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Categories: Masturbation, S-M / Domination / submissive, Other women
Tags: lesbian submission slave big breasts
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: I will tell you later

Just back from college I walk up my path only to notice the front door ajar, realising someone is in my house I run up the steps in a rage and grab a basball bat resting against the front porch.

I burst into the room and get out the words " Get out of my hou-" before throwing myself to the floor filled with an unbearable desire as before me is the sexiest woman I have ever seen.

She is a blonde with huge pert breasts and erect nipples which are barely concealed by her tight buttoned up blouse, she wears a tiny skirt which reveals both a pair of white cotton panties and tanned smooth thighs.


She stares at me, a quivering mess of lust and barks out an order

"Take you clothes off NOW whore"

I do as she says and immediatly rip off my dress pull off my panties and bra and throw myself to the floor, I cant think beyond this woman's heaving cleavage and barely concealed sex.

"What are you whore" She asks,

"A slave, Mistress"

"Ah yes, no slave can deny what they are when a Mistress stands before them"

With this she walks slowly around me and produces a large dildo 

"You know where this goes slut?" She whispers as she slaps my bum and pulls it into the air,

"In that tight little pussy of yours"

And she stuffs the dildo deep inside of me, I pant and force myself to keep my bum in the air pushing my face into the floor

"Whats this baseball bat for slut? she asks,

" A slave has no need for any object other then that her Mistress puts in her"

And with that she pushes the larger end of the bat into my bum.

"Now, doesn't that feel more natural for you slave, both your holes filled?"

"yes, Mistress thank you Mistress" I pant while stealing a glance up her skirt

She walk to the front of me and suddenly slaps my bum hard

"Slave, on your knees NOW, hands behind your head and push those big titties out for your Mistress!"

I oblige her immediatly and push out my breasts and stare up at her as she presents a lit candle. Coming down to my level she slowly begins to drip hot melted wax unto my nipples. I am told that any whimper or hurt sound I make is akin to defiance so I smile and thank her with each scalding drop on my sensitive breasts.

"Now your little nips are ready for you slave rings"

"Push those titties out!" She snaps and rips off the now hardend wax from each nipple. The cold air stiffens them and I thank my Mistress as she pierces my now hyper sensitive nipples with two silver rings. As she pushes the rings through I stare at her huge breasts and yearn for the buttons to pop on her blouse.

"Now for the final touch" She says and with a giggle and she shows me a dog coller which she puts around my neck. 

She sits back and stares at her handy work, her eyes comb slowly over my panting body , my newly ringed breasts, my holes plugged with large phalluses and finally she notices my unashamed leering at her snow white panties.

She says that I am finally ready for the honour of being her sex slave and I, unable to contain my need for her anymore beg for the privalege of licking her.

She allows me to crawl on all fours over to her lap where I dig my face into her pussy and smell her secret scent. With my teeth I pull down her panties to reveal her blonde tuft of hair and gorgeus moist lips, I begin to lick her and suck her, exploring her and she moans with pleasure and rips open her blouse.Her plump soft breasts burst out as the buttons pop and fall to the ground. Unable to contain myself, I lift my head and begin to suck her erect pink nipples and slide my hand into her pussy and gently masturbate her. She grabs my sore ringed nipples and twists them, the pain is pleasure as I feel her come in my hands her juice flowing down her thighs. Suddenly she stands up, beautiful and naked, I clammer back into my prostrate position.

She grabs a leash from behind her and hooks it to my coller and leads me downstairs to the basement still wet and unsatiated I follow her staring with an almost wild desire for the soft skin of her cheeks which I crawl behind. She ties my leash to a door knob and turns one last time to display her body in all its glory. I rub my own mound verociously and she laughs at my display, her breasts jiggle with her laughter, Im in ecstasy.

"Now, stay here and rub yourself and think about my perfect ass untill I need you again slave"

The lights turn off and I sit in the dark rubbing, her ass in the forefront of my now obsessed mind.

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