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It was a warm day I was visiting my sister in her boarding house when I saw this handsome guy with his pregnant wife.My sister introduced him to me. My sister said that they were staying in the place for sometime now because it is closer to the hospital.

One day when I went so see my sister, I found only Henry and his wife. He said that my sister is away and he don't know what time she will be coming back.
He offered me to have a softdrink while waiting. He was wearing shorts and sando only revealing his yummy figure and from the short I could see a bulge.I have to forget what I saw but deep in my mind something is telling it might be not having anything since the wife is pregnant. It was passed 1 hour and I said I will go to the shopping mall and then return. He asked for my mobile number and said he will send sms when my sister returned.

A message came to my mobile and it was him telling me that my sister arrived. I immediately went back to the house. I was knocking on the door but no one was opening it. I was about to go when suddenly the door opened. It was henry covered with towel.

"Sorry I was taking a shower."

What a nice figure. If only my husband has this looks and figure.

"Your sister left again she says she forgot something and will be back soon."

"Oh I was in a hurry and she's not here."

Don't worry she will be back soon.

He went inside his room and I was left in the living room.

I decided to tell him that I could not wait any longer since my husband might be home already and I still have to prepare our dinner.

I went to his door and said I am going. He grabbed me and I got out balanced then I just found him trying to kiss my lips.

"I really like you. I wanted to do this since I first saw you."

"But ... I have a husband and your wife is ..." I was not able to finish what I am trying to say.

He continued kissing me and caressing my breast.

There's a big electricity flowing my veins.

I tried to resist but he is so much strong.

"Please stop. please" I said.

He continued. He started pulling my blowse off. His tounge went kissing and sucking my nipples.

It felt so good.

"But my sister is coming back and your wife might come" I pleaded him to stop but he won't.

Next time I knew is he started to unbutton my pants and started pulling it down.

He was so quick and in an instant he started kissing my pussy.

"Oh your tongue is so good" I pushed his head towards me.

"ohhh ohhh"

I cummed twice while he is licking my pussy.

He didn't stop. He keep on licking until I was so tired.

He then pulled out his cock. He said suck it off.

It's so big! Oh my. Bigger than my husband.

"Suck it baby!" Suck it!

It's like a commandment that I can't refuse. I started to suck it. Slowly. and Slowly. He pushed my head towards him.

He is pushing his huge dick inside me.

I was gagging  and looks like I'm going to vomit!

"No please stop. Please ... "

No I will stop only after I cum. Now suck it off.

He pushed and pushed. I can feel his cock inside my throat.

Ahhh you like me to lick more your pusshy eh!

We did a 69 position. While I was lying in his bed sucking his huge dick he was licking my pussy and massaging my clit.

Ohhhhh.. Ohhhh. That's it baby. More .... Faster ...

I reached orgasm again and again.

Then he moved and started kissing me again and he slided his cock on my pussy.

"Ouch... It's so big!"

Don't worry you will enjoy this one.

"No please stop!"

He pushed his dick inside me. I feel some pain.

He started dribbling in and out. Later on I feel something funny.

It's like getting orgasm inside of me.

I never have this feeling with my husband before.

Ahhhh Ohhh oohhhh ooohhhh.

He was pushing in and out. In and out. Until I feel heaven.

He then pulled out his cock and said to me to suck it again.

I obeyed and started sucking it again.

Until i felt a warm liquid coming from it.

"Ahhhhhh "

He hold my head and I can't push him offf.

He just cummed in my mouth.

He said "Drink it off baby!"

No!!!!! I refused.

But he held my head in such a way that I have to swallow it.

"Good girl". Now clean my dick by licking off those juice.

I felt so dirty and so horny that I didn't even know I am already doing it.

"Knock knock!!"

I immediately stand up to find where clothes are. We immediately put our dress on.

I came out in the living room pretending to watch the television while he opened the door.

It was his wife coming from the grocery store.

She greeted me and he helped her carry the things.

My sister came a few minutes later and we talked about our business.

I have pretended as if nothing happened.

I went home and went to the toilet to pee when I realized that I forgot to put my panties on.

Shitt!! I forgot it in the bedroom.

Then when I opened my cellphone.

You have 1 message.

It reads "Honey, you forgot something here. We have to do it again if you want to get it."

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