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A holiday away without the kids for the first time had allowed both of us to relax and be something other than Mum and Dad for a few days, and I was enjoying seeing my wife K unwind a bit. We had got a last minute break away in the sun and had spend a few days of our week abroad just unwinding in the glorious weather by the pool. As it was a last minute affair we had little choice as to where we stayed, and had been located in a hotel populated by mostly groups of singles, all hell bent on drinking all night and sleeping all day.


Sitting around the pool all day, watching the young girls bronzing themselves, most of them wearing nothing but tiny g-strings, had an effect on me and K had teased me about perving after them. She was obviously getting a good eyeful herself, and I had noticed several of the boys eyeing her up, probably hoping she would decide to go topless too. She had developed a beautiful tan, and the white of her breasts looked very sexy contrasted against her deep bronze colour. My wife had refused to go topless, despite my gentle encouragement, she has a great body and I loved the thought of the other guests having free rein to eye up her tits all day. We had been fucking enthusiastically every night and I had no doubt that the sexually charged atmosphere was getting to her as much as it was to me.


There were a group of 4 young lads in their early twenties staying on one side of our hotel room. They obviously hadn’t had much luck so far on their holidays, from what we had seen they had been getting home alone every night. One of the 2 girls staying in the other adjacent room had hooked up with a local lad, leaving her friend to fend for herself a lot of the time. My wife and I got talking to her over the balcony, and eventually we invited her in for a few drinks. She was all ready for a big night out but having been stood up by her friend didn’t want to venture out on her own, but equally didn’t want to waste a night of a holiday which was rapidly drawing to a close.


I am not a big one for raucous nights out, but I know there is nothing K likes more, especially after a few drinks so I suggested the two of them make a night of it. They both got themselves ready and, despite K having a good few years on her, they both looked equally stunning as they left, my wife, not wanting to be outdone by this young girl, had got herself dressed up in a short skirt and quite revealing top that squeezed her beautiful breasts up and together. It was all I could do to stop myself pouncing on her there and then, but I whispered to K that I would be waiting up for her when she got back.


There wasn’t much going on in the hotel through the evening, most of the populous were out in the local nightspots, so I enjoyed the warm evening, sitting on the balcony enjoying some cold beers. I was determined not to fall asleep as I still nurtured a burgeoning erection and wanted to get my hands on K when she got home.


I dropped off in my chair on the balcony, and was feeling a little groggy when K woke me up at around 2.30am. I was pleased to see she was alone and my dick jumped to attention really quickly. I pulled her close to me and nuzzled into that fantastic cleavage. I didn’t waste any time, pulling her knickers down but leaving her otherwise fully clothed I pushed her down on the bed and eased my cock into her. I was intrigued to find her already soaking wet; I slid straight into her. As we fucked she told me about her night.

She had had a lot to drink but was still fully in control and just at the giggly, playful stage of drunkenness. Her and her new friend had been drinking cocktails and dancing all over town, and had eventually bumped into the lads who were staying next door. She said they had wasted no time in trying it on with both of them, and K was obviously flattered from all the attention she had been receiving. Her friend had turned out to be a bit of a party girl to say the least, sharing her attentions around all 4 of the boys.

Having seen the two of us around the pool in the day they obviously knew my wife was a married woman and as such had been a little hesitant trying it on with her at first, but as the evening wore on and the drink kicked in they had made it clear that they would love to take her home with them. This was quite an ego boost for K, but she had made her excuses and come back to me. “If I had known you were asleep I might have taken them up on it” she said laughing.

Although she was half-joking, this throwaway comment really turned me on, and I felt an uncontrollable orgasm building up as I fucked her hard. We had talked before about my fantasy of watching her fuck other men, and although she was never particularly vocal on the subject she had never indicated that she didn’t like the idea. There was no turning back and I shot a large load of sperm inside K.


