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Nature: I will tell you later

Mmm, I didn't know if I was going to make time to write today, but I've been masturbating a bit and watching some porn, and now I'm so turned on that I think I have decided to make the time.  I took a shower earlier, and I don't know, maybe I knew which direction this day would go, but I cleaned my ass really well, really soaping between my ass cheeks and fingering my asshole with two soapy fingers for so long my pussy actually started to tingle.  I wasn't specifically thinking about it, but now I'm glad that I did because I think I really want to fuck my ass today.  

I mentioned I got some new toys a while ago?  Yeah, one of them is this big thick dark purple dildo with a tiny vibrator inside.  It's the biggest one I have, and it feels amazing stretching my pussy open, but absolutely incredible if I can take it up my ass.  I'm not always in the mood because it hurts, and it takes a lot of preparation, but when I do, when I get it all the way up my ass, so thick and hard inside me, my asshole burning with friction in spite of the lube every time I fuck my ass up and down on it, I always buzz my clit with my best vibrator, and when I fuck that vibrator up my pussy while I have that huge thick dildo hard up my ass, I always come so long and hard that my whole body is shaking afterwards.  I can't wait for that today.  That's my reward for after I write and post this. 

Right now I'm just naked under a bathrobe, and I have my lacy red panties pulled up hard into my pussy and over my asshole.  It almost feels like my asshole is being fingered lightly when I rock back and forth, and I had to finger my pussy a little before I started writing.  I also took some pictures and video of me fingering my pussy and grinding my clit and my ass on the crotch of my panties as I pulled it up tight and rocked my cunt on it.  My cunt is so wet now, and my clit is so hard, I almost came just fingering myself a little.  But all that is for later.

Because I've been thinking about a story I want to tell.   I went to visit my aunt recently, and she and her husband have a guy living in the converted freestanding garage on the property.  He comes and goes freely through the enclosed back porch and down the stairs to the basement to use the bathroom and shower facilities down there.  That's also where the guest room is that I always use, and there's a door between the hall to the bathroom and the guest room, but it doesn't lock.  Dan used to be homeless, a drifter, but he cleaned himself up and worked for a landscaping company that my aunt employed. 

When her husband got to know him, they offered him the garage if he worked on their property in exchange for part of the rent.  He's a harmless guy, but kind of older-than-his-late-thirties weathered and grizzled with a grey curly beard, and he's a little weird.  Talks to himself a lot, gets spooked a little easily, but I never found him intimidating.

So, I was visiting my aunt and staying in her basement guest room, which has two fairly large windows high up that open onto the lower part of the backyard.  I could sometimes see my aunt's husband or Dan walking by if they were working in the yard while I was hanging out in the guest room. 

That second night I was there, my aunt and her husband had a previous engagement and went out for the evening, and I took the opportunity to watch some porn on my laptop.  It got me pretty turned on, so I took off my clothes and opened up the sofa bed, spreading out naked on the mattress.  I slid my hands down to my pussy and immediately felt how sticky and wet my hairy cunt lips had gotten from all my squirming as I watched porn.  I slid a couple fingers into my pussy, and it was so hot and wet and slippery.  I fingered my hole a little, and it felt good, but it made me wish I had more.

  I wished I had brought a vibrator or something, but who thinks to bring sex toys to visit their aunt?  So I just rubbed my clit a little and let myself moan and writhe around on the mattress, my legs spread wide open, pushing my pussy up into the air and grinding my clit and my hole onto my fingers.

  I remembered the windows then and opened my eyes to look up and see how easy it would be for anyone in the back yard to see me, to bend just slightly and be able to watch me finger my pussy, see me coming suddenly, oh god, I was coming so hard, just like that, my cunt spasming and flooding with hot pussy juice all over my fingers as I rubbed and rubbed my clit and fingered my hole and looked up at the windows, thinking about someone looking in and seeing me.  It was so fucking hot.  

Afterwards, as I lay there catching my breath and feeling my pussy throb, I saw Dan's legs pass by the windows and heard the door open as he came inside upstairs.  My first instinct was to jump up and grab my clothes, or maybe get under the covers, but as I heard him start to come down the stairs, I froze, my heart pounding, leaving my legs still spread wide open on the bed.  I had no reason to think he'd seen me through the windows, and no reason to think he was doing anything other than going to use the bathroom.

