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  By: boredwife  Age: 38  Country: India

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Categories: Force/Rape
Tags: Group bondage force
Location: An office
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

It's the weekend, & I'm still at the office completing the backlog that had piled up over the week. I curse loudly, another weekend gone...

I call for the office boy to get me something to eat. He comes in, sees me in the informal dress I'm wearing. He barely listens to what I'm ordering as he stares down at the top of my shirt. I'm aware of his gaze, and a bit uneasy, but I don't show it. I give him the money, & order him to get me the food ASAP.

An hour's passed, & still there's no sign of him. My stomach's growling now, & I curse the office boy. I buzz for him. Of course, no body answers the phone. There's nobody at office except for me.

I get up from the chair, & move towards the window, stretching my arms, when the door to my cabin opens, & there's the office boy... with 3 strangers.

For a moment, I stop in mid-turn, my hands stupidly above my head, my mouth wide-opened. I don't see any friendly faces there. But they aren't stupid or slow to react. Lightning quickly they cross the room, & put something in my mouth, gagging me. Then my hands are pushed behind me, & held there.

The office boy stands in front of me, & says quietly: You are ours for the weekend. If you want to get out of this safely, you better do everything we say. If you try to act smart, or try to escape, or scream; you'll be in a lot of trouble. Get it?

He punches me in the stomach heavily to drive home his point.

I gasp at the pain. I double up & if they had not held me tightly, I would have collapsed to the floor. .I'm shocked, scared shit, & yet not believing this is happening. This is an office, fuck it. It's a public place. They cannot do this to me in my own cabin.... 

I nod my head, mumbling my approval. I don't want to anger them anymore, & I need to see if there's any escape route later.


To be continued... if someone likes my fantasy...

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