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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: torturing sex tied CFNM dominance
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I lie spread eagle on my bed tied with leather straps, hardly able to move. I lift my head when I hear the door open and see Therese enter the room. She wears a short white dress with black flowers on it. I can see her nice lower legs and her sweet feet covered in simple slippers. Arriving at the bed she steps out of her slippers and bare-footed steps onto the bed. She crawls on all fours to my leg and sits on it. I feel her crotch through her thin panties. Looking in her sandy eyes I see them twinkle with a wicked pleasure. I swallow slowly. A dreadful feeling fills my gut.

She bucks her hips once. I feel her crotch move along my leg. Then she does it again and again and again. In a slow rhythmic pace she rides my leg, arousing me greatly. My limp penis hardens and begins to throb. After a few moments it flops onto my stomach. Therese notices it and bends over smiling. "Mmmm a blowjob", I think.

Then I see that she's to far forward. She cups her left breast and presses it to my stomach, trapping my dick underneath it. Meanwhile she never stopped bucking. In fact she picked up the pace a little. With her bending forward, she must have increased the pressure on her clit, although Therese doesn't give any sign of it. Expertly she rotates her breast over my dick and stomach. This motion causes my foreskin to retreat, exposing my penis head. The sensitive head feels her hardened nipples through her dress.

This goes on for god knows how long, bucking, gyrating, sliding, rubbing... All the time her pace slowly increases and her breathing gets heavier and heavier. Slowly I feel how her panties (and my leg) gets more damp. More and more of her love juices flow. The movement of her breast and the knowledge of her arousal also cause my breathing to become more and more heavier.

I close my eyes as my head falls back. Slowly I feel my testicles retract, preparing for my orgasm. A few more moments before I cum. Then a weight is lifted from my stomach and the pressure is released from my penis. In shock I look up, straight into a wicked grin. "No no no" she says in her sweet voice.
Still she rides my leg. Her panties get wetter and wetter. I watch as her body convulses and she has her orgasm. Her panties are soaked, just like my leg. She collapses next to me for a second.

Then she rises to her knees and steps over my leg. She reaches underneath her dress, showing me more of her beautiful thighs. I hope to see more, but alas my wish is not  granted. Therese removes her dripping panties, without giving me any glimpse of her private parts. Still on her knees she moves to my shoulder and with a gentle touch opens my mouth. Gladly I do what she wants. She then stuffs her sweet, wet panties in my mouth. The aroma of her love juice fills my mouth and wafts to my nose. After she done that she bends over, her dark-blond hair falls across my face.

From beneath one of the pillows she pulls a black pantyhose and drapes it across my mouth. Lifting my head she ties the pantyhose around my head, trapping the panties in my mouth. Gagged, naked and spread eagle I lie helpless on the bed.
"Now for the good part", she says, "I need another orgasm, badly."

On her knees Theresa crawls down to my stomach and straddles me. From behind she guides my hard dick to her pussy. My dick easily enters her well lubricated pussy. She slides down all the way to the base. And then back up again, until her lips touch the underside of my head. Slowly she goes down and up again. Very slowly she picks up the pace. In very long stokes she rides my cock.
"I will have another orgasm on you're cock. OK?" She asks and I nod in agreement.

Steadily she picks up the pace. My breathing, which was already pretty heavy, gets heavier by the second. I'm try to keep my orgasm at bay, but her ever increasing rhythm makes it nearly impossible. I look at her flushed face. Her breathing is also a clear indication that she is reaching her high point.
The final push comes, when she suddenly stops with my whole dick inside her and clenches down with her pussy-muscles. I shoot my warm load deep in her. Oh so very slowly she rises still clenching my penis; as if she is squeezing the final drops out from me. A thought crosses my mind: "Perhaps she was joking." But with only my dick head inside her she stops, and sports a playful smile.
"I haven't had my orgasm yet."

Immediately she slams down again. Her pussy swallowing my whole dick again. Without pause Therese bucks and gyrates her hips around. My penis slams into and rubs against her soft inner walls. With every touch (and that's happening a lot) millions of pinpricks  shoot through my tortured prick. I want to scream but the gag effectively reduces the sound to a soft moan. Tears fill my eyes. She alternates her frantic movements from bucking to gyrating to going up and down. But still she keeps my tortured cock inside her clenched vagina.

After minutes her breathing has become more ragged and shallow. As the pain subsides in my dick, the pleasure returns. Slowly my dick is firming up again. I cannot believe it: I'm going to get a second orgasm. I imagine her playing with her clit and her nipples. She is closer to an orgasm, so if I want to cum together I have some catching up to do. I fantasize about her. Closer and close we get to our simultaneous orgasm. Closer and closer...

Then I feel and see her tense up. She throws her head back. She screams. Her nails dig into my flesh. Her thighs press into my sides. A shudder ripples through her whole body as her head snaps back forward. She stays in this tensed position for a few moments more. I try to force my orgasm then and there, but it simply won't come.

She lifts her left knee and rises from me, dripping juices from her vagina onto my stomach and the sheets. She turns to me and kisses me on the cheek.
"Thank you."

Then she steps off the bed, into her slippers and walks away. Leaving me close to an unsatisfied orgasm, with a sweet wet gag in my mouth.

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