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     Let's explore the reference to Rex, the guy that my wife almost fucked before me. 

    She had sent him home with a hard on just like she did me.  He had gone to the bathroom so he didn't have to intrerupt fucking her and she was dressed and sent him home without any pussy.  She must have felt bad about that and had promised to fuck him if he came back to visit.  They made a date and he was there on time and ready.  The TV was on and since he lived in another town many miles away from her, they were not aware of a storm that was brewing close to his home.  When the TV reported what was happening, he became worried about his house and left to check on it. 

   After she and I were married, she told me about what had happened.  I remembered that she had sent me home without some pussy after she let me get her naked and eating her pussy.  I told her she owed him some pussy.  When we would have sex, I kept telling her she should contact Rex and set up a date.   She kept telling me that would not happen.  She  told me that she didn't need someone else.  

     Then I came home one afternoon and she came up and kissed me and said,  "I sent Rex a note today".  I was blown away!  "Let me see it"  I said.  She went to her computer and brought up her note.  She had said that her husband wanted her to fuck him and for him to watch.  If he was interested, to let her know.  She got an answer very soon.  He was very interested. 

     We had an  RV and he lived very close to a lake in his town which was an hour away from where we lived.  My wife's plan was for us to take our RV and  our boat there and set up a oportunity  for them to get together.  We decided to go out there and see where we could set up our RV before we took it out there.  We found that he had a number of cabins on the lake that he rented out, and he wanted us to meet him at one of them and talk.  We got close and called him on the cell phone and he guided us to his cabin.  We talked for a while and he wanted to take my wife into the bedroom and suck her tits.  So they spent about 30 minutes playing and sucking, no cock to pussy yet.  When he was through sucking on my wife's huge but perky tits, they came back into the living room and we decided to go. 
    We were near my  home town where I had inherited my mothers house and I needed to go check on it.  So we started to drive to my home town so we could check on the house.  After my wife had been sucked on, she was horny.  So she moved over and took out my cock and started sucking on it.  I was looking for a truck driver to pull along side and let him see her sucking on my cock.  It was Sunday and there was no trucks on the road in that area.  She was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow and I was getting more and more turned on.  The anticipation of watching my gorgeous wife fucking Rex had me more than ready to cum.  I came in her mouth and sprayed more cum down her throat than I usually deliver.  She loves to swallow my cum.  She had said she would only swallow me, but she has a new boyfriend that she swallows often.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  That is another story.  Let's get back to Rex.

     A week later, we hooked up our RV and our boat and headed to the lake where Rex was waiting.  We found the spot that we had picked out on our visit that we had met Rex and set up camp.  We had rented a space at the marina for our boat, so we put it in the water and tied it up.  Now we were ready for Rex. 

     We called him and let him know where we were.  He met us at our RV the next morning later in the morning.  It was August and quite warm.  He arrived and we had coffee in our RV and decided to take our boat out in the lake.  The marina was close to us, so we drove over and got on the boat.  We have a "party" boat and it is quite comfortable and has enough room to lay around on the seats.  It was in the middle of the week and we didn't see anyone else on the lake except a few fishermen, but they were all close to the bank or dam.  So we headed out to the center of the lake.  My horny wife moved close to Rex who was sitting over to the side of the boat.  She started rubbing his crotch and I could see that he was responding to her quite well.  He had a bulge under his shorts that was getting very large. He looked at me and I nodded for him to go for it.  I was driving the boat and looking for a place to stop and watch my wife give him what he had missed when they were dating.  I had had this day played in my mind since I had been told about his missing getting some of that pussy a few years earlier. 

    Now he was a tit man and he started by pulling down her bathing suit and playing with those nice tits.  My wife has very sensious tits and she often cums just by touching her nipples.  They are close to half and inch long when they are aroused and hard.  She was obviously aroused.  Her nipples were hard and I could tell that she was cumming like she had not done in a while.  She was squrming and rubbing her pussy on  his leg.  Her bathing suit had a huge wet spot over her cunt.  She got on her knees and grabbed his shorts at the waist band and peeled them  off.  His hard cock popped out and jumped around before she caught it in her mouth and started sucking on it.  He kicked off his shorts and started rubbing her soaked pussy.  He pulled her up on the seat and got on his knees and started sucking on her pussy.  I can testifi that she has the best tasting pussy that I have ever sucked.  I could taste it just watching them.  She blew her cum right in his mouth.  She was as turned on as I have ever seen her.  She was telling him to  "fuck me now, and fuck me hard".  He kept sucking her pussy and ahe was arching her back and begging him to fuck her.  His hard cock was jerking and throping, close to squirting.  Finially he got up and pointed the head of his prick at her pussy.  He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the slit and finally pushed the head of it in, teasing her while she was humping it and begging for him to fuck her.  He wanted it to last as long as possible, so he held off for a little while.  By this time I had stopped the boat and shut off the motor.  I was in awe of watching my wife begging this guy to fuck her.  She was cumming all over the vinyl seat.  There was a puddle of her cum on the seat.  He started pumping her pussy, picking up speed as he went.  He had stalled off his orgasm enough to take some time to fuck her. She was begging him to fuck her and fuck her harder.  He was so close to cumming that she knew it and wanted to feel his hot sticky cum fill her hot pussy full.  He anounced that he was cumming and thrust his dick hard against her pussy, his and her cum squirting out aroung his dick.  She was in the  throughs of her orgasim at the same time.  Her cum and his was obvious as it was all over the seat of the boat.  They fell exausted on the floor of the boat.  They lay there for a few minutes.  I was so turned on that I was cumming just watching them without my touching myself.  I was brought back to reality when I heard the sound of another boat aproaching.  I quickly started our boat and headed back to the dock.  I told them to stay down out of site since they both were naked.  I was soon out of sight of the other  boat so they got up and put their clothes back on.  We put the boat in the space and went to our RV.  

    We had lunch and talked for a while.  I fixed us some drinks and we spent the afternoon touching and rubbing my sexy wife.  She was enjoying all of the attention.  We each took turns fucking her all afternoon.  I was more turned on than I have ever been just feeling her wet pussy full of his juice.  I couldn't last any time at all just feeling his cum around my cock.  I can usually last 2,3 or 4 hours when I am fucking her.  But this time, I couldn't hold it.  It was soooo hot.

     Around 7 PM, he said that he was exausted and out of cum.  He went home.  I was so turned on that I tried to fuck her again, but I was also dry and couldn't do it one more time.  But after a few hours, I was revived and we spent a while making love.  Making love since she was the most wonderfull woman that I had ever known.  I loved her more than I had ever lover her.  She was soooo special to me.   

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