You squirm and fight to relax as this is the largest object to every cross your most personal boundary. It takes a good deal of pressure to finally get the head into you.

Your guttural cry and release on taking the first part inside is so powerful. I doubt I'm going to be able to get my full size inside of you, but I slowly continue to work inside of you, adding lube as I inch my way deeper. Its nearly 5 minutes until I'm fully inside of you, but you have taken all of me. Your such a good little girl, submitting to your naughty Daddy's sadistic desire. As I fuck your ass, my balls pounding against your wet pussy, you writhing and moaning are both arousing and terrifying. You are clearly at your limits of submission, reveling in the act, trying to accept the pain. You are so tightly wrapped around me its really not about the pleasure, its about making you submit and allowing you to show your devotion.

I fuck you until you simply cannot take any more and you tell me it hurts too much. I pull out and remove the condom. I turn you over kiss you passionately, and then pin you down with my weight, sliding into your dripping pussy as I do so. I fuck you hard and deep, just as you like it until you cum violently. I continue through your convulsions until I reach my own climax, exploding a powerful, long lasting load deep inside of you. I'm exhausted as are you, and I collapse my weight onto you, still inside you, still so hard from the arousal of the act. We lay together, devoted and devotee,  awash in the passion of the most submissive session to date.

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