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Categories: Force/Rape, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Tags: tied sandy
Location: The beach
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
My friend Sarah and I were having a little spring break at the beach.  We were young and oversexed at the time, and loved to tease men to see how many drinks they would buy us without us putting out anything.  The last I remember we were really laying it on heavy with a couple of local clods. I remember Sarah flashing him a look at her tits, rubbing her leg up his thigh  and watching the bulge grow in his pants, not that he had a chance of scoring anything from us.

Slowly, very slowly I began to wake up.  I could hear the ocean waves breaking very near by.  I could feel the warm sun beating down on my body.  It was nice soothing on my headache.  I tried to move my hand to my head and could not.  I tried to move my other, arm and my leg, nothing.  In a panic I opened my eyes only to be blinded by the bright sun.  Now in a full panic I looked around me.  I was lying on wet sand, the waves breaking a little way away.  I was fully spreadeagled and naked!  My wrists and ankles were firmly tied to wooden stakes driven deep into the sand.  I struggled to try and pull them out but they would not budge. The sun was beating down on my fair skin and I was now sweating profusely from fear as well as the heat.  As I struggled I realized that Sarah was next to me, also spreadeagled between four stakes as I was.

"Sarah, Sarah, wake up!"  I called.  Sarah moaned slightly as she began to regain consciousness.

"What? Where?  What the fuck!" Sarah exclaimed as she started to come to and realized her predicament.

"Help, Help!"  I began to scream, but only echoes came back over the breaking of the waves.

Suddenly a realization began to come over me.  We were on the sea coast.  Lying on wet sand.  And the tied was coming in!  Frantically I began to struggle harder, but to no avail. 

After an hour we had both exhausted ourselves.  The sun was beginning to burn our unprotected skin, and the sweat was now running down our bodies as we slowly desicated.

Suddenly, I heard a twig snap above us by the dunes and strained to look in that direction.

"Looks like their finally awake, Jeb,"  I head one voice say.

"Yep, looks like it's fun time, Billy Bob."  I recognized the second as the one I had been teasing in the bar last night, and my fear deepened.

"Hey untie us right now!" I demanded, but they just laughed.  Jeb kneeled down beside me and began to squeeze and twist my breast, twising the nipple painfully.  "Ow, you are hurting me!" I screamed.  "Let us go right now or I am telling the authorities."

Jeb just laughed.  "Shut up you little cock tease," he ordered.  "You ain't calling anyone.  You are on our own private deserted island and you ain't going nowhere until we have enjoyed your little co-ed bodies anyway we want!" 

"Go to Hell!"  I heard Sarah yell as she tried to spit on Billy Bob.  He responded with a slap that sent her head snapping sideways, followed by a brutal punch to her stomach that knocked the breath out of her.

"Hey you can't do that to her you bastard!"  I screamed.  The words were hardly out of my mouth when a massive fist crashed into my pussy sending waves of pain through my body, and a searing blast of red across my vision.  I almost passed out from the impact and was gasping for breath.

"Like I said, sweet cakes you ain't going anywhere!" Jeb laughed as he lowered his pants and stroked his hardening cock.  "Now we are going to take anything we want."  He spit on my pussy and then began to work it into me, lubricating it.  He wiped some of the sweat off my body and massaged that into my pussy, shoving one and then two rough, calloused fingers deep inside me.  Next to me I heard Sarah starting to cry as she too was assaulted.

"No, no please don't do this," she pleaded as Billy Bob just laughed.  Within a minute he was on top of her, slapping her face and tits as he pleased as his cock began to push against her spread pussy.  I heard her weeping and screaming as he started his brutal rape.

Jeb had been watching Billy Bob as he started shoving three fingers into my pussy, and pinching my tiny clitoris. 

"Now sweet cakes, you can fight like your friend and I can be rougher than that on you, or you can cooperate and take it, your choice."  With that he lowered his large cock to my small pussy and began to push.  Slowly stroke by stroke he forced me open.  I tried to relax as much as possible and think of something to make it easyer, but the reality of this brutal rape was too much.  He pulled my face to him. 

"Kiss me bitch or I'll beat the shit out of you."  Obediently I started kissing him, disgusted all the time.

In no time I heard Billy Bob grunting over the breaking of the waves.  Soon I felt Jeb too began to slam into me harder and harder, his cock swelling.  Soon I felt him come deep inside me, rocking his head back with a triumphant roar as his seed spewed deep into my unprotected womb.  Soon the was squishing out around his cock as it softened.

Without saying much else they got off us and pulled their pants back on.  They appeared to be about to leave.

