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I’ve always been a very sexual person, even since I was a teen. When I was 18 I got caught in the girls locker room masturbating in the shower. The principal felt I was a disgrace and I was expelled. My mom and step dad were furious that they had to search for a new school in the middle of the school year. They felt private school was the answer and began calling around the area. I guess my reputation proceeded me because we went through 5 schools and not a one was willing to “take on a case like mine”. Finally one afternoon my mom got a call that “The Gallagher School for Girls” had openings and they would like to offer me a spot. I think my mom was just glad to be rid of me.

My first day I was actually excited. I was getting bored around the house and I was excited to put on my uniform. I wore a plaid blue, green and white skirt, a white blouse, white knee socks, and penny loafers. I thought the outfit was quite adorable and I liked the way the thick wool of the skirt felt against my bare pussy. No panties was my way of “sticking it to the man”. I had considered putting on a bra but I liked seeing my nipples poking out against the blouse. I ran downstairs as my step dad was calling me.

He looked at me for a solid minute. Finally he said, “Are you wearing a bra?” “Daddy!” I exclaimed and ran past him out to the car. The school was about 15 minutes away from our house and I used the time to think about seeing the other girls in their uniforms and wondering if there would be any hot teachers. I glanced over at my dad and I could of swore I saw him adjusting himself. He cleared his throat nervously. I smirked to myself and opened my legs just slightly and began to rub my inner thigh “absentmindedly”

. By the time we pulled up to the school there was no hope for my step dad disguising his massive erection. I leaned across the seat and placed my hand on his thigh and kissed his cheek. “Thanks Daddy! Have a good day!” As I bounded from the car I purposely let my skirt lift up so I could give him a look at my tight little ass.

I walked in the school and I immediately felt myself getting wet. Hot girls everywhere in schoolgirl uniforms! I licked my lips and walked toward the office to get my class schedule. I approached the secretary and even she was hot! She was young, probably mid 20’s, with brown short curly hair and pale blue eyes and as she bent to retrieve a file I could see she had a big sexy bubble butt and nice round titties to match. “Umm..Hello!” I said to get her attention.

She turned and gave me a warm smile. “Well I’ve never seen you before! You must be Emma! Welcome to The Gallagher School! Mr. Newton would like to see you! Go right on in his office!” She put her hand low on my back, almost on my ass, and pushed my toward the principal’s office. I got all hot and turned on having her hand there so I was quite flustered when I got in the door.

Mr. Newton was GORGEOUS! He was tall, probably 6’5, with dark hair, and light blue eyes. Through his dress shirt I could make out his bulging muscles and I licked my lips at the sight. “Emma! Nice to meet you! Please take a seat!” He came around his desk and put his arms on my shoulders as he spoke to me then gestured to the chair. “I just wanted to make sure we make you as comfortable as possible here!” He pressed a button on his phone. “Yes Mr. Newton?” “Miss Charles could you be so kind as to page Della Ames to my office?” “Of course sir!”

He smiled at me. “Della is one of our best students and I’m going to ask her to help you get acquainted with everything around here. Ah! Della! How prompt!” He stood again and I looked behind me to see this beautiful girl with blonde hair, green eyes, and a very pretty smile! He boobs were a little bigger than mine and her complexion was much darker than my milky skin. I about fell out of my chair when Mr. Newton hugged her! At my old school teachers NEVER touched the students let alone hugged us!

Della hugged back and even turned her head and offered him her cheek. He smelled her hair then kissed her neck and cheek. “Oh, Emma! I’m so excited you’re here!” she ran over and began hugging me like we were old friends. I hugged back and pressed hard against her chest to feel her supple boobies against mine. “Oh! You are a horny little one! You were right about her Mr. Newton!” she pinched my tit and sat in the seat next to me. “Excuse me?” I asked “Am I missing something?” “Emma, at this school, we have a special class of students. And a special way of learning.

I read about your expulsion from your last school and I thought you would be a great fit for our school so that’s when I called your parents. But Della will tell you more about that. My 9:00 is here.” he was looking behind us. I looked over my shoulder to see Miss Charles leaning against the doorframe and I could have sworn she had un-done several buttons on her tight red dress.

