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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

What I look for in a submissive woman, this little fantasy I indulged with a friend will give you an idea.



When I arrive you are dressed to go out to dinner, looking wonderful as always, dress, stockings and heels like I love. But its something you have selected, and your not wearing the heels I got you. I tell you I have a present for you, its lingerie I have selected for you. I have you sit on my lap to open it up. You do, and after looking over the items I tell you to get undressed and to only put on the stockings I have brought along with the heels I got for you the last time we met. You say ok daddy, but I take hold of your hands, restraining them and tell you, for this appetizer I want you to address me as Dr. X. You reply coyly with yes Dr. X. I watch you get undressed and redressed as I want, and as you come back to me I have you kneel in front of me, unzip my pants and pull out my throbbing cock and balls. I tell you to slowly suck and lick my cock until I cum in your lovely mouth. You respond yes, Dr. X and obediently perform my request.

After you have sufficiently drained me, I pull you up to me and kiss you. I tell you that was just the first course and undress and take you to the bed. I lay you out and I lay down beside you, my head over your lovely pussy, my cock near your head. I tell you that I'm going to make you cum now, and I want you to slowly play with my cock, licking it stroking it, lightly sucking it. I lightly rub oil onto your clit, down your lips, and begin rubbing you, slowly working inside you as I feel your arousal build. Its not long before you again have me hard for you, but I continue stroking you.

I want to hear you cum. Its as much a part of making you mine as dressing you in what I like and having you do what I want to please me. You begin to writhe and moan as you near orgasm. It excites me. I continue stroking you, sliding into you as you cum, and calm down.

I put my arm around you and kiss you, and ask, are ready for Dr. X to fuck you now. You respond, yes Dr. X. I kneel in front of you, my cock so hard, so ready to be inside of you. However, I tease you with it, asking, are you sure your ready? You say, yes Dr. X in a more pleading tone, but I still don't believe your really ready. I'm rubbing my cock gently over your clit to tease you. I tell you I don't believe you really want me and tell you to make me believe you. I continue to tease you until your begging me to be inside of you. When you do I say, yes baby, and slowly slide inside of you.

I position to feel all of me buried inside your beautiful little pussy. Slowly I fuck you, feeling your wrapped around my cock. I run my hands over your stockings, up to my heels. I love the feeling of owning you at this moment, using you as my little sex doll. Its also just the feeling of the perfect union, the way a man and woman are supposed to be together I as continue to slide my now throbbing hard cock in and out of you. I feel as though I could do this forever, but I know I want to feel my cum explode inside of you, so I work toward that, enjoying the view, the feeling, your pleasure

. I quicken the pace as I feel the cum building in my balls, aching to be released. As I reach climax, I feel the first jet explode from my cock, followed by another, followed by waves of orgasm that I ride, sliding my cock as deep as I can into you until the feeling begins to subside. I relax with my cock still inside of you, smiling, laughing in the moment of ecstasy. I fall upon you and kiss you slowly, then with more passion, still feeling my cock inside of you. I whisper in your ear, this is my idea of a dinner appetizer.

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