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I take the last sip out of my morning coffee as I prepare to leave for the gym.  I tell my wife Jackie “I love you” and give her a quick peck on the lips.  She’s standing there by the door in her purple silk robe.  As I swing the door open a small gust of wind blows open the front of the robe, exposing her panties and bare breasts to me.  I stop in my tracks, and remark “Perhaps I should put off my workout for a bit and stay home for a little loving.”  She quickly tightens her robe and says “I think you should keep going and get a good workout.  You’ll never lose those last 10 pounds by staying home with me.  Besides, the pool company is sending over someone to fix the pump.”  “Alright then” I respond,  my disappointment clear in my voice.  “Maybe when you get back you might get never know” she teases me.  I know it’s bullshit but I play along.  “Maybe” I mutter.  “We’ll see.  Bye”. 

I hop on my bike and speed down the street.  My gym is only 15 blocks away and parking there is a bitch, so the bike is perfect.  Besides, the warm up from biking there gets me ready for a good workout.  As I travel down the street, I see the pool truck drive on by.  I think to myself “Yeah great this is gonna cost me a small fortune again”.  This is the 3rd weekend in a row that the pool has been messed up.  The first time was the usually cleaning and chemical additions.  That wasn’t too bad, but the guy informed us that the heater was gone and it would take a few days to order a new one in.  They ordered our heater on Monday and it didn’t get in till Friday. 

I usually hit the gym first thing Saturday mornings and Jackie likes to sleep in.  I don’t complain, she works hard and she enjoys staying up late on Friday nights to catch up on her tv shows on the pvr.  It gives me a chance to relax and enjoy a drink of rye.  I usually don’t watch tv with her...that’s her time.  I usually hop on the laptop and surf the net for things to buy off ebay.

    The pool company says they have a new tech that works on Saturdays since a lot of people in this area are not home during the week.  While he’s installing the new heater, he notices that the pump seals have let go and that our pump is working hard but not getting the water through.  He recommended to Jackie that we order a new pump since this one was on it’s last legs.  Great...more money that I gotta blow on the pool before I can start enjoying the summer.

    This summer is gonna be a hot one so we decide the pool is a priority to get fixed.  Jackie told me that the pool guy says it’ll take another week to bring in, but he’ll be back next Saturday to install it.  I have no problem with that, but I wish the parts would get in sooner so that I can get to enjoy my evening rye by the pool.


It only takes me a short while to reach the gym.  Traffic is light on the weekends so getting there isn’t a hassle.  It’s really hot out and the sweat is coming down hard by the time I reach the gym.  The gym doors are wide open, and I think that’s odd for such a hot day.  I park my bike in the rack and head inside.  A blast of warm air hits me as I stroll up to the front desk.  I figure the a/c unit is broke and the girl at the front desk confirms it.  “Great” I think to myself.  “Is Sara in today?”  I ask.  The girl replies that Sara called in sick.  I think to myself that she’s probably hung over from drinking too much wine the night before.

  Sara is my personal trainer, a hot little 29 year old with red hair, a fiery attitude and a very tight body.  We often have long talks on our affection for alcohol.  She’s a wine drinker and loves cabrounaut savouningo  and merlots.  I enjoy rye whiskeys, single malt scotches and a few select brandies.  Our discussions usually keep my mind off the intensity of the workout she is giving me.  I’ve lost 25 pounds since I’ve started with her 6 months ago.  I’m a network technician so a lot of my time at work is spent sitting around computers.  I’ve rose in the ranks of my company to CIO but at the cost of my health.  I was a size 36 and 225 pounds.

  Thanks to Sara, I’m now 200 and my shoulders have started to square off and form a v-shape going down to my waist.  I look good and I feel even better.  Sex has gotten better with Jackie, but it hasn’t been that frequent lately.  I often ask her what’s wrong, but she tells me that work tires her out and she really doesn’t feel like doing it that much lately.  I don’t think much of it, and usually retire to my laptop in the evenings. 

I decide to leave the hot gym and go home and swim a few laps in my pool.  I figure that it should be fixed by now, so I hop back on my bike and pedal hard.  All I think about is the cool water rushing over me as I dive into my pool.  I get there quickly and glide into my drive, somewhat exhausted from my quick but hard ride.  I walk around back past the pool truck and through the gate to see how if my pool is finished.  I see the empty box by the pool and the old pump is sitting there.

   Looks like the new pump is installed and I hear it running smoothly.  I don’t see the pool guy anywhere, so I start for the patio doors.  The patio door is already open so I walk right in.  I don’t see Jackie or the pool guy anywhere, and a rush of adrenaline shoots through me.  I immediately walk to the bottom of the stairs, but I don’t say anything.  I’ve never suspected Jackie would run around on me, although I’ve always had a fear that someday she would.  I stop and listen at the bottom of the stairs as I hear moans coming from upstairs.  Fear grips me like a vice and my heart races

.  I tip-toe up the stairs as quietly rather than rush up quickly.  If I’m going to catch them, I had better be stealthy first.  I hear Jackie moan, quietly at first and then a little louder.  I sneak around the corner to our bedroom and I see their reflection in the mirror on the wall.   The pool guy had is face buried in my wife’s pussy and was slowing working her to orgasm. 