  As he came down the stairs, I heard him muttering to himself, and I felt the same impulse to jump up and get dressed and cover myself.  But again I held myself still, letting my heart pound harder as he came down the hall, feeling how sticky and wet and hot my cunt was and knowing the whole guest room must reek like my pussy.  As he passed by the guest room door, my cunt throbbed hard, and for a second I almost wished to hear his hand on the doorknob, but he walked on to the bathroom, and I heard the door close.  I kept still and after a minute I heard the shower start.  I relaxed, my pussy throbbing hotly again, kind of disappointed and flushing hot when I realized it. 

Fuck it, I thought, and I started rubbing my pussy again, listening to the shower, thinking about him washing himself and wondering about his body.  Would it be hairy, would he have weird scars, how big would his cock be?  I couldn't imagine he'd groom his pubic hair, so I rubbed my clit faster and thought about how bushy and thick it might be, his dick hard in his soapy hand if he jerks off in the shower.  I grunted and then froze for a second, realizing I had been lost in my thoughts and hadn't noticed the shower shutting off.  Had he heard me?  I couldn't help rubbing my clit a little, still trying to be quiet, listening for signs that he was coming out. 

When the door opened, I had just shoved my finger up my pussy, and I froze again with my hips off the bed, my cunt squeezing hard around my finger.  I lowered myself down slowly and felt a delicious shudder roll through me as I kept fingering my pussy as I heard him walk by again, knowing he could walk through the door at any moment if he wanted to, and he would see me, and I couldn't help whimpering quietly as I heard him reach the stairs, thinking about him seeing me, god I wanted to come with him watching me, seeing me finger my pussy so hard. 

I heard him go up the stairs and through the door, and when his feet appeared in front of the windows, I fingered my clit so fast and I came hard again, bucking and rubbing my pussy and wishing he would bend over and see me.

It was incredibly hot, and after I came again, I lay there thinking about it still, couldn't stop thinking about it, what it would be like, how he would be when he was watching me, or touching me, or fucking me.  I stayed so turned on, couldn't help it, I was fascinated by the idea.  

And so I thought about it, thought about what might happen if he was walking along the path by the house, maybe dropped his comb or something, bent down to pick it up, turned his head and saw me, saw me spread out on the sofa bed mattress, naked and legs spread open wide, fingers moving fast and hard in my dark hairy bush, rubbing at my pussy so fast and hard, sometimes plunging deep into my cunt and finger-fucking myself as I grind my cunt up and moan.  He'd stay there frozen, watching me make myself come so hard, groaning as I fuck my pussy up onto my hand and shake and rub slick hot pussy juice all over my cunt. 

His dick would be so hard in his shorts, no underwear just out of the shower, he was going back to his garage room to get dressed.  His dick would be hard and throbbing, and he'd stay there a moment watching me lie back and pant, legs still spread so he can see my red went cunt and dark hairy wet cunt lips.  

Maybe he'd stand up and turn to come back inside, maybe not even really thinking about it, just wanting more of me.  He'd come down the stairs and walk right into my room, not even hesitating at the door, and I'd have sat up as I heard him coming back down the stairs, but he'd be so fast I wouldn't have covered myself as he walks into the room, leaving the door wide open.  

He'd walk in and see me naked there, and I'd jump up and flounder around for something to cover myself with, but he'd just grab me and pull me up, one hand going right to my cunt and cupping my hot wet pussy between my legs.  I'd freeze, unable to believe he'd just grab me like that, and we'd stand a moment until suddenly I'd notice my pussy tingling under his hand and without being able to help it, my legs would spread a little.  He'd still be holding one of my arms hard with his other hand, but the hand over my cunt would start rubbing back and forth, just lightly, and I'd spread a little more without even thinking about it, freaking out a little but unable to help wanting to feel his fingers in my pussy. 

He'd keep rubbing me lightly, pushing just a little until his fingers would slide between my cunt lips, my slick hot pussy spreading right open for his hand as he'd rub his fingers up and down my cunt, working them into my pussy until he can rub right over my clit.  I'd cry out then, bucking onto his hand, and he'd move two fingers down to my hole and shove them right up inside me, not slow or gentle, just ramming them up my hole hard, and I'd be able to feel how big and calloused they are as he starts finger-fucking me slow and hard. 

