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He made me swear not to tell but I don’t think this counts.

We were still talking when he stopped key in hand, at his rental car. He seemed to be debating something I couldn’t guess. Even as we’d spoken I’d swear his mind was wandering. Even though he kept up his part of our discussion without hesitation. As we stepped outside he lapsed into silence. He missed his cue to respond and I glanced at him. He gave his head a slight shake before he spoke again. We stood there for a minute he seemed to be hesitating. When he spoke again he seemed to have decided something.

“Get in the car.” He said firmly. I opened my mouth to speak. He shook his head to keep me silent. “Get in the car.” he repeated. His tone made it clear he expected me to comply. Since I knew I’d never win I slid in the seat beside him. He keys the car and tells me to put on my seatbelt. Again I comply silent but puzzled. It’s just easier not to argue. I slide off my sandals and I cross my legs on the seat while we talk.

My skirt rides up my thighs. I can see him looking out of the corner of his eye. I make no move to cover myself. After a minute he rests his hand on my upper thigh.

“I remember last time you wore a skirt in the car with me. I could just reach over like this and feel you.” He slips his fingertips under the thin fabric of my skirt. I make no move to stop him, I lean back into my seat and groan. I run my fingers over the back of his hand. He jerks away, glowering at me a little.

“Don’t you feel the least bit guilty?” He asks. I shake my head lightly. this isn’t the kind of thing I do usually. With him it’s different, I trail off trying to explain it. I’m more concerned with what he’d think of me later. I tell him honestly. I want to keep his respect, I value it. He shakes his head and mumbles to himself. He knows I’m being honest, he can tell when I lie.

He pulls into the local theater. He checks some show times then pulls into the middle of the crowded parking lot. He shuts off the car , we remove our seatbelts, and he leans back his chair. I lower mine too so I can see him better in the dark. I turn on my side a little waiting expectantly for him to say something. I can smell the cologne on the skin of his neck only inches away. I want to kiss him, but I’m afraid he’ll push me away.

“So what do you want to do now?” He asks me. I can feel my mouth twist into a smirk. He is such a tease.

“I’ve been telling you all night honey. Personally I think you just like hearing me say it.” I have trouble finding my voice when he looks at me. Then I’m unable to resist any longer. I lean in and kiss his neck very softly, running my nose against the skin. I breath in his scent and groan. He turns his head and I meet his lips. I start gently, then he takes over and now I can taste him. He probes deeply with his tongue, drawing out my lust, making me hunger. I pull away after a moment my thoughts jumbled. This is my last chance to call a halt. Though why I would want to I can’t remember just then.

“What’s the matter? Are you having an attack of conscious?” He’s looking at me intently and I feel like he can see straight through me. I shake my head, and try to find words. He incredible blue eyes make it impossible to think clearly. Still, somehow words come out.

“Yes, I think I am.” I lower my eyes. It’s a little easier to think that way. “Maybe this is a bad idea.” I try to sound more convincing than I feel. The words come out sounding lame.

“Really?” His eyebrows shoot up. “This says differently.” He’d slid three fingers into me. I let out a whimper. I had no idea I was so wet. He pulls out his fingers, and drags me across the small space. We wind up nose to nose and there’s a beat of silence. We kiss deeply again as he pulls my hand to his lap. I can feel his massive erection straining against his jeans. He groans when my fingers graze him. I pull my hand away, suddenly nervous.

“Please, don’t make me do this.” I plead as he ravages my mouth with his own. No use, I’m kissing him back even as I try to get the words out. He pulls my hand to him again. This time I can feel his skin against my own. I spread out my fingers to span his girth. I’d almost forgotten how huge his cock is. When I don’t pull away again he reaches under my skirt. I’m still rubbing his cock and kissing him while I give one more lame attempt at good behavior.

“Please, honey, I don’t…” He finds the edge of my panties, and pauses from kissing me.

“Yes” . He say firmly. There’s a loud rip, he’s tearing my panties off. “You do.” Another loud tearing sound, and elastic digging into my hip.

“Ow!” I object. My panties being pushed past my knees and falling the rest of the way off. The anticipation is making me nuts. I can feel the head of his huge cock rubbing against my wet slit. His hands around my waist guiding me to receive him. He stretches me from the inside as I try to accommodate his huge cock. I spread my legs wider biting my lip and whimpering as he pushes deeper in. He feels so amazing, and his moaning is turning me on. I rest my head on his shoulder whimpering softly as I try to take him all. His hands firmly grip my ass, pulling me onto him as far as the space will allow.