I thought of busting in and punching him in the face, but the look on my wife’s face made me stop.  She had this look of ecstasy that I haven’t seen in a real long time.   She looked so beautiful naked and moaning softly, caressing her breasts as the pool guy worked his tongue on her pussy.  He was a well-built guy with a big set of shoulders, so I could see why my wife would be attracted to him.  His biceps flexed and bulged as he grabbed my wife’s ass with both his hands and raised her slightly off the bed.  Her moans were becoming more frequent and higher pitched. 

His head began to move quicker has he begun to bring her to orgasm.  Jackie moaned long and hard as the pool guy licked her clit with intense speed.  She shuddered as waves of pleasure roared through her like waves hitting the beach on a windy day.  He stopped licking her clit and moved down and licked up the sweet juices that now flowed out of my wife’s pulsating pussy.  Jackie now was in full orgasm as the pool boy licked up her juices.  She flung her head back into the pillow, exposing her neck while she pinched her nipples. 

“Oh my god Sam, that was awesome” she exclaimed.  “I haven’t come like that in a long time.”  That was like a huge punch in the gut for me.  Our sex life used to be like that a long time ago, before the house and our jobs.  We had no kids yet as our work was more important and we were waiting till later to start a family.   I felt so inadequate!   I slumped down and slowly backed out into the hallway.  They hadn’t seen me, so I thought of sneaking out of the house till they were finished.

  But yet, despite the guilt that I felt, I realized that I had a huge hard on.  I was amazed that I was really turned on my watching my wife get eaten out some stranger.  I thought to myself “Am I some kind of weirdo....letting some guy do this to my wife, in my bed, while I watch in secret?”  I moved back into the entryway of the room, concealed from their eyes but still able to watch in full on the mirror on the wall. 

Sam says “How bout you give me a little something now?”  My wife jumps up and gently pushes on his muscular chest and says “Lie down and you’ll get yours.”  With that, Sam lays back on the bed and my wife grabs his large erection with her hands and gently strokes him.  “Do you want me to suck your cock, Pool Boy?”  Sam nods his head and she slowly licks the head of his shaft.  She then puts her lips over his head and slowly sucks on it, stroking the shaft.

  He moans and she begins to suck hard and take it deeper into her mouth.  She takes it only halfway.  He is pretty big...bigger than I am, but not that much longer.   She gags a bit as she tries to take it all the way.  Sam laughs and then moans again.  She begins to stroke his shaft and suck on his head with greater speed.  Sam can take much more and tells her that he’s about to come.  She puts her head up and says “That didn’t take long.”  He begins to come, shooting a huge load over her face, and then several smaller ones that drip down over her lips.  She licks her lips as it runs down her chin

.  Sam lays there spent with a huge smile on his face.  Jackie grabs a towel that she had already put on the bed and wipes away his excess cum.  “How was that?” she asks.  Sam replies “That was the best blowjob I’ve had.  My girlfriend doesn’t even let me come on her, let alone on her face.  She’s a bit of a bitch that way.” 

“It’ll be our little secret then,” replies Jackie.  “It looks like your big willy is a little tired...hang on a second.”  My wife jumps up and moves over the closet.  I cringe and back up at the thought of getting caught.  She comes out of the closet with a pink vibrator and fires it up.  She says “Now I have two toys to play with.”  She rubs the vibrator under his bag and over his cock.  It begins to slowly rise back up to full erection.  My wife then takes the vibrator and puts it inside herself.  She is on her knees on the bed in front of him, running the vibe in and out of her slowly.

  “You just stay put and watch.  Feel free to jerk yourself off if you like the show.”  Sam nods his head as he slowly begins to stroke his erection.  Jackie is now thrusting the vibe into herself with more speed.  She moans and kicks her head and shoulders back.  The then grabs a pillow and gets on all four.  She reaches back and thrusts the vibe into her pussy and sinks her head into the pillow.  Sam moves around to see the full view of her pussy.  I could see from my vantage point that her pussy was moist and juicy.  The vibrator glistened as she moved it in and out and around. 

Jackie began to moan more frequently as the vibe went in and out.  Sam was full on erect and stroking it hard.  He then moved over and grabbed my wife’s hand to stop her.  He guided the vibrator out and moved to put his cock inside her.  Here is the pool guy about to fuck my wife doggie-style and I’m in the doorway watching and stroking my own cock.  I couldn’t believe what was going on before my very eyes, but I was extremely turned on.  As he thrusted his cock inside her, she moaned hard and buried her head into the pillow.  He wasted no time in banging my wife hard.

