Invitation of indulgence   added 6 years ago
  By: dobby  Age: 27  Country: France

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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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Invitation of indulgence

This is a story about a girl who told me that if i could indulge her with a story about her then she might fulfill my fantasy.

Of course I fancied her and she fancied me too but it was a fun challenge.

She said that she has been out with many guys who are very forth coming in the begening but afterwards they just dont care so much.

Her first question surprised be also, she asked me what do I find sexy in her?!?!? I was like wha? She asked the same quesiton! I was a bit embarrassed how could you tell the girl that you love her pear drop brests, they way her tits becomes tight when you talk a bit naughty or when its cold. How do you tell
her that you love when the hair on her arms go up like a cat or how she smiles and you love to see the movement of her lips or how you try to walk behind her so you could see her beautiful buttocks move in a smooth rythem or how her hair fly in the air catching the sunshine when you are sitting having a picnic.

How could you tell that you want to go down on her and smell her thigts and down to her pussy, then nibble on her pussy lips as if they were succelent chewing gums... I dared not. All I said was that she has a beautiful personality and a beautiful body and I just find her very attractive. Maybe if i did tell her all this then she would not have asked me to write a story abotu us to intice her to come to bed with me?!? I will never know.

I would post the story which did get her in my bed.. If i see interest. ;-)

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