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  By: Sonet  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists, Force/Rape
Tags: Writing
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
She walked into the spider's parlor,
Misguided and beguiled she knew not what awaited.
Women had told her of passion and lust,
The details had been too taboo to mention.
A time and place, but nothing more.
Simple directions including what to wear.
"Do not be late, you won't get in,"
A simple warning, but left her longing.
Her heels clicked upon the marble floor,
The swishing of her dress betrayed,
her passage 'long the corridor in back,
And through the door marked 'two oh one'.
Onto the spider's web she waltzed, worry setting in,
In this room she found, horrors hung upon the wall.
Black light shown upon her form, a click from behind.
The door was locked, alone with new latex forms.
Two people walked forward, swathed in shiny black,
a girl restrained her as the man shushed her cries.
"Submission will be easier," he said while pulling down her dress,
A look of terror crossed her face, but her body didst betray her pleasure.
"She looks to be ready," and the girl let her go,
Her naked body revealed, the master merely smiled
"Bring her to me when she's properly dressed" he declared,
He turned and left, the girls stood alone.


This was just random writing with no real thought to form or prose, just letting the words come out.  it could be better for sure, but I wasn't writing for excellence, I was writing for feeling. 

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