  He grabbed her hips and was really putting it to my wife.  Her moans were turning into screams as he moved his cock in and out of her.  She screamed into her pillow as she began to orgasm over and over.   By this time, I’m just about to exploded myself, so I tiptoe to the bathroom across the hall and begin to jerk off hard into a towel.  I was so hard, I hadn’t felt it this good in a long time.  I let loose into the towel and left it on the counter, eager to get back to my private show.

As I went back to my vantage point, I heard Jackie say “Let me get on top now.”  I looked at the mirror to see Sam getting back down on the bed and my wife climbing on top.  She positioned his erection and guided it into her as she sat down on it.  He moaned with pleasure as she began to slowly gyrate on him.  She moved slowly at first, then built up speed.  She began to moan as the excitement of orgasm begun to take over her.  She was moving on him pretty fast , her long blond hair going to and fro with every motion.  As she began to come, her body shuddered.  The sweat was now glistening on her body.

  She looked so beautiful to me as she slowed down and finished her orgasm.   She glances at the clock on the nightstand and says “You had better get outta here, my husband will be finished his workout soon and he’ll be here any minute.”  “But I need to come one more time.  Please?” he asks.  Jackie tells him to stand and she drops to her knees.  She takes him in her mouth one more time, cupping his balls in her hand and strokes his cock with the other one.

  It only takes him a minute before his sweaty, muscular body starts to shake.  “I’m coming” he moans.  This time she takes his load in her mouth.  I can see it dripping down the side of her face as she strokes his cock for every last drop.  I know my wife doesn’t like to swallow cum, and she isn’t any different for the pool guy.  She slowly lets the cum drip out of her mouth, and then she slowly spits it out so that it drips down over her breasts.  Sam shudders one last time and is standing there above my kneeling wife with a look of intense satisfaction on his face.

I realize that I am going to get caught if I don’t move fast.  I quietly move out of the entry way and move quickly down the stairs.  I run out the back patio door to the driveway.  I waited there for several minutes till I could hear them coming through the patio doors into the back deck.  I walk up and ask if the pool is finally finished.  Sam says that he got the pump installed, but he had a hard time getting it to work just right, but that he wouldn’t charge extra for the time it took to get it going.

  I thank him for the good job he did and tell him that I’ll call him back shortly to clean out the pool and add more chemicals.  I remark that he looks very hot and sweaty, and that he must be tired.  I ask my wife if she was hot since she seemed to be really sweaty and flushed.  She says that it got very hot outside and she had invited Sam in for some lemonade.  I tell her that I was pretty hot from my bike ride and I would like some as well.  I walk into the kitchen and leave them in the backyard to say their goodbye.

  When Jackie comes back into the kitchen from the back porch, I ask her if they drank all the lemonade as there was none made.  With a weird look on her face she mumbles yeah and that she’ll make some more.  I tell her it’s okay, knowing full well that there was no lemonade.  I say  that I’ll just have some pop instead.  I tell her lets go get into the pool for a swim.  She says that she wants to have a shower first before hopping in.  I tell her that I’ll meet her in the pool when she comes out. 

I go to get my swim trunks on and my wife heads off to the bathroom.  She comes out of the bathroom with my cum-soaked towel in her hand.  She asks “What’s this?  Is it what I think it is?”  She doesn’t seem mad or annoyed, but rather scared.  I told her “I came home early cause the a/c unit was broke at the gym.”  She then realized that I had seen everything and began to swell up with tears.  I told her I had a good time watching the pool boy fuck her brains out.  I then said to her” Not to worry that I would be getting the pool boy back to service the pool again next weekend.”

  She has a puzzled look on her face.  She asked me “Aren’t you mad?” as I tell her that we should go have a shower together to wash up before we go for a swim.  Still puzzled and wiping the tears away, I gently move her to the bathroom.   I tell her that I seen everything, and that at first I felt a little betrayed, but that I had realized that it was a huge turn on and that I wanted her more now that I ever did before.  She apologized for having sex with the pool boy.  I ask her “Was this the first time?”  She replies “No, I’ve been having sex with him since he came the first time three weeks ago.”

  I ask if she is in love with him and she replies “No, but I’ve felt neglected since you’ve started hitting the gym and getting back into shape.  I guess I felt like you were leaving me behind, and the extra attention from Sam proved to be too tempting.”  I apologized for neglecting her as I reach over and turn the shower on.  The water warms up and I step into the shower, extending my hand over to Jackie to bring her in.  As she gets into the shower, the warm water makes her nipples stand erect.  My dick begins to grow hard.  Jackie sees this and kneels to the ground, taking my shaft in hand and guiding it to her mouth.

  She begins to suck it gently at first..........


The End


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