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I had flown my softball team out to Riverside California to play in the Finals. It was 5’oclock in the evening and we just finished our game. (We won the championship)

With me being the coach I felt it only proper to take the team out for dinner, and they jumped at the chance. We wound up at a Mexican Restaurant and everybody was really happy and feeling good about winning the Championship. After all the guys were full I told them I was gong to stay in Riverside until tomorrow and then take a flight back to Baltimore. Five of them wanted to stay with me and see a little more of California. The bat-boy wanted to stay also, so I told him it would be OK, but he would have to call his dad and tell him he would be back a day later and get his permission. Bat boy called his dad and it was OK for him to stay with me.

Harry, Rick, Sam, Rod, Doug, and Bat Bay (we call him bat boy because he is only 19 and I don’t want his name used in this story). Back at he hotel we all got cleaned up and that is when I decided to call Lori and tell her I was in town with 5 buddies fore the night and if she was not busy we would like to cum over. Lori (A.K.A. “totallwolflady”  said that would be alright no problem so cum on over, I said Great that we will see her in about a hour.

On the way over I told the guys I might be able to get them Fucked, but they had to listen to me and do what I told them. Then I told bat boy he could take a nap in the car or he could cum in and watch. He said he would like to watch, so I told him OK. I figured his cock was so small the only thing he would be able to do is Fuck Lori in the ear, and with all that other cock around he would not stand a chance with his little cock.


We arrived at Lori’s house, rang the doorbell and she answered wearing a halter top and a pair of cutoff jeans. When those guys saw her standing there with long hair and that outfit, WOW all of them had instant cock erections. She asked us in and as we stepped in she greeted each of us with a warm kiss and said how sweet they tasted. Lori said make yourselves at home and I will get you something to drink. I told Lori I would help her, so into the kitchen we went. When we got in the kitchen Lori gave me one of her special kisses and BAM, instant hard cock. Then I asked Lori if she would like to give my boys a good California FUCKING, she said she would love too and lets get started. On the way back into the living room I grabbed the bottle of MOZZOLA OIL. 

We arrived in the living room and the guys were setting really quite, with their crouches bulging and mouths watering. Then I told Lori to spread a sheet on the floor and take her cloths off and lay on the sheet. I did not let the guys take her close off because they would not of been able to control their selves. Once Lori was on the sheet naked she laid down and I had the guys take off their clothes and kneel down all around her, with their hard cocks pointing at Lori. Bat boy you go over in the corner and watch you can learn something.

 Next I told the guys we knew they were ready to drop a big load of cum and that is what they were going to do by Jerking Off all over Lori’s body and that is what they did and Lori was trembling like crazy in anticipation of fucking all those huge cocks. All the guys started cumming and Lori was also having orgasm.

Then I got the MOZZOLA OIL and started pouring it from her neck to her toes. Then I told them to start licking her all over and spreading the oil all over and then roll her over and do the same. You never heard suck slurping in all your life and Harry had 3 fingers up her CUNT working on it pretty good. So I thought I had better have them move, so I told them to move around to their right and take turns in each position until they wound up were they started. Sweet Lori was having multi orgasm and the guys cock were dripping like crazy. Then they rolled her over sooooo gently until she was on her stomach. I poured more MAZZOLA OIL on her back and they started licking on her again.

Sam was licking her asshole and Lori was going wild, you also have to keep in mind that one guy is sucking her asshole, the other suck her pussy, the other 2 are sucking a tit each and Doug is licking and sucking her ears and neck, Rod would stop sucking her toes and run his tongue up and down her inner thigh. I took a picture of the 6 of them cumming so they would always remember Sweet Lori.

Then I had Lori get on all fours and I notice that Doug was whispering something to Lori in her ear. As Lori set up too get on all fours she told us she wanted to make a brief announcement, all of use looked really strange and then Lori told us that Doug wanted to help her, that the rest of the guys did not know it but he was Gay and he wanted her permission to suck some of the guys cocks. Lori said it was fine with her as long as I did not mind and we all looked at each other and smiled and I said “WHAT THE FUCK LETS PARTY!!!!”.


