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Our sex life had suffered since the kids arrived, the odd snatched fumble in the morning, usually interrupted by one of them waking up, being all we could manage. This had lead to a tense atmosphere between us and I was determined to do something about it. ‘K’ is a beautiful, sexy woman and deep inside she is very sexual but that side of her only really shows itself when she has had a drink and begins to loosen up a bit. We have spoken in the past about our fantasies and although she never really tells me hers she seems to get really turned on when, spurred on by lust and months of frustrated nights lying awake with my hard-on filling my mind with filthy thoughts,

I blurt out something like I would love to see another woman going down on her, or I would like to move aside and let her fuck another man while I watch, or fill her mouth with his cock whilst I fuck her.

My greatest fantasy (at the moment, I have a lot of them) is to watch and if possible take pictures and video footage of her being fucked by someone else. Depending on my mood it is a man, or men, or sometimes a woman. Or a combination of all of them. I dream of her telling me she wants to fulfil a fantasy, or she wants to let her hair down a bit, forget about her responsibilities and concentrate on her own pleasure.

She occasionally lets me take pictures of her, sometimes she gets into it a bit but there is always a feeling that she is scared to really let herself go and flout herself sexually in front of me, which is what I would love to see so much. She is naturally quite reserved, and this is exacerbated by all the responsibilities she has with the house and kids. I don't help, being the opposite of her in a lot of ways; as soon as the kids are off to bed I immediately switch off and just want to enjoy the little time we have, whereas she finds it impossible to switch off and is always thinking about what needs to be done. This leads to frequent rows, which haven’t helped the situation.

One evening, in a rare night when we had both had a bit of a drink and she was obviously feeling a bit more relaxed than usual, I broached the subject of what had been on my mind when I woke up that morning. I had been half-dreaming, half fantasising that K had, off her own back, been out to a photography studio and had someone take pictures of her. Pretty, glamorous, pictures as well as really dirty ones. Great quality, expertly taken images of K pulling up her best evening dress, pulling her knickers to one side and holding her pussy lips open for a stranger to take pictures. Real pornography, starring my wife, that she had done just for me.

I sat and ran through what had been going through my mind that morning. As usual, despite expecting disgusted looks and immediate discounting of any chance of this ever happening K gave no signals of either approval or disapproval, instead giving a semi-embarrassed giggle and mumbling something about me being an old pervert. Recognising this as a sign that she might not completely hate the idea, I added that it was my birthday coming up soon, and what a present something like that would be.

The next month, 2 days before my birthday, I had to constantly force myself into a reality check. I was sitting opposite the door that, over an hour ago, my wife had entered nervously, covered by a long coat which concealed her sexy long dress, worn at my request. Beneath she had just some knickers and her hold-up stockings. I had watched her walk into another man's care, with the sole intention of exposing herself to him.

I was hoping she wasn't feeling too self-conscious, after all I had seen the looks of doubt on her face as she lay back, legs apart, in front of her own husband. Now, I hoped, she was doing the same thing in front of this stranger I had briefly glimpsed as she entered his studio. He was an experienced photographer, telling me in our phone conversation that he had had hundreds of women through his studio. I had told him exactly the type of poses I wanted him to capture for us. He said he had photographed women in this situation before, when they were extremely self-conscious and nervous, and would do his best to get K looking as sexy and dirty as possible in his pictures.

I was pretty optimistic when I had kissed K goodbye - she always needs a bit of Dutch courage to get really sexy and she had deliberately asked for a quick double to go on top of the two glasses of wine she had downed in the pub opposite before leaving me. Knowing her, once this had kicked in she would be raring to go. Of course this was counterbalanced by her extremely nervous state. I had half expected her to come back out of the door within a few minutes but, here I was, over 2 hours later, still watching the door. The thoughts racing through my mind were giving my hard-on more and more impetus, which I hadn't thought possible.

At last, over 2 and a half hours after she had entered (we had only paid the photographer for one hour), I saw my wife come out of the door and approach the car. She opened the door and sat down, without a word. She looked sheepish, but happy. She reached over and handed me the memory card that contained the evidence of what had happened over the last few hours. I put it into our camera and began flicking through, hoping I would be able to avoid a heart attack as it was beating so fast.

After cultivating my erection for all the time she had been in there I couldn't imagine I could have become any more aroused, however I almost came there and then at the sight of the first picture - nothing pornographic about it at all, but it set the scene for what was to follow. K was leaning forwards, squeezing her tits together with her arms, and the most sexy smile I had ever seen on her across her lips. What followed more than exceeded my expectations. As I flicked through I watched as my wife gradually exposed more and more flesh to this man. She lifted up her skirt, pulled her breasts free from her top.