“Come on you little slut!” Della said grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the office. We went out into the hall which was swarming with girls. As we sifted our way through them Della was randomly pinching at girls asses or tits and saying hi. I took notice and started doing the same. One girl grabbed my hand and said “You’re Emma aren’t you? I heard about you! You’re going to love it here!” She smiled seductively at me and sucked my finger into her mouth and bit it gently.

“Later Jessie! I’ve got to get her to first period!” Della pulled me away from Jessie and I waved at her as we continued down the hall. Della pulled out a key card and swiped it at a door. I thought it was a little odd but I found out later they disguised that room so if the board of education showed up it would look like a teacher’s lounge when it was really for the students use.

The room was lined with couches and in the center was a large chaise lounge that could possibly seat six. There was a little waterfall fountain behind it. It was beautiful atmosphere! Several other girls were in the room some in pairs sitting closely on the couches touching each other playfully. “Now!” Della exclaimed “We’re going to tell you what this school is really all about!” She sat me down on the chaise lounge and the other girls gathered around some sitting there with us others on the floor resting their heads in the laps of a companion

. “A few years ago Mr. Newton opened this school for girls. The reason he did is because he realized that this world is basically run by sex! So, here we learn what we need to learn to make it in the real world and also how to get ahead by using our sex appeal.” “Sounds great!” I exclaimed, “So what’s first period?” the girls all giggled and then Della cried out “Orgy!!” The girls all whoo hoo’d and began grabbing at each other’s clothes.


Della leaned across the lounge toward me. I licked my lips and leaned toward her. I had kissed a few girls before but Della’s lips were amazing. Soft, and she tasted sweet, like oranges. She put her hand on my thigh and deepened the kiss. I felt her tongue probing mine and I fondled hers right back. She leaned back and smiled at me. “I already noticed you’re not wearing a bra, we’ll have to get you used to not wearing any panties….” she was sliding her hand up my thigh and under my skirt “Emma! Wow! Extra Credit points for you!” she giggled as she felt my bare pussy.

“Ooo! Nice and wet for me!” She pushed me back on the lounge and pushed my legs further apart. She put her face between my legs and stuck her tongue out and licked me from clit to slit in one long motion. She leaned back and I could see her savoring me on her lips. “Mmm! I love the taste of pussy in the morning!” she giggled again and dove her face back into my pussy and began tongue fucking me furiously. I rolled my head back and moaned in pleasure. Suddenly another blonde girl was at my right and she began to unbutton my blouse.

“Just relax!” she said feeling my nice full C’s. She put her face down and began flicking my nipples with her tongue. “Jamie! She’s got two! You could at least share!” the girl from the hallway was back and she began working my left tit. The other girl went back to my left tittie, and both of them put their fingers down to my pussy and began rubbing my clit whilst Della was still eating my hole for all she was worth. Then I felt something I didn’t expect.

Someone, (I couldn’t see who because the girls had me pinned down) was tonguing my ass! I had never felt that before, but I liked it! I had girls all over me and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, someone put her pussy on my face! I LOVE to eat pussy and I was bound to show the girls at this school just how good I was at it! I ate her pussy furiously exploring inside her deep with my tongue then moving up to her clit and sucking hard and flicking it with my tongue. I felt her thighs trembling on either side of my face and she started to shake uncontrollably and she came in a furry.

That was enough to send me over the edge with everything else happening to me. I felt Della’s tongue flicking madly at my clit and the mouths on my tits and ass were wet and warm and I was in heaven. I moaned deeply and arched my back as I came. Della moved her face away and a swarm of girls was pushing each other saying

“Let me taste her cum! I want some! Save some for us!” “Girls! Girls! Come one now! It’s still her first day! I’m sure she’s got plenty for all of us!” She winked at me as I sat up. I saw that while she was licking me a black haired girl had been working on her pussy. Della kissed the black haired girl and then stood to kiss me. “Come on everyone! We’ve got Practical application with Mr. Crosby in 5 minutes!” I smiled as I fixed my buttons. I already loved this school. It was gonna be a great year!

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