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I had been single for quite some time and I was "struggling" with my bi-sexuality even longer. I was fantasizing about men some times, how I would suck off a hot thick throbbing cock until it would burst in my mouth, swallowing all the cum. So I started looking at online dating services to hook up with a couple, giving in to the gay fantasy but having a woman there for "safety". I found a good site for swingers that also had couples seeking men, so I started responding to some. The first couple of months I didn't get lucky, there are a lot of fakers out there and there are also a lot of men seeking couples out there so you really have to meet all expectations of the couple that put up the add.

I didn't give up and eventually got some responses but they all stranded on details of what they wanted or looks or something else until I met a couple that sent me a questionnaire, they read my response to their add and were interested. He was bi-curious and she wanted an extra playmate. I filled out the questionnaire which was very much to their satisfaction, so then came the next step, pictures. I had sent a couple of pictures of mine and got a few back. She was a gorgeous lady of Indonesian descent, thin but nicely curved at the right places. He was the hippy business type, long blond hair and not too tall.

They liked my pictures so I got an invitation to go to their place and have dinner, I eagerly accepted and a couple of days later I was on the road to go and meet them. I had some trouble finding their place in the suburbs where they lived but I got there. He opened the door for me and let me in after we "formally" introduced ourselves for the first time face too face, his name was Peter. I walked in the living room and there she stood, even more gorgeous then in the grainy pictures they had sent. She was wearing black high heels, pantyhose, a short black dress and a white blouse with only the bottom few buttons buttoned and under that a black shirt with deep cleavage, she had long dark hair, brown eyes twinkling with excitement and a beautiful smile.

Peter introduced me too her and we shook hands, she looked at me with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, her name was Raisa. I was seated on the sofa in the living room and she went to the kitchen to make the last preparations for dinner.

I sat there with Peter for a couple of minutes, just talking about how I had trouble finding their place and alternate routes, a little male bonding so to say. Raisa called for us and Peter led me to the dinner table where Raisa had put out some Indonesian dishes. We sat down and started eating and talking, basically just getting to know each other a little better. The longer we talked the more THE subject poored into the conversation, we talked about how they came to wanting an extra man in their relationship and I told about why I wanted to be that man.

After dinner we went back to the living room again and we talked some more, they had an old bunker where Peter had his business but where they also went to for private playtime. We would go there later, at that point I became a little suspicious, I didn't want to end up in some sex-dungeoun chained to a wall and being used as a toy for a psychopath. I decided to go along but keep my eyes open, so after some more talking we got up and each took our own car to the bunker.

As we walked in I had my eyes peeled for locked doors, possible exits and I made sure they walked in front of me. We walked through the bunker, where Peter pointed out some of the rooms and what would go on there during business hours till we finally came to their private room. It was a room with a small living room area on the one side, with a sofa and a little coffee table and a bedroom area on the other side with a big matras on the floor, curtains around it and a TV in front of it. It wasn't really my taste but it was a very nice room!

We sat on the sofa and the conversation took a more direct approach from here, we talked about what they expected from me and how they saw the relationship, what I wanted from the relationship but we also talked about likes and dislikes in sexual activities. Raisa was a little submissive, not in an S&M kind of way but she liked to be told what to do, she also liked it a bit rough. Peter was very into pleasing Raisa, he wanted to give her everything she wanted even if that was an other man but he also wanted to indulge in his bi-curious fantasies, he didn't have any experiences with another man but Raisa would fuck him with a strap on dildo from time to time. I told them about my experiences and was now ready to try a threesome with a man and woman. I am a assman, I'll always turn to see if a hot chick that passes me by has a nice ass and I love stuff that involves the mouth, kissing, licking, sucking, etc.

Finally we were done talking, Peter asked Raisa to stand up and show her body. She got up from the sofa and stood before me. She hoisted up her skirt, pulled down the pantyhose and her thong to reveal a nicely groomed pussy, Peter gave me a small tour of Raisa's pussy while gently caressing her labia. 'She shaves her pussy and only leaves a small line.' he explained, 'Turn around!' he commanded Raisa, she turned around and I was looking at her behind.

Not big but nicely curved, 'Bend over for our guest.' I heard Peter say and Raisa bended over, parting her legs as well. I reached out to touch but right before my hand reached those heavenly curves I looked at Peter and asked 'May I?', I could see he liked it very much I asked for his permission first. He said 'You may.' and my hand caressed her firm round buttock, I reached between her legs and felt her moist cunt, Peter was watching me, fascinated with an other man touching his wife.

