brotherly love   added 6 years ago
  By: iwannab1two  Age: 55  Country: United States

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Categories: The Fetishists, Oral Sex, Transvestites
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Spiritual

Enter your story here... sometimes getting caught pays off ,well i was dressing in my best ligerie and had did what i would say the best make up job i ever did (Mcalls Magazine Payoff) i went down to the living room there was mirrors on the wall and was fondling myself caus i looked so hot. and then it happened

someone put keys in the front door no one was supposed to be home for like 8 hours ,it was my brother i was caught he was like what the hell are you doin ...i ran upstairs to my room scared stiff thinking my cover was blown what am i gonna do everyone will find out and id be branded as a gay fruitloop all kinds of scenarios were running through my head like how to make up a lie to try to get out of it but i couldnt think of anything worth while ...and at that point my brother burst into my room and says im telling mom your gonna be put out and everyone will no why

,i started to plea no dont its just a faze im going through ill stop i swear then he says if i suck his cock and do a good job he may not tell this time i never sucked a real dick only dildos you no faking it but new how to because of it. well i went down on him and took him deep letting his cock slide back in and out and using my tounge and i started to caress his manhood noing that this was what ive always wanted to do i was not scared anymore just sucking his cock with more passion i could here him sigh and moan his hand pulling me loser to take it deep again and again he started running his fingers through my wig saying i was beautiful and was like wow this is the best blowjob ive ever had

i let his cock set on my tounge and looked up at him with a smile and took him deep he was gonna cum soon as precum was present and just as he did i let it splash all over my face i was in heaven i loved it lapped up the cum and sucked his cock more trying to get every drop didnt no id love it that much but i did ..........he left without saying a word so i didnt no what he was going to do but later on he came back home and into my room and said get dressed im horny and i did many time since ......

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