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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Force/Rape, Steady Partner, Identified partner
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Her teeth grazed his lips; testing, searching, preparing for the passionate kiss that was sure to come.


She enjoyed toying with him.

Working him into a frenzy, trying to destroy his humanity, to reveal the beast within.

A few minutes was all she needed, it rarely took longer.

It was a careful game she played, and she was winning.

Her hand gripped the back of his head and forced his lips onto hers. He relished the feeling of helplessness as her tongue worked with violent pleasure, caressing, tasting and teasing him.


Losing herself briefly in the moment she loosened her grip on his head.

It was the only invitation he needed.

He pushed her off of himself and forced her onto her back; grabbing both hands in his one, he began to tear the clothes from her slight figure.

Starting with her tiny skirt, and moving to the film-like shirt resting on shoulders.

The clothes bit into her skin as they violently left her body; she loved it, she wanted more.


There was a dark spot in line with her slit and it was obvious she had begun to soak through the thin black thong; the visual confirmation of her arousal made him more excited and he could feel his cock pulsing in his pants..


Still holding her hands above her head, he enjoyed her futile struggling as she pretended to fight his grip.

The tiny bra was only barely containing her breasts. With a quick, almost negligent, flick of his wrist the bra was unhooked and on its way across the room.


She gasped, broke free of his loosened grasp and quickly moved to shyly cover herself. She looked at him with big innocent eyes and secretly hoped he would ravish her then and there.


He moved slowly now, carefully taking off his own clothes.

She watched him carefully, realizing she would have to work harder to find the breaking point; this one would be a new challenge.


First the shirt, slowly peeled off his muscled chest; he made sure to flex as he moved. He stood there shirtless, in only jeans, eying her up; as if, waiting, for something.


She understood his gaze; she moved slowly as to heighten his anticipation. She sauntered over to him drawing his full attention. She pressed her naked body to his, tracing her fingers teasingly down his chest and along his belt-line. She could see the excitement in his eyes and quite vividly through the large bulge in his pants. She carefully undid the button on the pants and let the zipper down. She continued tracing her fingertips over his body.

Suddenly she plunged her hand into his pants and grabbed his, now, rock-hard cock. As she gripped it she could feel the blood course through it. Slowly she began to work it, slow long strokes, teasing him, letting him know she was in control… for now.


She lowered herself to her knees and began teasing, just the tip, with her tongue. His back arched, and she heard him grunt with pleasure. She moved her hand down to his balls and began massaging them while continuing to play with his tip in her mouth. She wrapped both hands around his cock and began licking the head like a child would lick candy, all the time looking up at him with those big innocent eyes.


It was almost too much for him to handle. Having had enough of her games he grabbed her head and jammed her mouth down onto his cock, Trying to get it down all the way to the base. He could feel it pressing hard against the back of her throat, blocking him from going deeper. He tilted her head back ever so slightly and rammed it in harder. This time it slid down her throat her lips kissing the very base of his shaft.


She gagged hard, he kept her head there for a few seconds then pulled her off, only to jam her back down again. He did it three more times, then briefly let her catch her breath before beginning to fuck her throat. He had her head in both hands and was thrusting deep into her throat; she began to choke, but he paid no heed, as he was lost in the brutal ecstasy.


She reveled in the pain, she had almost broke him.


As quickly as he started he stopped, brought her to her feet and kissed her; long, hard and with more passion than she had ever known. She swallowed her coughing and kissed back more fiercely than before, biting his lips and tearing at his tongue.


Her juices were now flowing freely down her legs and she wished more than anything that he would put her out of her ‘misery’.


He ran his hands down her legs and could feel her quiver with excitement.

He gripped her thighs, picked her up and practically threw her, face first, onto the bed. He pulled her ass up and towards him; she was now in a kneeling position. He brushed aside the tiny thong and began teasing her drenched pussy with the pads of his large coarse fingers.

He traced careful patterns around the edges of her lips; slowly exciting her into a delirium.

His fingertips felt like they had been coated with sandpaper. She almost came half a dozen times as he moved skillfully around her lips. She tried to reach for her pussy so she could finish the job but he grabbed her hands and held them just out of reach.

He parted her lips and brought his tongue to her throbbing clit, she gasped with pleasure as he began to snake his tongue in seemingly magical patterns across her now drenched pussy. Reveling in the taste, he began gently sucking to make sure he got all the juices.


He stopped and turned to look at her; she had managed to keep her innocent act despite her incredible arousal, she simply stared at him feigning helplessness. He tore his pants off and positioned himself behind her. He could feel her ass tighten in anticipation, but he was still in control. He ripped the thong from her and she let out a short scream as the fabric bit into her flesh.


He rubbed his cock slowly over her pussy, moving in perfect circles around her clit. It was almost too much for her to take.


She timed her move perfectly, she jammed her hips back and his cock slipped inside her tight little hole. She screamed as it stretched her tight inner muscles. He gasped with surprise and pleasure, but quickly recovered and gave her ass a hard slap. Her muscles tightened when he hit her so he hit her again, and again, and again until her ass was red and swollen.

The entire time, despite the pain she kept gyrating her hips, moving back and forth on his cock adding immeasurable pleasure to his beating.


He grabbed her hips and drove his cock deep inside her. She gasped as she was finally filled by his immense member. It was something she had dreamt about for weeks, and reveled in every moment of it.

Something snapped as he pounded relentlessly into her tight, wet pussy. What seemed like hours and multiple orgasms went by before she suddenly felt a warm sensation deep inside her pussy, followed by a rhythmic throbbing as his cum filled up deep inside her. Slowly, he pulled out and rolled off to lie beside her; panting from the exertion.

She lay on his chest for a few moments catching her breath, letting his cum slowly drip out from between her pussy lips and enjoying the feeling of his chest rising and falling with every breath.


She moved quickly, straddling him. And without giving him a chance to protest grabbed his cock and jammed her pussy down onto it. It went in smoother this time, his juices mingled with hers made for an excellent lubricant.

She lay down on him letting him take control. He began driving into her, so hard and so deep she felt like she would burst. His soft grunting only fueled the deep carnal passions that were coursing through her veins. The liquid passion seemed to flow with their movements. Beads of sweat forming on their taught skin twinkled as they flew from their bodies. Her fingertips dug into his back as each pounding thrust drove her closer and closer to inevitable ecstasy.

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