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Categories: Masturbation, Force/Rape, Virgins/Young women, The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: The toilet room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I've actually signed up to this excellent site because I'm writing a paper on female sexual fantasies.  So if you've got some that you don't mind sharing with me in detail - however mundane or extreme you think they are - I'd really like to hear from you - anonimity guaranteed of course!

But seeing as I'm here I feel I should contribute - so here's a fantasy I remember well from my childhood:

I had sneaked backstage at a Spice Girls concert and found myself in their changing room. There were outfits on hangers on the walls all around and at the end of the room a large shower area. My heart was pumping fast thinking this was where THE Spice Girls got changed! Suddenly I heard a commotion made up of girls shouting and whooping. I quickly darted into the shower area - obscuring myself from view.
The door flew open - and in came - yes - the Spice Girls. There was general banter about what a great concert it was, Vicky was flat, did you see that hot guy in row 5 etc. Then Mel B says

“Phew I’m so sweaty - it’s so good to get out of this outfit!”

My heart started hammering against my rib cage. I knew round the corner Mel B was now stripped and heading stark naked toward the shower where I was! As she carried on her conversation I could hear her voice getting louder as she came closer and closer. Then she took the step onto the cool tile floor in the shower area - her back to me. I could see the sweat dripping down the crevis of her spine. Her skin was a beautiful smooth light brown complexion - and her bum was so tight and firm - I had to muster up all my strength not to reach out and touch it! Then she turned full on to face me - her pert boobs with dark nipples gently jiggling with the momentum of her body sway.

“What have we got here girls!” she shouted - not seeming phased by my presence.

“Err - I got lost…….” I rather crappily tried to blag.

“Yeah course you did!” Mel grunted. “I bet you were in here wanting to catch a glimpse of our boobies weren’t you?..”


“Well - what do you think?” she said as she cupped them in her hands and moved towards me.


“OK now you’ve seen me - I think you should get naked too!”


Before I knew it she’d grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the main changing area.

“Look what we’ve got here girls - an aftershow toy!…”

“Mmmmm very nice!” said Mel C - who was just in a pair of very skimpy knickers which clung very close to her pussy and looked like they were 2 sizes to small for her.

“What we gonna do with him?” said Victoria - who was still in her stage costume - a shiny silver bikini and hotpants.

“Put him on the table and strip him!” said Emma - who had a “Spice Girls on tour” t-shirt on - definitely no bra - confirmed by the very pokey nipples which I couldn’t take my eyes off.

No sooner had she said the words - I found all five girls grabbing at my various extremities and pinning me to the table. Emma was at my head and as she leaned over me to pull off my top her large breasts came to rest on my face - which gave me an instant hard on. Mel B tugged at my jeans and whipped them off before I could say “careful my cocks kinda har……..”

I now found myself in just my boxer shorts - held down on a table in the Spice Girls changing room - what the fuck!

“Who’s first?” Mel said cheekily - looking at the other girls.

“Me!” shouted Emma - as she proceeded to climb on top of me while the others still held me down.

“Do I make you hard?” she said - as she slid her hands over my chest - and most likely felt my throbbing erection beneath her bum cheeks.

“Err yeah” I said - kind of struggling to catch my breath and say anything at all.

“Well this will make you harder” she said huskily as she took the bottom of her t-shirt in her hands and pulled it up over her head. Her milky white 36c’s bounced out and hung tantalisingly close to my face - her large pink nipples so close to sucking distance - I strained my neck - desparately trying to get my lips closer to them - but failed miserably due to Geri’s rather manly hands holding down my shoulders.

“Shit….” I said……………………………

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