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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: stranger hand Job
Location: The toilet room
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

A fortnight ago I was going out with some friends. We ended up in one of the larger bars in town. We hung around in one of the corners of the bar, watching the dance-floor and talking about threesomes with some of the girls out there. All the while we took turns getting drinks. During one of Hank's foursomes, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I walked through the crowd to the bathroom and found strangely that it was empty. I turned to the first urinal and relieved myself. I heard the door open, but standing with my back to the door I saw not who entered.

When I was ready, someone grabbed my hair and a slender hand covered my mouth. Forcefully my head was pushed forward and every time I tried to turn it, the person behind me stopped my by pulling my hair the other way around. "Be quiet and do as I say or you'll regret it!" a feminine voice came from behind me. She used the head lock to manoeuvre me to one of the stalls. After we entered it, my mouth was released and I heard the familiar click of a stall door being locked. I tried to put my dick back into my pants, but while I was doing that a feminine voice spoke: "No, I want to have it." This was enough to stop me.

Knowing that a woman was forcing me in the men's bathroom of a public bar was very stimulating. She grabbed my dick, which was slowly getting harder. She pulled my foreskin back, exposing my red head. I held the cistern to steady myself. I felt her perky, small tits though the fabric of our clothes against my back. While holding my shaft in her fingers she started to softly caress the head with her thumb. This felt so good. Immediately my dick went hard. She kept on caressing only the head and after a few moments she alternated between her thumb and index finger: thumb stimulating the top; index finger the bottom and the rim.

From outside the stall I heard voices. Several guys came in talking. My mind was too much preoccupied to understand them. Very softly near my ear, she whispered: "This why I told you to be quiet. You don't want to be discovered in this state." With that she pinched my shaft a bit and dug her nails into it. I clenched my jaws not to make a sound. Knowing how close we were to being discovered, was even more stimulating.

I wanted her to stroke me so badly, that I started to buck with my hips. Apparently she expected this, because she moved her hand in the same rhythm, keeping it in place on my cock. From behind me I heard a soft giggle. "Please" I begged her, but she refused: "No. I won't fuck you. And be quiet otherwise I will really hurt you". This and her soft urging went on for minutes; her thumb softly caressing the topside of my penis-head and her index finger caressing the rim and under side. My breathing became heavier and heavier. Soft moans escaped my mouth.

The voices were replaced by others. I thought I heard one comment on my noises. "That must be a big one" or something like that. Luckily they never checked it out, otherwise they would see two pairs of legs. This was getting quite ridiculous: I'm getting a hand job, while others are ignorantly walking around no more than three feet away.

After an eternity I felt my balls contract and I was reaching my orgasm. With a louder moan, than I wanted, I shot my load. The girl behind me had pulled my dick down in time, so I shot in the pot, instead across the wall. "I told you to be quiet, didn't I." With those words she started furiously rubbing my sensitive head. I gave a yelp from the pain and grunt. "I warned you now twice! Be quiet!"

"And don't look back!" she added quickly. I nodded and my hair is released. With her right hand she finally was making stroking movements, while I felt the back of her left hand against by buttocks. Then she took my left arm and moved it between us, and quickly I felt an open fly. "Finger me" she commanded me. My fingers tried to find the hem of her panties, but to my surprise found none. Searching with just my fingers, I quickly found her pussy and started rubbing her clit. She stopped stoking my cock and held it firmly just below the head.

"I told you to finger me, not to rub my clit." And then slapped her left hand over my penis head and rubbed, rotated and squeezed the painful head with the palm of her hand. I bit my lower lip not to cry out. A couple of tears ran down my cheeks. As fast as possible my middle finger found the entrance to her honey pot and entered it. She resumed stroking my cock and with her left hand patted my shoulder: "Good boy"

I fingered her with two fingers, while she was giving me a wonderful hand job. Her skilful, slender hands felt wonderful. I kept doing exactly what she told me to, fearful of her wrath and my desire for the wonderful feeling to remain. More quickly than the last time my second orgasm came. Again she was fast enough to aim for the bowl. She removed my hand from herself and with a few last strokes emptied my balls. I heard "click" behind me and quickly turned around to find myself alone.

Sinking onto the pot it dawned to me: During my orgasm she quietly opened the stall door and then left and locked it from the outside. I cleaned up and checked my watch: I was away for about an hour. Quickly I returned to my friends. Back in the bar I scanned the crowd, but there were too many women wearing jeans, so I'll never know who gave me such a wonderful time. I did know however, I'll be coming to this bar more often. Perhaps I get lucky again.

Finally I had to face my friends and explain to them what took me so long.

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