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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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I am sure that everyone had that close friend from childhood that you share the most darkest secrets with. The ones that you wouldn’t even share today with your wife. Although, that’s a different story for later...

Bobby and I were the closest of friends from early youth, though high school years, and including today. We were neighbors, every class together, every baseball team together, we went everywhere together. We’ve seen each other naked hundreds of times. From just changing gym clothes in the locker room to even our own bedrooms, We would go swimming down at the creek, which was always naked, to keep our clothes dry. Hundreds of times have I seen Bobby naked a never a sense of arousal. Never a boner at the least.

After high school we went off to different colleges and only saw each other briefly at holidays or summer. This past summer Bobby called and said lets go swimming at the creek. We met and hiked back far into the woods where our secret swimming hole was. As soon as we got there Bobby started removing his clothes. First the boots and socks. Then he stood and took off his tee shirt. As he lifted his shirt over his head, I was shocked at how "beefed up" he was. Muscles were bulging everywhere on his torso

. He then bent forward and removed his shorts and briefs in a quick motion and stood before me completely naked. I took in his complete figure as never before, Tanned, toned body, with taught abs, and heaving pecs topped with a small erect nipple, veeing down to a slim waist, topped by muscular legs. Not to mention completely bronzed, no tan lines, smooth balls and just a batch of well groomed, brown pubic hair. His cock was limp, yet thick, and hung several inches.

"Tommy! What the fuck you staring at?" Bobby shouted, " You still got your clothes on! Get naked and in the water!" He then turned and ran into the creek and dove in the water.

I immediately felt blushed. What was I thinking looking at Bobby’s body like that. I took off my shirt and tossed it aside, kicked off my boots, and socks. As I lowered my shorts I realized I had a massive erection. I quickly turned away from the creek and pulled off my shorts and briefs. Cupping my hard on with my hands, I hurried into the water and dove in. When I surfaced Bobby stood before me waist high in water. He was had both arms behind his head and his biceps were flexed and bulging. I slowly glanced down his body to the water level. "Tommy, what the fuck you staring at?" Bobby stated again. "Holy shit, Bobby, you’re fucking huge! You look all steroids out", I answered.

"No, it’s all me. Pure muscle. Been building at the gym a lot because of the competition in intramural’s. God, those guys are big and strong"

"What cha’ playing" I asked.


"Ouch!. Tough sport"

"Nothing that a good hot shower, massage and fuck won’t cure" Bobby said, as he turned and dove, his bare ass disappearing beneath the water. When he surfaced he jumped out of the water and came down on top of me to dunk me. He easily pushed me under as I was defenseless from his weight and strength. He then grabbed me, cradled me, and picked me up with both arms in front of him. My fucking erection was still there and stood proud and tall before him. Eight inches of hard cock, topped with a large purple head. I fucking laughed, "sorry Bobby" I said.

"What the fuck dude! You get hard for me now. I mean I’ve seen you a hundred times naked and you never got hard before. Why now, dude?" Bobby said.

"You were noticing if I got hard or not?", I asked. "What the fuck Bobby?"

Bobby answered, "no, I mean it’s not that often that you got a fucking hard on staring you in the face!"

"How often?" I asked."You gay Bobby?"

"No! I’m not fucking gay. I fuck women. A lot of women, in fact. Just, maybe, sometimes there’s another guy there. And only then do I see another hard on."

"Do you fuck these other guys?" I asked.

"No, I ‘m not into fucking guys asses. OR being fucked, for that matter!"

"Are you bi, then", I asked .

Bobby hesitated answering me as he was still holding me in his arms, and my erection was not disappearing. He slowly licked his lips and lowered his mouth, but just brushed his cheek past my cock head. "The first time I was licking some girls pussy as this guy was fucking her from behind. His cock fell out of her pussy onto my face. He then fed his cock into my mouth"

"And you sucked it?" I asked.

"Well sure, everyone was sucking it."

"Everyone? Who’s everyone?"

"Well that time it was just the one girl and I think four of us. So do I fuck other guys? No! Am I gay then? NO! Am I bi, then? Well, I do enjoy any good blow job. And I must say I give a good one in return. And I swallow! So yeah, I’m bi! How about you? You’re the one with fucking boner" Bobby asked.

"Uh, I don’t know. My fucking boner is just a boner. And you’re just fucking staring at it, for Christ sakes!".

I reached out and started stroking my cock with my left hand. My right hand was wrapped around his shoulders as he was till holding me in his arms. As I was now stroking my aching cock at a good pace with my left hand. Bobby kind of threw me up and shifted my weight around to hold me tighter and higher up on his chest. My hand was now jerking my cock onto his cheek. He turned his head and took my cock into his mouth. He took the first four inches or so, then backed off and licked my swollen cock head. Bobby smiled and said, "it’s about time we did something about this boner".

He sucked all eight inches in and held his lips tight around the base of my cock. Slowly he back up half way, then down again. As he went on his down stroke , I started meeting him by arching my back pushing my pelvis froward. My cock was touching the back of his throat. Sensing my arousal I pulled my cock out of Bobby’s mouth and started stroking my cock. I told him I was about to come has he positioned his mouth just over my cock. The first spurt went high and came down on my chest. I aimed my cock towards Bobby’s face and he lowered his mouth onto my cock head just as the second wave of cum came out.

This was a big load and the third wave came out the side of his mouth. He then lowered his mouth on my entire shaft and took the full eight inches to the back of his throat as I came again and again. Slowly Bobby backed up off my cock, swirled his tongue around my purple cock head and asked, "So, are you bi?"

"I am now" I replied.

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