At the same time he rises to meet me, making me take him until I think I might burst. He feels so thick and hot inside my wet pussy. The throbs from his cock are making me tingle, getting me wetter. I’ve waited a long time for him and he feels amazing. I grind down on him, shivers go up my spine, and I can’t stop moaning. I can feel him holding me in place while I take him as deep as I can. I can feel the head of his cock pushing in my g spot. I fall forward onto his shoulder, whimpering. He lifts my skirt again, I can feel the damp air on my skin. He slides his hand over my bare skin, then squeezes firmly. I let out a moan of surprise.

He slaps my ass, hard, while he rubs my clit. I cry out but don’t stop fucking him for a second. He slaps me again, and again still not letting up on my clit. He’s giving me the kind of rough fuck I love and I feel like I’m loosing my mind from it. I can feel my climax building as he spanks me again, resting his hand on the red mark for a moment before doing it again. The sound of it is turning me on.

“Are you going to come? I want to feel you come on me.” The last is almost an order. His breath on my neck giving me chills. He smacks my ass again.

“Oh yes, I’m gonna come. Oh fuck, oh God, I’m gonna come for you.” I gasp. His hand smacks my ass again and I go over the edge. I hold him inside me while I explode all over his cock. Wave after wave of come run out of me and down his huge shaft. I sink against him trying to catch my breath. He pushes me back a little, looking pleased.

“Suck my cock.” It’s not a request. After the amazing fuck he gave me I do it without question. I take him in my mouth as best I can. I can taste myself on him as I lick up and down the huge throbbing vein and tease the tip with my tongue. His gasps and moans tell me he likes it. His excitement increases my own. I want to feel him lose control, and release his iron will even more. He pulls me off him suddenly and puts mw back on his lap. I start to mount him again.

“Stop.” He commands sharply. I must’ve moved again. “STOP!” I freeze, as he wishes. After a moment he slides in me, then pauses and guides me down slowly by the waist.

“I want to get all the way inside you.” He whispers. I shift myself, and I can feel him push into me further moaning. He’s still holding me in place as he continues to plunge forward. I’m so wet he slides in smoothly, he’s a snug fit, but not painful. His lips brush mine when we reach the base of his cock. I took him with whimpers of delight. I wanted him to take control, and I knew he wouldn’t disappoint me.

He’d brushed off my flirtation earlier. Now it seemed, if he was breaking the rules, he’d see it well done. I submitted to his pace, his force. It was what he said he’d give me. I watch his intensity while he fucks me, it’s such a turn on. I’d wanted him to take me fast and hard. He knew it. and he seems happy to oblige. The force of his lust was making me moan. I loved the way he fucked me. He squeezed my ass a little tighter and moaned

“Oh fuck, do you want me to come in you or on you?” He words were rushed, demanding.

“In me.” I wanted to feel him come. I wanted his lust to explode inside me. His posture stiffened, he came inside me hard. I held tighter to his arms, bracing myself as I rode out the seemingly endless stream of his hot come. I sat dazed and gasping while his come ran out of me. He pulled me off him slowly, though he seemed reluctant. I kissed him quickly then slid back into my seat. My pussy was still giving me shivers. I could feel his come drain out each time my body gave a quake

I knew what he was thinking. Time to cover, didn’t want to get caught after all. I didn’t want to raise any eyebrows. The air conditioner help cool off my red cheeks while I straightened my clothes. He told me wryly I looked like the cat that ate the canary. I tried to wipe the smirk off my face while we talked. I still had to make a stop back at work, and couldn’t look guilty. They all know I’m taken, and most have met him. He waited for me while I spoke to my best girl friend who scanned me for guilt. My answers seemed to satisfy her. He took me home. I gave him one more kiss when he dropped me off.

“It was great to see you.” I tell him with a grin. I guess I hadn’t quite got rid of it all.

He laughs then. “Yeah.”

I wink at him as I hop out of the car. When I’ve come to his side he calls to me.

“So I’ll see you in four more years?” He asks me with a wicked grin.

I can’t help but grin back. “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.” With that I cross the street to my house. While I unlock the door I watch him drive away and take our secret with him.

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