Harry laid on his back so he could put his cock up her pussy and Rod got behind her and shoved his cock up her ass and Sam got in front of her on his knees and Lori started sucking his cock down her throat. In the mean time Rick is fucking Doug up his ass. I look over to check on bat boy and he is jerking off and I almost fell over, this kid had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It had to be 11 or 12 inches long and 3 inches across. I started to tell him not to jerk it off, that Lori would take care of it for him, but about that time he shot a huge load of cum that landed in Doug’s face while Rick was FUCKING DOUGS ASSHOLE.

Lori was having the time of her life and when she saw what bat boy had fore her she almost fainted. I still had bat boy stay in the corner until each of the guys had Lori in every position possible. The only thing that kept Lori going was all that HOT CUM being pumped in all her cavities and slowly running back out and being licked up again. By this time the guys were exhausted. I called bat boy over and asked him how would he like to fuck Lori and he said the regular way. Lori said that would be OK, but first he had to suck each one of her tits and then suck her pussy.

Bat boy loved the idea and started sucking her tits and then licked his way to her throbbing pussy. Lori asked him if he knew what a clit was and bat boy told her yes. That the CLIT was at the top of her pussy and that it had skin over it that was called a hood, but after looking at yours I don’t need to find it because it is sticking out about a inch. Bat bob laid Lori on her back and got on top and started putting his cock up her and started fuck her, but Lori started screaming that it hurt soooo bad. I pulled bat boy back and said never hurt a woman when you are fucking her.

I told bat boy he was about to get his first lesson in fucking. I told Lori to get on all fours that bat boy was going to fuck her doggie style, and she did. Now bat boy put you hand around that huge cock of your at the base so it can block the whole thing from going in and once Lori was satisfied with the way it felt go ahead and fuck the hell out of her, and he did . I had never heard Lori make the kind of sounds she was making before, and about 15 minutes later they both cum soooo hard that they fell forward on the floor. In the mean time the guys are all snoring except fore Doug who went over to bat boy and stared sucking and lick bat boys cock. Bat boy was really enjoying too. I took Lori by the hand and lead her to the shower.

You turn on the water and adjust it to the right temperature and we step in and embrace and you kiss me with those special lips and I start to quiver. I do not like to repeat my self but your lips are without a doubt the most fantastic that I have ever kissed. When I put my arms around you my hands slide down to your ass and then I place them under each cheek of your wonderful ass. Then I lift you up and pull you close to me and I press your back against the shower wall and with one hand I insert my cock up you pussy. There was no shoving in and out or wiggling around. My cock was really vibrating in you and your pussy felt to me like there were little fingers inside massaging my cock.

We stood there really enjoying the moment, kissing, nibbling each others ears and the whole time your sweet breast pressed up against my hairy chest with those hard nipples of yours trying to break through my skin. We were engaged in a long soft kiss when both of us cum at the same time just from kissing and having my cock in you and not moving in and out. Kissing your lips have brought me to the strongest climax I have ever experienced. Lori I have to tell you the truth you are the sweetest and sexiest woman that I have ever made LOVE with.

As we step out of the shower you looked at me smiling and said it really works! I replied what really works and that is when you told me that you had a new shower head installed. The name of it is (THE RAIN FORREST). When you stand under it the feeling is unbelievable, it’s the same as standing out in the rain in the Rain Forrest. I was so involved with being in the shower I did not realize the effect it had on me, and now that you have told me I sure do agree, it added to the pleasure of being with you.

We got dressed and I ask you if you would like to go out to dinner and do a little dancing, and you said that sounded like fun. Lori being with you is Great whether

In bed, shower or any place it is always a pure pleasure. The only problem I have with being out with you in Public is the way people smile at me when I am with you. They notice that when you walk in front of me I can not take my eyes off of that pretty ass of yours. LOL. Lori take care and I hope you enjoyed reading the way my mind thinks of you. By the way I just bought a new shower head (do you know what kind it is)at Lowes.

Hope to hear from you soon.  Jim 



The guys said to tell you they are saving up their money to cum out and see you, and bat boy wants to know if he can cum also,

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