"Hey, you can't leave us here!" Sarah yelled.  Billy Bob reared back and kicked her hard right in the side of her breasts.

"To Hell we can't, bitch.  We will see if the Sun and Sea softens up your attitude, you stuck up little whore."  He emphasized his words with another vicious kick between Sarah's legs.  I heard the breathe go out of her at the pointed cowboy boot found her violated pussy.

"Please," I began to beg, "The tide is coming in.  Please let us go!"

Jeb lauged hard.  "Well, Billly Bob, this cunt is not as dumb as she looks!"  He laughed again and he zipped up his pants and both of them started walking back up the beach.

We both began to scream for help, but there was no reply.  Soon we were both exhausted and becoming very dehydrated.  The water was coming closer and closer until it was lapping at our feet and calves.  No matter how we struggled we could not budge the stakes. 

Suddenly, as the water reached my bottom, I heard a step behind me.  "Help, please." I cried, but to my horror there was Jeb, a beer bottle in his hand.

"Please let us go, " I began.  "You had your fun and I promise we won't tell anyone.  Just let us go, please."

"Well sweet cakes, maybe I will if you are real nice to me!"  He laughed as he lowered his pants and kneeled by my head.  He rubbed his sweaty cock across my face.  "Well sweet cakes, do you want to be nice to me or go for a swim?"

I was disgusted but hesitantly I started to lick the head of his cock as it rapidly stiffened.  Slowly he fed it to me as I heard Billy Bob approuch.

"Well, bitch, are you going act sensibly like your friend, or do we have to do this the hard way?" he asked.

 Sarah was still feeling feisty, "Go to hell you country hick!" she snapped. Without hesitation Billy Bob started kicking her again until she was crying.  He kneeled over her and began to stroke his cock above her face with one hand while punching her tits back and forth with the other.

Jeb kept shoving his cock down my throat, now kneeling astride me and holding my head firmly in place as he accelerated fucking my face.  Soon I felt his cock swell and his second load of cum shoot down my throat.  I swallowed as hard as I could to clear my throat as several spurts ran down my chin and cheek.  Next to me Billy Bob was unloading his load all over Sarah's face and rubbing it in.

Soon the were preparing to leave again and the water was up to the middle of my back.

"Please don't leave us.  We are already sunburned and we will die of dehydration here in no time."  I pleaded. 

With that, Billy Bob purked right up.  "We can do something about that, can't we Jeb?  You see girls we just polished off a couple of six packs"   With that both unzipped their pants and began sending a yellow stream of urine at each of our mouths.  Sarah closed her mouth tightly and tried to look away, but knowing how soon I would pass out from dehydration, and how much they had both drunk, I tried to take some in. It was foul, but quite dilute.  Soon they were done with their disgusting act and walked away again, leaving us to the tide and the crabs.

I though we were both going to die as the tide came up.  Soon the waves were breaking over our heads and the salt water stinging our burned skin.  We were both close to passing out but had to stay alert for we could only breath when the waves went out.  After awhile I realized the tide had turned and only the biggest waves were now breaking over our heads.  As the water receeded the Sun began to burn us again. 

We were both nearly unconscious when the two returned for the third time, still drinking another beer. 

"Looks like they are about done, Jeb" lauged Billy Bob.  As he began to untie Sarah.  She was so dehydrated she had no more energy to fight as he rolled her onto her bright red stomach.  The sand grinding into her sunburn roused her slightly.  Billy Bob spit on her rear end and began to work it into her rectum.  I know what was coming but was too weak to resist as I also was rolled painfully onto my stomach.

Soon I felt Jeb's cock invading where none had ever gone before.  It hurt and burned but I was so weak I could barely move.  It did not take long before I felt him shoot his third load deep into my bowels.  When they were done they leaned back in the sand watching our burned and battered bodies drying like two fish out of water.

"Well, Jeb. shall we just leave them for the crabs?"  Billy Bob asked.

"No," Jeb responded shaking his head, "Mama would be mad if we did that."  With that each of them picked us, threw us over their shoulders and carried us down the beach to where a small boat was tied in a small tidal creek.  They threw us in like to sacks of meal.  We were so far gone we hardly noticed.

The Sun was setting and it was dark before we got wherever it was we were going.  Finally they pulled up to a strip of beach.  They each pulled out another bottle of beer and poured it down our protesting throats before throwing us on the sand.

I vaguely remember someone, perhaps a college student, trying to wake us, and then some type of security guard calling on his radio, "Tell rescue we've got two more drunk college kids passed out on the beach."

All I could think was how was I going to explain this to my parents?

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