I was fingering Raisa with one hand while my other hand explored that beautiful behind, I even gave it a few soft bites, she moaned content with my finger exercises, Peter just sat there and watched me fingerfucking his wife. It didn't take me very long to make her climax, the excitement of an other man touching her probably helped, I licked my wet fingers and saw Peter in the corner of my eye biting his lip with excitement. I gave that beautiful ass a kiss and then Raisa pulled up her thong and pantyhose again, straightening her skirt, Peter said 'Now let's see what you have.', so I stood up, Raisa took my place on the sofa as I took her place, I unbuckled my belt and opened my pants revealing a bulge in my underwear.

Raisa watched my take it out with big eyes, Peter switched between looking at my hardened dick and Raisa, I jerked my cock a bit to stiffen it some more. Peter looked at his wife that was watching me jerk off right in front of her face, he said 'Go ahead honey, you can touch it.', I let go of my penis and she reached out and grabbed it, she started massaging it with two hands. I pulled down my underwear a little further, exposing my balls, she alternated one hand between my dick and my balls.

After a while Peter joined in, he carefully grabbed my penis and jerked me off, Raisa silently watched her husband pleasuring an other man. I had two people handling my "business", this was great, Raisa alternated between shy sexy glances at me and isn't-this-exciting looks at Peter. I don't know if Peter got bored or overly excited but he stood up, came next to me and dropped his pants, revealing his lovestick, he was just a little smaller then mine, actually just a bit thinner. Raisa grabbed Peter's peter, she was now stroking a big firm dick in each hand, Peter said to Raisa 'Show us your tits' and started fiddling with her top, Raisa took of her blouse and popped out her boobs from her top. She grabbed both dicks again and continued, stroking us, playing with our balls and I hoped so much she would start sucking of one of us but after a while Peter closed up his pants and Raisa stopped jerking me also, so I put everything in order also.

Peter pointed at the bed and said 'Shall we continue with a massage for Raisa on the bed?', Raisa already stood up, walked to the bed and laid down, I followed Peter as he walked to the bed, we sat on our knees opposite each other beside Raisa, who layed down on her stomach and had removed her top. We started massaging her, I followed Peter's example, we started out on her back and worked down to her legs. I ended up with my hand between her legs, rubbing her muff through her clothes, she moaned as Peter and I rubbed her body, she fondled the bulge in my pants until Peter stood up and sat down at Raisa's feet, he removed her shoes and started working on her pantyhose and thong.

I just sat there waiting for what was going to happen, Peter tossed the clothes aside and stood up again, kneeling beside Raisa again, continuing the massage. I concentrated my efforts on those beautiful butt cheeks, parting them to reveal her moist pink pussy, rubbing her clit, licking my fingers. Peter watched my every move and suddenly said 'Why don't you eat that delicious pussy?', I didn't need any further encouragement for that, I positioned myself between her legs, she positioned her ass a little higher so I could easily reach her hot pinkness. A few licks on her wet snatch made me crazy, I dove in, my nose between her butt cheeks and my tongue licking away. I grabbed her ass and tried to bury my face even deeper, slobbering her to an orgasm.

When I looked up Peter was getting a blowjob from Raisa while he was trying to take of his shirt, she climaxed with my tongue deep inside her while sucking of Peter. She turned over and Peter stood up to remove the rest of his clothing, 'Come on! You too!' he said to me, Raisa sat up and started unbuttoning my shirt while I loosened my pants, she pulled of my shirt and our faces met, we kissed with Peter in the background moaning at the site of his wife kissing an other man. I got up and removed my shoes and pants with a little help form Raisa, as soon I was naked she took my dick and started sucking on it like her life depended on it, Peter still watching, stroking his rockhard dick.

He came closer and stood beside me, Raisa started sucking him of too, alternating between penis, until she put them together, flicking her tongue on both the tips at the same time. A heavenly feeling. Peter stared at me and when I turned my head he kissed me, his tongue penetrating my mouth, I answered his kiss willingly and placed my hand on his ass, one finger strategically place on the crack of his ass.

Peter turned towards me, giving himself entirely to our kiss, his hands exploring my back with a little hesitation, I felt his manhood poking in my side while his wife was still blowing me. I pulled back and dropped to my knees, his dick pointing right at my face, I grabbed it, Raisa sat beside me, one hand massaging her crotch and the other on my back, encouraging me.