I'd be whimpering and trying to spread wider but stay standing, and he'd pull his fingers out of my pussy and push me back over to the sofa bed.  I'd fall back when he pushes me down, and I'd rub and squeeze my tits a little while he watches, leaving my cunt open wide.  It would still be weird, but my pussy would be so hot, and I'd want to get fucked so hard.  I'd see his cock pushing out his shorts, and he'd seem to remember it then too because he'd push them down, and I'd see I was right.  His dick would be really big, so thick and hard and red, and he'd have a thick bush of dark curly hair, greying like his beard, all over and leading up his stomach to his hairy chest.  He'd pull off his t-shirt, and I'd see that his body is compactly muscled, a life of hard living, and when he pulled on his dick I wouldn't be able to help whimpering.

He'd come over to the sofa mattress and climb on next to me.  He'd reach for my pussy again, rubbing into it to finger my clit until I drop my head back and start moaning, hoping he'd make me come.  But he wouldn't.  I'd look up and see him moving between my legs, bending down and licking over my cunt, not between my lips but just teasing at them.  Oh fuck, I'd think, he's going to eat me out.  And my cunt would flood with more hot juice just thinking about him licking into me.

He'd get off the mattress and kneel down at the edge, pulling on my ankles to make me scoot down.  He still wouldn't have said a word to me, but I'd catch him muttering very quietly to himself sometimes.  If he'd see me noticing, he'd stop and look a little embarrassed, so I wouldn't say anything.  I'd move down until my legs are hanging over the edge of the mattress, and I'd lift up onto my elbows and see him down between my legs.  He'd reach for me, and I'd feel so tense and hot with anticipation when I'd feel his fingers pulling my pussy open for him, knowing he's looking at my wet cunt, seeing my hole twitch as he licks his licks.  

He'd move in and lick over my pussy, his tongue sliding over my hole and up to my clit. He'd lap at it for a while, licking and licking lightly until I'd be moaning and circling my hips a little.  Then he'd really lean in and bury his face in my cunt as he starts licking me harder, lapping and lapping at my hole and tongue-fucking me over and over, then licking up to suck on my clit until I'm grinding my cunt on him and wanting to come on his tongue.  Over and over he'd do that, teasing at me light and steady, and then going crazy, eating me out as hard and fast as he could until I'm about to come, and then backing off again to just lap slowly at me, giving me just enough to stay hot and tense and needing to come, but not quite enough to get me off.

  I'd be panting and sweating, and sometimes I'd hear him muttering as he licks my pussy, and then I'd realize that he loves it, he loves eating pussy, he's getting off and rubbing his cock while he eats me out, and then I wouldn't be able to take it any more.

I'd know then that he could keep eating me out for as long as I'd take it, he'd just get lost in my pussy, licking and sucking my cunt and rubbing at his cock, and never wanting it to end, but I'd need to come, and I'd want to feel his cock hard inside me.  But, god, I would really want to come, so I'd swing my legs up over his shoulders and lean up to grab his head.  "Fucking make me come," I'd grunt as I'd slide down to push my pussy up harder onto his mouth.  I'd feel resistance, feel him try to pull back, but I'd be done waiting, so I'd just hold on harder, my fingers buried in his still-damp hair and gripping hard. 

"No, fucking eat me out and make me come now," I'd say again, and I'd grind my pussy up again.  I'd feel him relax back into me, and he'd start licking again, really tonguing my cunt hole and then sliding up to lick and lick over my clit.  I'd feel a finger rubbing my hole, and I'd pant out "yes" and pull his face harder into my pussy.  He'd push his finger up my hole and start sucking and licking my clit, and I'd be keening and whining and moaning, pulling his head into my cunt rhythmically as I fuck my pussy up onto his mouth, and when I'd come on his face, he'd just lick and suck and lap at my pussy, letting my cunt spasm and clench around his fingers as he licks me through it.  I'd finally stop spasming and lie back, letting go of his head and feeling him pull away.  

I'd look up and see him stand up, his cock hard in his hand, and his beard glistening wet and sticky with my come.  He'd look scared suddenly, not sure what he's done, so I'd just smile a little and tell him I want him to fuck me.  He'd look scared at that too, not sure, so I'd make myself get up even though my legs are still shaking a little from my orgasm.  I'd sit up and get up on all fours, turning so he has my ass and my pussy.  "C'mon," I'd say, and I'd spread open a little wider.   I'd hear him move closer again and feel him climb onto the mattress behind me.