The sex had lasted all of a few minutes and K was still wide awake and apparently raring to go. Through the thin walls we could hear the party continuing next-door and my wife’s new friend sounded like she was really enjoying herself, judging by the noises we could hear. My curiosity got the better of me and I ventured out on the balcony, leaned over and took a peek through the window. Luckily the curtains were wide open and I could see all of the living room. The girl was sitting on the sofa getting off with one of the lads, his hands were all over her and she wasn’t holding back either. I was intrigued to see her reach round with her spare hand and gently rub the crotch of the second boy’s jeans. The other two were sitting opposite watching the show, no doubt hoping there would be enough of this sexy young girl to go around.

I beckoned K over and for a few minutes we stood in silence watching as the two lads undressed our neighbour. I whispered that she looked like she needed a hand, as the other two were now trying to get some of the action and it was hard to make her out from within the mass of desperate young men. Without a word, K gave me a sexy smile and turned and walked out of our door, stopping in at the fridge to grab a bottle of wine. I was gobsmacked. Although I had told her of my fantasies many times, thinking is one thing and doing is another. I struggled with my feelings, half of me wanting to run after her. However, I stayed where I was, in the box seat.


Because of the way the lighting on the balcony was directed, I knew that nobody in the room would be able to see me spying in on them, so I was able to stand quite brazenly staring in at them without detection. I watched as they all suddenly froze at the sound of a knocking on the door. No doubt fearing a visit from hotel security or a complaining neighbour all but one of them moved to the blind side of the door, and the least undressed of the lads went to answer it. I couldn’t make out what was said but after a brief conversation I watched my wife enter the room.

Everyone was obviously a bit unsure of the situation but K soon put their minds at ease. She poured herself a large glass of wine, took a large gulp and walked straight up to the semi-naked girl, pulled her close and gave her a long, deep, passionate kiss. For the second time that evening, my jaw dropped.

Although she had hinted that being with another girl was a fantasy of hers I had never thought for a moment that she would follow through in this, let alone when she knew I was watching (I later discovered this had been a main conversation topic that evening, the girl had made it clear to K that she would welcome such advances, hence her arousal on returning home). The guys, like me, watched this awesome show for a few minutes in disbelief. K, knowing full well of my vantage point, led this young girl to a chair right opposite me, sat her down and pushed her legs wide apart. Her knickers had already been removed by her keen suitors and I couldn’t help but start wanking myself off as I saw K revelling in her first lesbian experience.

Flicking her long hair to one side, so as not to obstruct my view, K began giving her new girlfriend teasing licks around her cleanly shaven pussy lips. Gradually she grew more passionate, holding her lips open with both hands and licking strongly as the young girl’s moans increased. She looked like she had done this a thousand times before, and the girl began pulling my wife’s face into her crotch and grinding herself against her.


I was surprised it had taken them so long, but one of the lads had been edging increasingly closer to K’s inviting bum. Her short skirt was just managing to hide her modestly and he began tracing the outline of her arse through her skirt as she continued licking the girl. At the feel of him massaging her arse, gradually more firmly, she looked up from her duties and turned to look at the perpetrator. She didn’t say a word, just reached back and pulled up her skirt, revealing her beautifully trimmed pussy, that I had been fucking so briefly a matter of minutes before. He didn’t need a second invitation, he wrenched down his shorts as far as his knees, pausing for a few seconds to frantically pull a condom over his rock hard penis before pushing himself deep inside my wife’s inviting hole from behind.

This seemed to distract K from what she was doing and she arched her back as he slammed into her repeatedly. He didn’t last long, and I couldn’t blame him after the show she had been giving them all. As he pulled out, there was another willing volunteer lining himself up to take his turn. K stood up, turned around and asked him to lie down on the floor. She deliberately manoeuvred him as close to the window as she could and, facing directly towards me, sat herself down on top of him. I had the best possible view of her grabbing his large cock and easing it up inside her, no more than a couple of metres from my position. She then began giving this lucky young lad the fuck of his life, I could see from the expression on his face the desperate clinging on as he tried to hold back, but after at best 3 or 4 minutes it was too much for him and he became the third man my wife fucked to orgasm that night.


