a trip to Vienna   added 9 years ago
  By: sunshine  Age: 63  Country: Israel

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Categories: Anonymity, Big Black man, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: romantic evening conference black man kiss
Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

    While I was in a conference in Europe A very tall black elegant man opened the door for me and started to talk to me, his English was polished with an accent I could not identify, he was so well dressed and so well manared - I was stunned.

    Later when I was sitting in a beautiful cafeteria, smelling the marvelouse aroma of the coffee around me, I fantesize about him comming in, approaching my table and discussing the lectures we both listened during the day. I had tickets for the evening and he immediately offered to join and escort me to the ballet, we were both standing on the last row, I could hardley see anything and he was helping me by hugging and lifting me as he could see it with no problem. I felt my body all focused to those parts of me that were intouch with his long strong arms and hands, I was excited, and enjoyed the ballet 10 times more.

    Out we went to the chily night and into the Zacher cafe next door - it was full with people but everybody turn their head to see the beautiful charismatic man who was next to me, he ordered a punch for both of us, as if he new what I wanted without even asking, we hardly talk, but our eyes were communicating constantly, our heart bitted strongly and it was obviouse we are going to spend the night together, but how it is going to happen? who is going to suggest first? am I too shy? is he too gentle? so we kept talking, drinking, touching lightly each other, leaning closer, breathing each other air, feeling our boddies getting hotter, feeling my vagina wet and begging... he was looking to my eyes expecting me to make the move - and I did, I said "my room is just on the other side of the road would you join me" he kissed me the first time with a warm thank you, and a punch taste.


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