I'd try not to move, not wanting to scare him away, because my pussy would feel so hot and wet and empty, and I'd be dying to get his thick hard prick inside me.  He'd come right up behind me and touch my pussy again, feeling how hot and wet I am.  I'd be so ready, and I'd just hang my head down and wait, feeling him rub his dick on me, the head so hot and smooth as he rubs it all over my pussy, and he'd be muttering to himself as he pushes it on my hole.  I'd think I hear him say "tight" and maybe "dirty" and my cunt would throb and open to let him push deep inside.  He'd start fucking me right away, just sliding his dick in and out of my cunt, and for a couple minutes we'd just fuck, listening to the sloppy wet sounds of his dick fucking in and out of my hole, my panting and grunting when he'd push extra deep, his occasional muttering "yeah" or "fuck" or once maybe "slut."  

I'd be getting so hot taking his cock so steady like that, and my pussy would be throbbing.  I'd try to reach down and touch myself, wanting to finger my clit while his dick slides in and out of me.  I'd let myself fall down so my face is smashed into the pillow, but at least I can reach my pussy that way.  I'd know it also pushes my ass up higher, and his cock fucks even deeper into me, making me moan loud as I brush my fingers over my clit.  I'd know my ass is also spread wider open, and I'd think about how it must look, his wet red dick sliding in and out of my hairy cunt, my ass cheeks spread open so he can see the tight puckered pink little hole.  My pussy would be throbbing, and I'd feel a burn low down in my gut thinking about whether he'd want to touch my ass.

Just then he'd put his hands on my ass cheeks so he can hold on and fuck me a little harder.  I'd cry out and fuck my pussy back onto his cock, picking up the new rhythm and getting into it, and he'd keep gripping my ass until one of his thumbs would slide down between my ass cheeks and over my asshole.  I'd shout again, and try to push my ass back onto his thumb, and when he'd push it just inside my asshole as he pumps my pussy full of his cock, I'd start moaning "yes yes yes yes," wanting to feel him in my ass when I come.

  I wouldn't even be able to focus on my fingers in my pussy, so I'd just be trying to hold them there, letting my clit rub against them as best I can while I'd fuck my ass and pussy back onto him.  I'd be moaning nonstop, and I wouldn't even know what I'd be saying, but I'd hear my voice saying "god, fuck me, fuck me please, fuck me up the ass, I want it," and he would grunt and shove his dick hard into me and then freeze. 

I'd be kind of dazed, so deep into the fucking, not sure what had happened, and I'd keep still and try to get my bearings, his dick still buried deep and hard up my cunt, and his thumb rubbing slowly in and out of my asshole.  After a few moments, he'd push his thumb deeper, and my breath would hitch.  He'd pull it out and then I'd feel two fingers reach around and rub down into my pussy, sliding all over until he'd pull them away again.  I'd feel them pushing on my asshole, and I'd moan and try to open my ass around his fingers as he pushes them inside, my cunt juice not really enough lube to make them slide easily up my ass.  It would feel so good, though, and I'd let him finger me kind of roughly, his calluses catching on the sensitive skin around the opening every time he'd fuck them up my ass.  

Suddenly, he'd make an impatient noise and pull away from me completely, leaving me with my ass in the air, my cunt and asshole both throbbing and wet and empty.  I'd try to get up, but he'd push my head back down and hold it there until I relaxed.  I'd stay where I was and hear him leaving the room and going into the bathroom down the hall.  When he'd come back, he'd chuckle a little seeing that I hadn't moved, and I'd flush with embarrassment.  But I'd stay where I was, and my pussy would still be tingling and hot and ready to come.  

I'd hear the sound of a bottle opening, and I'd hiss as something cool and wet dribbled onto my asshole.  But then he'd slide his fingers back in, and the slick lotion would make it so easy, and I'd moan and arch my back, pushing my ass even higher and feeling him add another finger, fucking my asshole smooth and steady with three.  He'd move up close, and then his dick would be pushing back inside my cunt, and I'd groan so loud at the feeling of his thick cock filling me back up as his fingers fuck my asshole even harder and deeper than before.  We'd fuck for a while again, he'd really like to get into a smooth steady groove, fucking and fucking and making me more and more desperate to finally come.  

Just when I'd think I really need to get off, and I'd be ready to start fingering myself hard and make myself come whether or not he's ready, he'd shove his dick into my cunt really hard and fast a few times and then pull out again.  "No!" I'd whine loudly, and I'd keep rubbing my clit, knowing he could see me finger myself and wanting to come like that.  Before I'd know it, though, he'd be behind me again and he'd pull his fingers out of my ass.  I'd feel the head of his cock on my asshole, and I'd shudder and feel my cunt spasm hard knowing he's going to fuck my ass.

