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   Nancy grabbed my dick and guided it into her dripping pussy.  It slid in her cunt easily, bottoming out, she yelped when it hit bottom.  She gripped my dick with her pussy and fucked it vigorsly.  She was a woman on a mission.  She wanted to be fucked and let me know what she wanted, my pounding her pussy with my hard cock.  I increased my rhythm gradually until she was fucking me back, stroke for stroke.  I have never had a woman fuck me like this.  I think I have released an unfulfilled woman who wanted to make up for lost time. 
  I met Nancy on line. This was not a sex dating site, but a site where people could post a free profile and chat with people.  There were no nude or sexy photos,  She contacted me and I was interested.  We chatted for a while and she accepted a date for the next Friday night.  This was a mature woman whose husband had died 5 or 6 years eariler.  She had not dated anyone more than one date, except for Rex. But I am getting ahead of the story.  

On our date, we went to a very upscale restaurant and club.  We danced at the club to the music from the live piano bar, then home.  Nancy put on some music and made a pot of coffee.  We sat on the couch talking and she said, "you want to kiss me don't you".  I said, hell yes and we started kissing, my hands were on her body, touching her breasts, legs and soon I had her shirt unbuttoned, the bra in the floor and her skirt and panties went next.

  I started teasing her nipples, then down her body, teasing her legs on the inner thighs, only slight touching her vulva, then her clit.  This was driving her wild.  We are getting more and more turned on and by this time I have all my clothes off, anticipating fucking this woman.  I move my cock into position and just before I entered that beautiful smoothe shaved pussy, she got up and said, "you  need to go home"  Fuck!!!!!!  What in the hell is this??????..,But I didn't say anything.  I got dressed and left for home.  I was going to  get on the real sex site and find a few naked ladies to look at while did the hand thing.

    About the time I pulled in the drive way, I noticed that I had lost  my cell phone, most likely in Nancys floor.  I went in my apartment and called her on the phone and sure enough, she had found it.  She said that she would put it in her mail box and I could pick it up from there so not to see her.  I went back to her house, retreved my cell and went back to bed.  By this time, I had cooled off enough that I gould go sleep.  The next day I received an e-mail from Nancy telliing me that I had too much baggage for her.  She had never even slept with anyone except her husband, even as a teenager and college and especially after he died.  I had been married 3 times and had long time live-in relationship with a much younger woman more that twice a young than me.  I wrote her back and told her that it was too bad, we would have had a lot of fun.  Then I wrote her off as being a done deal.  

    Well, a week later, I got this call on my cell.  It was Nancy.  She offered to bring my lunch to my office.  I told her that I would pick her up and take her to lunch.  I picked a nice little French restaurant and this mature lady was impressed.  We made a date for that night.  When we got back to her house, I thought that I had nothing to lose.   I started undressing her, licking her tits and nipples, moving down her tummy and finding her clit.  Her clit was standing up so hard that it looked like a little dick. 

I just touched it and she exploded, cum wetting her pussy and it glestened with the wetness of it.   This time we threw a blanket on the carpet in the living room floor and she fucked me like I have never been fucked before.  This woman had 40 years of pent up sex desires and un-fulfilled sexual experiences that came exploding out out of her body.  She had not been satisfied often if ever with her husband.  She later told me that he was a slam-bam too quick to finish kind of guy and his dick was kind of small.  He had told her that she was so big that he couldn't feel the sides of her pussy.  I thought that she was extreamly tight.

  In fact if she hadn't gotten so hot and her pussy juices were all over her pussy, I would have had trouble getting my dick in.  Fortunately she was soppy wet. We fucked as I described in the opening paragraph.  When we finally oragmismd, we collaaped on each other   Our naked bodies lay on the blanket exausted for quite a while.  It was soooo nice to lay there caressing each other and glowing with our spent bodies still excited form what had just happened.  

    Needless to say, I was in her bed almost every night after that.  We went everywhere together.  I travel for my company and she went with me on many of my trips, sometimes as much as a week at a time.  5 short months after our first date, we were on our honeymoon cruise.  Some where along the line, she told  me about a guy that she had a few dates with just before she met me.  He was almost the second guy to ever fuck her instead of me.  She had let him get her naked and maybe get his dick in her and decided that he wanted to go pee before he started fucking her.  When he returned from the bathroom, she was dressed and sent him home just like she did me the first night  This is  true, not a fantasy.  But that is another story.  Stay tuned


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