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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

the kids are asleep,the tv,s on and your mate jason is on his way over to watch the football.When he gets here i go for a bath and relax.My eyes are shut and i can here the door open and jase walks in,he looks shocked but stares for a while,i should shout at him to get out but tell him to continue.He does what he came for and i beckon him near the bath tub,i take his cock in my hand and wash it for him then send him downstairs.I relax for another half hour then get out,do my hair and go downstairs,the two guys are on the xbox.
Jason looks at me nervously and i walk to stu,kiss him and whisper in his ear that i love him but really want to suck jasons cock,the look back says it all.

I walk over to jase,remove the controller he,s holding and straddle him,i feel his cock getting hard,i kiss him then slowly undo his jeans so his cock springs out then i take him in my mouth,licking and sucking on another mans cock while my boyfriend sits feet away.

Suddenly I feel a tongue on my pussy,stu has come over and in between licking me tells me he wants to see jase fuck me,jase and stu swap places and as i take stus cock in my mouth jase enters me from behind,its hard to keep sucking but i soon find a rythm as both guys take it in turns for the next few hours fucking my ass,pussy and mouth,but the best part was when both guys did my pussy at the same time and came together.
thanks guys.


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