I placed my lips on the tip of his cock as if i gave it a little kiss, spreading my lips a little and pushing forward I felt him penetrating my mouth. Peter moaned, I played a little with my tongue, sucking on the tip, biting the shaft, playing with his balls, until I placed my hands on his ass and pushing him further in my mouth. Peter didn't need much too take my hint and started fucking my face slowly, he grabbed my head and slowly slid in and out of my mouth, my hands stil on his ass where exploring the crack, suddenly he pushed my head back, 'Stop! Or else I'll cum!'

Raisa kissed me, pushed me on my back and started stroking my dick, Peter came lying between my legs, also stroking me and gently started to lick my balls, slowly getting higher with longer licks, he finally came to the tip and started blowing me. Raisa stood up after a while and walked over to a closet that wasn't visible, the doors matched the walls completely so it was unnoticeable, she grabbed something and came back, she put something beside the matras and fiddled with something, then she came to me and she showed she had a condom.

Peter stopped blowing me and Raisa put the condom on me with her mouth, she then squatted over me, planted herself over my member and started riding that bad boy. Peter offered his love log to her for some oral consumption which she didn't decline, this was fantastic, this beautiful woman was fucking me while sucking of her hubby. I held her by the hips helping her to fuck me, Peter played a little with her boobs, pinching the nipples or putting his penis against them. He then kneeled beside me and rested his dick on my lips,

I sucked him of as best I could with Raisa riding me wilder and wilder. Raisa suddenly lifted herself, rubbing her muff fiercely she came, she didn't really squirt but she was dripping a lot of cuntjuices on my stomach, Peter immediately went down there and licked my stomach, Raisa joined him after she came to from her intense orgasm.

My dick was still standing tall like a flagpole, Raisa grabbed it by the base as Peter was squatting over it now, ready to get fucked for the first time by a real man instead of his wife with a strap on dildo. He slowly lowered himself over my rockhard manhood, he was really tight, I don't know if he was clenching or that I was bigger then the dildo they used. He slowly started fucking himself with my dick, his manhood pointing up in all it's glory, Raisa put her lips on the tip of his penis and as I slid out of ass he would slid in her mouth and sliding out her mouth he would slide over my johnson

  Raisa wanted to participate a little more so she stood up and wanted Peter to lick her pussy but he couldn't focus on her pussy and his ass at the same time so she came and planted her wet cunt on my face. With Raisa sitting on my face it was difficult to fuck Peter so he stood up after a while and then Raisa turned over on top of me, slid down a little and planted her ass over my cock. She started milking my dick with her ass which was a sensation I never had before so I thought I would cum instantly but I quickly thought of other things. Peter kneeled between our legs and started fucking Raisa, first carefully but with each stroke he would get rougher, until he was fucking her properly, with every slam piercing her further on my dick.

It didn't take very long for me to cum in this position, so I squirted my manjuice in the condom screaming 'I'm cumming!!' and pounding Raisa's ass with a couple of "aftershocks". They both got of me and repositioned themselves, Raisa took care of my dick, removing the condom and "breathing" back life into it while Peter took her from behind, doggystyle! Now pounding her with her mouth over my dick with each slam, the sight of the intense expression on Peter's face and Raisa's head bopping up and down made me hard again in a matter of minutes, when I was hard again Raisa grabbed another condom and slid it over my throbbing cock.

She then laid on her stomach and spread her butt cheeks, exposing her asshole, Peter put his dick against the dark star and slid in easily, he fucked her ass a little while I looked on stroking my penis. 'Come on!' Peter said, 'We're making a train!', I got up and positioned myself behind Peter, I grabbed him by the hips and penetrated his ass again.

With every thrust pushing Peter deeper in Raisa, Peter couldn't handle the sensation of fucking and getting fucked for very long, after just a minute or two he roared, got up, throwing me back, and jerked of, Raisa quickly turned around and opened her mouth wide to receive his load. The first blast hit her just below her right eye, the second landed perfectly in her mouth, Peter whipped the last drops towards her with his dick. I came over and sucked the last drops of semen from Peter's dick, kissing Raisa and then I stood up and jerked of on her boobs, a pathetic small load dropped on one of her tits, I licked it up and saw Peter laying down exhausted, Raisa snuggled up beside him and I fell to my knees, I didn't really know if I should join in or keep my distance. Raisa gave me an inviting look so I snuggled up beside her and after we lay there for a couple of minutes we fell asleep.

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