Self pleasuring and an introduction   added 6 years ago
  By: doncupido  Age: 33  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Masturbation, The Fetishists, Other men, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: introduction
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

This is true: As I am typing this, I have two sets of fetters wrapped around my erected cock. They are wrapped over my
underwear, my foreskin is pulled all the way back so that my cock can rub against the smooth material of the underpants.
My cock has been wrapped like this for about two hours. The fetters and my thoughts kept my cock hard for so long.

I am probably a sex addict. Or maybe I just like sex a lot, for an addict I don't have enough sex I guess. If you would know me, you would probably never think that I keep a daily average of five orgasms - female company or not - since I started having them.

The problem is not that I get turned on easily, don't all men? I get turned on by almost ANYthing. When it comes to fetish I am
a friend of leather, latex, silk and bondage games. Which is why I restricted my own bloodstream and have satin sheets.
I don't want to impress anyone with them, I want to feel it on my skin.

Sorry, I had to take a break from typing, the ropes around my cock were getting lose, can't allow for that. Not that they are
causing pain, I am not much a friend of pain actually, s/m is about dominance not pain. And in the end it's about pleasure.
Like everything sexual. I never saw any logic in not doing something just because it seems wrong at first if on the other hand it
promises pleasure.

And the fact that most of these things...licking a woman's high heels clean after she called you worthless pig and spanked you...
or vice versa making a woman lick your cum out of your ass while holding her neck in the lock with a leather belt...are
considered naughty, unspeakable...WRONG just make them better, more enjoyable to me.

Have I done mentioned things? Those two I haven't done but I would. And I would love to if the mood is right. I probably
wouldn't even say no to sucking another man's dick in the heat of the moment, if my female sex partner wants me to.
I have some interest in men in me I know but it is not even comparable to my interest in women.

Even if a particular practice does not instantly give me pleasure, like peeing on a girl, making her swallow the pee, shitting
on their chest and rubbing the shit all over them, I would enjoy their lustful reaction if they are into it. Also... there is always
the "naughty" factor. The factor that makes it hotter to flirt with strangers, finger a girl in a train and do your boss doggy
style in the cafeteria than just doing the missionary in the bed back home.

I am on a journey right now. I haven't realized a lot of my fantasies yet but I plan to change that. Some of the stories I will
publish here will be factual reports - like my dick still being hard right now and my wish three tongues would pleasure the tip
of it, my balls and my asshole - some will be purely set in the realm of fiction.

About my first story "Forbidden Fruits"... let's say there is some truth in it. 

My next story though, will be 100% true. Just like it it's true that I once came so hard, I literally got it in my own eye.

Why did I share the ropes around my penis with you? They are a wonderful feeling. The pressure directs the blood flow
in a way, that on a horny night like this one, every throb will lead to another throb. I can pleasure myself by just moving
my hips, I am tied onto my own lust, begging myself for release, but I want the wanting, the lusting to last.
I want to be in that moment right before I cum forever, and this is almost that.

The things men do, if they don't have a woman to please.

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