As the guys exchanged places and K started fucking her next cock, the first lad had come back for some more, and I watched as she milked one cock with her tight, wet pussy and took another one in her mouth. She was looking straight at me as this guy fucked her mouth, looking stunning, still in her sexy outfit from her night out, getting filled up with cock at both ends. The guys pulled her breasts out from her tight top and her friend crawled over and began gently kissing, stroking and sucking on her hard nipples.

She made her way down across her stomach and down to where K’s cunt was still being stretched open by another cock. K began bucking up and down more frantically as this girl licked around her pussy and clit, gently at first but getting more and more strong and rhythmical. One of the lads came up from behind the girl and started fucking her, as he fucked harder and harder she licked K’s pussy better and better until my wife could take no more, moaning loudly as the combination of the big cock pounding in and out of her and the girl licking her clit brought her to an orgasm more powerful than I had seen her have before.

The guy fucking her was starting to come himself. K’s friend pulled his cock out of my wife and slid the condom off his cock. She then took the end of his penis in her mouth and sucked hard, wanking it into her mouth as he came. She moved up my wife’s body and slowly drooled the sperm out of her mouth over each of K’s big tits. Taking one in each hand she massaged the spunk into K’s breasts as K felt the cock in her mouth start to twitch uncontrollably. The guy pulled out of her mouth and let fly with a huge load of sperm, spraying his semen all over her face. It dripped off her  onto her shoulders, the white colour contrasting against her dark, tanned skin.

 The sight of this caused the other guy, who had been watching at a respectful distance whilst playing with himself throughout, to start as well and he stepped up on the other side of K and coated the other side of her face with his semen. It slid down her cheek, slid down her neck and accumulated on her already cum soaked tits.


K’s friend was still taking cock from behind and the guy’s rhythm increased as he built up towards his orgasm. K was still twitching in the last throes of her own climax as the girl gently nibbled and licked around her swollen clit. The guy pulled his cock out of K’s friend, stepped over her and, yanking the condom off his dick, released another huge load of spunk over my wife, the fourth one she had received that evening.


I was in a daze – I half-wondered if I was dreaming this scene, I had often told K I would like her to act the slut sometimes but she is normally so reserved and self-concious. What a transformation! Two of the guys had slumped back on the sofa, one was perched opposite watching as intently as I was, wanking himself off slowly and the last was still underneath K, reaching under her and fingering her deeply. Her friend was still licking away at K and she began responding again, grinding her pussy against this girl’s face.

Her second orgasm of the night was even stronger than the first as she gave in to the waves of pleasure rushing through her. With loud, sexy moans she began spasming uncontrollably as the combination of his fingers and her tongue brought her to a shuddering climax again. For good measure, the guy sitting watching, his youthful enthusiasm giving him enough energy for one final burst, stood up and added yet more semen to my wife’s suntanned body.


The two on the sofa had gone to sleep, the other guy went off to the bathroom and the lad underneath K pulled himself up and slumped back on the chair. K’s friend crawled up her body and started sliding up and down her well lubricated front, smearing all those loads of sperm over herself.


After a few minutes of this, K got herself up, gave the girl a long and passionate kiss and headed for the door. I headed back into the room and watched K come back in, still wearing her short skirt, nipples poking out of the top she had hastily tried to rearrange, with the proceeds of our 4 neighbours dripping off her. The white, milky colour of all those loads of semen looked so sexy smeared all over her tanned skin. “You fucking slut” I said.

“You always said you wanted me to act the slut sometimes, so I did!” K replied, smiling sweetly. I bent her over the nearby chair and rammed my cock up inside her, I was fit to burst after the show she had just given me and the pressure on my cock was all it took to set me off again, pumping my own addition to K’s collection deep up inside her. We then both collapsed on the bed.


