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Nature: I will tell you later

One of the advantages of working in the "softer" side of IT is the pure number of women that you have exposure to. Work with them long enough, and you get some perks of the job that are completely off-the-books.


I'd been working on a process improvement program for about 6 months, and having made a couple of major milestones, a celebration was called for. It resembled a traditional happy hour, and after the first 3 hoours of drinking and socializing, the single and the hardcore drinkers were the last ones left. As it turns out, it was me and five women in a bar, drinking our way towards closing time.


The talk turned, as it usually will, to sex. Being the lone male in the group, it became clear that I was going to be used as the representative sample of the male sex. The discussion turned to why men like anal sex so much, at which point Ash asked me pointblank why it was that her asshole was so inviting to the men she dated.


I gave my normal flip response of "I haven't seen your asshole, so I'll simply offer that men, like children, want what they can't have." General laughter ensued, at which point Cassie asked me what my views on anal were. I answered as honestly as I could, which is that while I enjoy fucking asses, I was much more interested in licking them and getting a woman off.

This silenced the table for a while, and as the chatter began again, i excused myself to hit the restroom as the Rolling Rocks were starting to make themselves felt.  On my return to the table, I sensed that a discussion had been had, and by the amount of flushed flesh around me, I figured something very interesting had been discussed.


"We have a proposition for you..." said Mary, and then promptly blushed.

"Go on," I said, expecting there to be something sexual about to occur.

"We want you to make each one of us cum by eating our asses." Blunt, direct, to the point.


I looked around the table at the expectant faces. They were very interesting expressions, ranging from the flat out ravenously horny to the embarrassed but turned on.


"Ok," I said, "I'll do it on a few conditions... first, we do this and it's a one time deal. No expectations, no drama, just a good time. Agreed?"


They all fell over themselves to agree.


"Two, I eventually get to get off, by a means of my choosing..". Again there was general agreement.


"Ok, with those agreements in place, let's do this!" I said as I stood up.


The car ride to the nearest participants house seemed to take forever, and I was the last to arrive. It was a nice 3 bedroom house, and the liquor was already flowing when I got there, further lubricating the situation.

"Ok, how are we doing this? One on one, or shall we just form a line of asses I can go down as I go down?"


A bit of chatter ensued, and then a line was formed, each woman disrobing and laying down on a pillow with their delightful cheeks in the air.  


First off was Ash. She was a tan-lined blonde, and her perky asshole was smooth and shaved. The other four women crowded around me as I started to lick Ash's hole, and out of the corner of my eye, I could see hands straying to places that they wanted to be: some to their owner's bodies, some to other's bodies. I concentrated on the task at hand, ,and using my hands to pull apart those pert cheeks, went to town licking and tongue-fucking Ash's asshole until she moaned loudly and clamped her thighs around my head, coming hard.

Next up was Wendy, who's curvaceous butt beckoned me. Again, I dove in to my task hungrily, adding a finger or two to the licking that she was getting, and evoking the same response. Luckily, the booze was taking care of the headache that clamping thighs were giving me!


Next in line was Mary, who was completely horned up by the whole activity, and vigorously fingered herself as I ate her ass, and was soon eating Ash's pussy while I ate her ass. She was the screamer of the bunch, and she came as she made Ash come again.


 Janet was next, and she was lying on her back, her hips propped up by a pillow, exposing her cute little hole to my ministrations. She was busily fingering herself, pinching her nipples, and motioned for Mary to sit on her face as she was tonguefucked, her moans muffled by the cunt she was eating.


Last, but not least, was Lisa. A statuesque blonde with big breasts, she seemed the most eager but also most guarded. I took my time with her, massaging her hole and her perineum prior to licking her hole and sliding my fingers and tongue into her. She controlled herself well until I managed to get my tongue a good inch into her and then the levee broke and she came uncontrollably.


I was so engrossed in my working on Lisa that I hadn't noticed that the booze continued to flow, and the party was continuing. Masturbation, 69's, cucumbers and bananas in holes, it was all happening around me.


Cradling Lisa until she calmed a little from her intense orgasm, I realized that I had done it and not a tongue sprain in sight. Five women, five assholes, five sets of orgasms. My reward, that's a whole different story. 

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