All the shots looked just superb, professionally done, doing K’s beauty real justice in a way I could never do. Once her knickers came off, I saw just how uninhibited she had let herself get for the camera, gawping in astonishment as I watched her hold herself wide open, staring straight into the camera with 'come fuck me' eyes and that sexy smile on her face. Naked save for her stockings, she slipped fingers inside herself, presumably at this man's request. She adopted all sorts of positions, leaving nothing to the imagination. What really impressed me was the way the photographer had got her to fix her gaze on the camera, something I had never really managed to do, and which made his pictures so much better than mine.

I had now got up to picture number 157 - I was surprised to see that I wasn't even halfway through. I wondered what could possibly be next - she had already gone as far as I had dreamed could be possible for me. I got the answer on the next picture.

Photo number 158 was at first glance similar to what had preceded it. There was K, knees up by her ears as if in a gynacological examination. Four fingers inside herself, her pussy absolutely dripping with juice. Except, they weren't her fingers. There was an obviously male hand attached to them. A strange man fingering my wife, as she gazed straight out of the camera at me, with a look of lust I had never managed to coax out of her. I felt a rush of jealousy, tinged with intense arousal. What had gone on in there? This hadn't been what I had signed up for. Admittedly, if I had known this could have been on the agenda I would have considered it. I never thought for a moment though that K would. This was another man sliding his fingers into K. And she certainly wasn't objecting.

Things had obviously degenerated from there. K didn't say a word, just looked over my shoulder as I flicked through the evidence of her infidelity. I saw her pussy being licked by a strange tongue, to her obvious pleasure. He held her wide open whilst the photographer recorded it for posterity. He fingered her whilst, picture by picture I watched as he moved his cock nearer to her mouth.

K isn't the biggest fan of sucking cock, and I expected to feel more jealous as she took this stranger between her lips with apparent eagerness. He was perhaps a bit wider than me, and I can't describe the feeling I got as I watched his hard penis force my wife’s mouth open and stretch it wide. There were several pictures of her sucking his cock before he then moved attention to her dripping pussy. He penetrated her whilst the camera snapped away in a variety of positions. Sitting in the car, my own cock begging for attention I watched my wife sitting on this strangers erection, gazing into the camera with a look of lust I had never seen before. Fucking a man who she can only have met a matter of minutes before these pictures were taken.

As if to confirm her transformation into a slut for the day, she allowed the photographer, another man she had only met that day, to push his penis into her mouth as the first guy fucked her, somehow managing to record all of it for posterity. Incredible, beautiful pictures of my wife fucking two men at once, completely over her inhibitions, letting these men use her however they saw fit, knowing all along that her husband was sitting only yards away outside, hoping against hope she would have at least allowed him to photograph her topless....

K later told me that they had put the camera down for a spell as they both took turns fucking her all over the studio. Whilst one had his cock pounding in and out of her tight little pussy, the other had her mouth filled up with his penis. She had had an 'incredible' orgasm before the photographer set about his work again.

The final few pictures really were the icing on the cake. K kneeled in front of the first man, looking up into his eyes and squeezing her lovely tits together, making a perfect target as he wanked himself to orgasm over the sight. There were several action shots as sperm shot out of his cock in what seemed like endless bursts, landing on K’s face and neck, dripping down and gathering in the pool she was creating by pushing those breasts up. Any doubt about my own feelings had long gone by now, I was revelling in the sight of my wife behaving like a total whore and prepared to let her do anything she wanted.

The next few pictures weren't quite as well produced as the others, probably taken one-handed as the photographer added his spunk to the other man's. The photoshoot was rounded off by some shots pf K, her beautiful face, tits, neck and chin covered by a fine sheen of sperm as the main bulk of it ran down her tummy, dripping off her tits and staining the tops of her stockings, which had remained on throughout the whole affair. They also managed to get some pictures, presumably using a timer, of my wife on her knees holding a spent penis in each hand, once again looking right at the camera covered in two large loads of semen.The smile on her face in these pictures assured me that she had loved every minute of this illicit arrangement.

Speechless, I turned to K. She was obviously a little nervous to my reaction. He coat had slipped open and I could see the remainder of these men's sperm, drying between her breasts. I asked what had happened - she was supposed to go in for some racy pictures, but I had never expected this. It turns out the other man was booked in for a photoshoot earlier but the model hadn't turned up, and the photographer had asked if she minded if he waited there for a while. Initially she wasn't sure but she noticed how aroused he had become at the sight of her, and overcome by lust she had suggested he join her.

I couldn't think of anything more out of character for K, but I loved that she had done this. I reassured her that I didn't disapprove at all of what she had done, and indeed I would encourage her if she ever wanted to try anything like that again, albeit maybe with a little more involvement from me! I felt as though I had finally been allowed to see a side to her that I knew had always existed, but which she kept hidden. And I had liked what I had seen.

I pulled her hand and held it against my throbbing cock. No motion was required; in fact I came there and then in my pants at the mere feel of her hand on me, unable to hold on after hours of blissful, tortured anticipation.


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