The next morning (well it was mid-afternoon actually) I awoke to hear K in the shower. I wondered again if this had all been a dream but when I saw K’s semen encrusted outfit from the previous night on the floor I realised this had really happened. When she came out I pulled her towards me, lay her back on the bed and set about her with my tongue, trying to emulate what K’s girlfriend had brought out in my wife a few hours earlier. “Did you enjoy your show then?” asked K.

“I never thought for a moment you had that in you”

“Nor did I” she admitted. But she seemed pleased to have revealed this side to herself, and happy to lie back and get fucked again. I managed to put on a better performance than the previous night, although I had to concentrate hard to avoid another early conclusion as images of my wife’s multiple instances of infidelity flashed before me. As I was about to come inside her again, K pushed me away and reached under the bed for the vibrator we had brought with us. I watched as, legs spread wide open she started pleasuring herself. As she got more worked up she started teasing me.

“Do you like watching me fucking then?”

“Too fucking right I do – when I said I would like to watch you with someone else I thought it would be singular”. I smiled at her. “And I have seen you with a girl too. I think I am counting myself lucky”

K smiled. “You weren’t jealous at all then?”

“Not really. I must admit I was a little bit when you first walked in their room, but it was more excitement, the sheer filthiness of the situation, the thought that it was you actually doing all that stuff. The little bit of jealousy just made it all the more exciting”.


K seemed reassured by this, and I egged her on, reminding her of the orgasms that girl had given her as she brought herself to another one. As she was at the peak of pleasure I pulled her toy away and finished both of us off, enjoying her moans and little whimpers as I fired yet more sperm inside her.


As I rolled off her she looked at me lovingly. “Would you mind if I did it again?”

“God no. Although I’m not sure a situation like that will arise so easily back home, you know, kids and all”

“I know." She looked me with the same look of lust I had noticed on her face for most of the previous evening. "I mean, it’s the last day of our holiday and I want to do it again, Today... Now.”

I looked at her incredulously. What had been unlocked in her? My self-conscious, shy and retiring wife, having been repeatedly fucked by four strange men (and one strange girl) the previous night, was now lying here, legs apart as my sperm oozed out of her, asking me to arrange another sex session for her with a group of men. I didn’t know what to think. Luckily my cock did, standing to attention immediately again. I decided that it probably knew best...


I walked out onto the poolside area and immediately noticed one of our neighbours looking over. He was obviously expecting my wife to follow and I saw him drawing his friend’s attention to my presence. They looked a little uneasy as I walked straight over to them. They looked at the floor, none of them wanting to catch my eye.

“I know what you did last night.” I said, to none of them in particular.


“My wife told me all about it.” (for some reason I didn’t admit that I had seen the whole dirty affair with my own eyes)

“And” I added, sitting down on one of the white plastic chairs, “she wants some more.”

There was an almost audible gasp of excitement as the lads looked at each other. One looked up at me.“You don’t mind?”

“I don’t actually. I like to see her enjoy herself.”They didn’t need any persuasion. I handed one of them the key, explaining I would be up with some drinks shortly. I walked round to the nearby shop, bought a crate of cheap lager and went back up to the room with a spring in my step. I knew that this was never going to be a regular occurrence, and I knew that my wife loved me, and that I loved her. And I knew that we both loved her opening her legs and taking cock from other men.


The next morning as we left the room, cases packed, I caught sight of the bin by the door. I would have been interested to see the cleaner’s face when she emptied it as the amount of discarded condoms easily reached into double figures, each one milked full by my slut of a wife. Even that didn't take into account the multiple loads of semen the boys had shot across her body during her marathon fuck session. There had been a few breaks for drinks and food but she had been fucked pretty much incessantly until the early hours. Finally sated, K was now preparing to transform herself back into a good wife and mother before we got home. As I pulled the door shut she smiled at me. “Same again next year?”

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