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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I have been setting here looking at your picture trying to figure out how to convince you that I can suck your pussy better than you can suck my cock.


 Well it's an hour and a half later, but I think I have it figured out. What makes things hard with you is your whole body is sweet and tender and I would not want to miss an inch of it.


 First while I'm kissing your neck and  behind you ears I start rubbing your body down with baby oil, and in return I am getting a soft moan that is driving my cock crazy. But I have run into trouble again that when I kissed your lips they are sooo soft add sweet that I don't want to stop, but I know I have too. So I roll you over on your stomach and start rubbing the oil on your shoulders, neck and lower back. From here on I am going  too apply the oil with my tongue.

Honey your ass it soo sensitive that is starts a slight quivering, and in turn increases your moaning, you know by now my cock is really stretching, but when the tip of my tongue rubs the oil around your asshole, your whole  body rose a inch off the bed, from your Clit and nipples on your beautiful tits getting sooo hard. I started massaging your tits while I was kissing and licking you pretty ass and I might be wrong, but I stared reaming your asshole in and out with my tongue and you had one hell of an orgasm, so I rolled you over and started licking that gorgeous pussy of your cause I did not want to loose all those juices you were squirting out. KISS, LICK AND BREATH SOFTLY

That is the secret to me being better at sucking your Pussy, than you being better at sucking my cock.
Your Pussy is sweeter than any other Pussy that I have seen, and believe me I’ve seen several dozen. The key is to read your emotions. As I gently kiss your pussy I feel it quiver a certain and when I lick your pussy it quivers a different way, and the same when I breath on that sweet pussy it will quiver still another way.

I have my face resting in your pussy and it is telling me when to Kiss, Lick, or Breath and it absolutely driving you wild, With me doing it every so gently and you know that you are controlling my sucking, and with you being such a wonderful lover you took 45 minutes to cum and when you did my mouth got it all.
               “Did I do OK”

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