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Location: My House
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Tuesday afternoon and I’m setting at home with my twin brother, just talking about what ever comes up, and what came up was my cock , because I started thinking about you and the last time we were together. You put me in a condition that I had to just about crawl home.

I had never been with women that knew as much about her self and a man’s body. It was absolutely Fantastic. My brother looks over at me and asked why I had such a big smile on my face. Well I told him and he wanted to meet you.

I told him I would give you a call and see if it would be alright with you (in my heart even thought I hate to admit it I sure could use his help). When I called her and she answered my cock got an instant hard on, (I really think her Tongue tattooed my brain) and when I explained what was going on she said it sounded like fun so cum on over.
          About the time we were walking out the front door, here comes Bruce.
Bruce is our older brother he is 1 year older than Mike and I. He is also the one with the big cock in the family. 

   Mike and mine are the same only seven inches, but Bruce’s is a good ten inches long and three inches across. He’s an airplane pilot down in FT Lauderdale. He flies up and down the beach towing a banner saying “Eat at Charlie” or what ever is going on in town that night.

Well it turns out that when we told Bruce where we were going, he wanted to go. Having been with Lori before and knowing how sexual and cunning she is I thought it would be a good idea. So I told Bruce he could go, but he would have to wait outside, and look through the window until I waved for him to come in.

He agreed so off we went to Lori’s house and on the way to her house we all jerked ourselves off, just thinking about what we were in fore and not wanting to cum to fast when we first arrived.
          We arrived at her house and as we had planed I pointed to the window that Bruce was to look through and Mike and I went up to the door and rang the bell. Lori opened the door and she was naked and looked just like a GODDESS from heaven. 

From that moment on she has complete control of the situation. She informed us that in her house nobody would be wearing clothes, and when we got our clothes off to cum join her on the sofa. Boy believe me we did just as she directed.

  When we sat down Mike and I both started kissing her sweet lips and feel her tight pussy and hard nipples on her gorgeous tits. I stood up and asked where the kitchen was, that I needed a glass of water and she pointed.

Mike and Lori were going at it pretty hot and heavy, when I got in the kitchen and got my drink I notice a bottle of Wesson oil and figured that would really make things great. When I returned with the oil Lori smiled and she knew exactly what she was in for.

We all got down on the floor and we rolled her over on her stomach and then we started massaging her back, neck, shoulders and legs with the oil.

To be honest with you Mike was doing the massaging, I was spreading the oil on the cheeks of her beautiful ass with my tongue, until I started reaming her asshole with my tongue and this really got her juices flowing.

Then we rolled her over on her back when Mike and I both started spreading the oil all over her with our tongues. She without a doubt has the sweetest pussy a man could ever suck. Mike had to pull me off so he could have a turn. 

I started kissing her lips and sucking on her nipples, then she put her hand on my hairy chest and pushed me back until I was lying on the floor.

Then she got up on all fours and started sucking my cock. Mike was fucking the hell out of her doggie style, I could tell because every time he drove his cock as far as it would go in she would take my cock all the way down her throat and I mean to tell you it’s not that taking all I had to offer it’s what her tongue did to my cock when it was down there.

THIS WOMAN IS ABSOLUTLY UNBELIBANLE.  She has more control of her tongue than I have of my hands. All three of us cum at the same time and it was sensational.
          I know Bruce is outside going crazy. To be honest again this women has me so fucked up I forgot about him. I decided to tell Lori that I would like to blindfold her and let her guess which one of us is fucking her and which one is sucking her or what ever else may be going on.

She said that would be fund, so we blindfolded her and then waved for Bruce to come in. Mike and I both put the heads of our cocks in her mouth at the same time and she could not answer, but she sure started suck us both down her throat.

Then I pulled my cock out and motioned for Bruce to just slip the head of his cock in her and he did. She said she was sucking Mike and fucking Bruce, I fell over backwards. She took the blindfold off and laughed and said that when I went to get the Wesson oil Mike told the secret. (Big mouth)

She sat up and pushed Bruce back on the floor and she got on all four again and started to suck that huge cock of Bruce’s, I started fucking her doggie style and Mike was licking every inch of her body. After about another 20 minutes Mike was Cumming on her titties, I was Cumming in her pussy and that is when Bruce made the mistake of pulling her head down on his cock (she loves that) and that is when she put that “MAGIC TONGUE” of hers to work.

She made poor Bruce cum so hard that he passed out. Afterward we all had a cold glass of ice tea and we said we had better be going, but Lori said no she wanted it one more time.

As you know she is the BOSS. As it wound up I got to fuck her pussy, Mike slipped it up her sweet ass and her and Bruce went at it again and I will be dam if she didn’t make him pass out again. 

I’ll tell you that on the way home nobody I mean nobody said a word. So if you are ever in FT Lauderdale and you see an airplane pulling a sign saying “Lori # 1 FUCKING/COCKsucker IN THE WORLD” you will know the story behind it.
          I still have to figure out a way to get the best of Lori (if possible), but I will return.                

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