I'd try to relax my asshole and groan "yes" when he'd start pushing the head inside.  It would be big and thick and so hot, and my asshole would burn as it stretches, hurting even as my cunt is throbbing.  Then the head would be in, and he wouldn't wait, wouldn't give me a chance to get used to it.  He'd just push his cock all the way up my ass, making me take it in one long hard shove until he'd be buried deep in my ass, and I'd be panting and trying to take it.  He'd stay still for a few moments, and I'd be grateful for the break, but then he'd pull back, and I'd gasp at the burn as he'd start fucking my ass, pumping his thick hard cock in and out of my asshole just like he'd fucked my cunt, making me take it smooth and hard and steady. 

I'd try to relax and gradually it would stop burning and aching, and I'd feel my cunt wet and hot and throbbing again.  The friction around the opening of my asshole as his cock would slide in and out would be making my pussy tingle, and I'd reach a hand under myself again to start rubbing my pussy.  He'd notice me and reach his own hand down around hip, rubbing into my cunt and over my clit as his dick would be grinding in my ass.  His rough fingers on my clit would feel so good, and I'd let my hand fall away and just concentrate on getting fucked, feeling his cock pounding up my ass and his fingers rubbing and rubbing over my clit.  

Who knows how long we'd fuck like that, my ass taking his cock hard and deep over and over, his fingers rolling around my clit, making me whimper and fuck my cunt down onto his hand while I fuck my ass back onto his prick.  I'd feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter, and when one of his fingers would slip down over my hole, I'd groan and shudder.  He'd get both hands around me and let two fingers push into my hole a little, fingering my cunt over and over while his dick keeps shoving up my ass, and when his other hand would go back to my clit and start rubbing at it fast and lightly, I'd come finally, so hard, and it would feel like it lasts forever, my pussy so wet and hot and coming hard on his fingers, my asshole clenching so hard on his cock, feeling how big and thick and hard he is, fucking up my ass relentlessly, not stopping while I come, but just giving it to me hard, over and over, making me take his cock hard in my ass until he's ready to come.   

I'd be so loose and relaxed after coming so hard, and he'd hold onto my ass and just ream me, plowing my asshole with his thick long hard dick over and over, grunting and muttering, letting me hear words like "dirty" and "fucking" and "take it" and "slut hole" until my cunt would start throbbing, and I'd wonder if I could come again.  Before I could do more than move my hands down to play in my pussy a little, though, he'd grip my ass so tight in his hands and slam his cock hard into me, pulling my asshole back onto his prick over and over, hard and fast, as he'd finally come deep in my ass, his dick shooting load after load of thick hot jizz up my asshole while my cunt throbs at the thought. 

He'd keep his dick hard up my ass for a minute or so, just panting and shoving into me a little every now and then, and I'd be panting, too.  My asshole would feel sore around his cock, and I'd hiss and whimper a little when he'd slide his softening dick out, leaving my hole raw and wet and loose, feeling empty and fucked. 

My hand would still be on my cunt, and I'd rub my pussy a little thinking about his come in my ass, slick wet strands of jizz painted all over inside me.  God, it would make my pussy clench, and I'd let myself keep rubbing and thinking about it, thinking about how dirty my cunt and asshole are, smeared with lotion and my come, thinking about his come dripping out of my asshole and down into my cunt, all over my dirty hairy cunt lips.

  I'd be grinding my pussy on my fingers, knowing he's watching, and before I'd know it, I'd be coming again, whining and moaning and finger my clit fast as my pussy spasms and clenches, and I'd rub another spasm out my pussy as I think about him seeing that, seeing my asshole and pussy twitch and spasm and clench, squeezing all the come and lotion into and out my holes as I come on my hand.  It would get me off hard, and then I'd collapse down onto the bed.  I'd look up once, and he'd look kind of scared again, but I'd see his eyes roaming all over my body and lingering on my ass.  I'd just smile a little again and lay my head down, really tired and fucked out, feeling my wet used pussy and asshole hot between my legs.  I'd hear him leave, and I wouldn't look up again, and I'd fall asleep like that, spread open, dirty, and fucked.

Now wouldn't that have been hot?  :)


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