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(Following on from Email Surprise and Further Emails)


Pavlov would have loved me. Every time my private line rang, knowing that each call could be Lisa made my cock swell and start to throb as soon as I heard the first ring.

It was quite regular now. Most afternoons when it had gone quiet in the office, she would ring and I would hear her sexy voice, “Hi there, me again,” and my twitching cock would immediately start growing into a full blown, desperate to be let out, throbbing monster. It couldn’t just be that I knew what was coming, but her voice was so seductive, velvety smooth, cat purringly sexy that it was impossible not to react as I did.

She was very inventive, one time picturing us meeting in a motel, so turned on we barely got through the door of our room before I would bend her over, pull her skirt up and take her hard and fast, other times we would be relaxing by a roaring log fire, taking our time to slowly tease each other to an explosive mutual orgasm.

I particularly remember one where she arrived at our room to find a red rose on the bed, a note saying I had been delayed and would be there as soon as I could.

She lay back on the bed, full of sexual tension and pulling her skirt up to reveal her long legs encased in sheer nylon stockings, proceeded to play with herself not knowing that I was hiding in the wardrobe watching intently, transfixed by the movement of her fingers in and out of her juicy wet cunt, her spreading her labia so wide to play with the bud of her clit, seeing her rub round and round it before dragging a finger up over it and then down all the way back inside her. Two fingers pushed deep inside, then a third, her other hand now spreading herself wide, her fingers frigging faster now, much more urgently.

She stopped suddenly, turned over to reach inside her handbag, and came out with the largest dildo I had ever seen. Licking it first, she then proceeded to give it head, lubing it up with her own saliva but loving it in the process. To see her mouth wrapped around that huge cock sent shivers down my body and made my own cock twitch and swell still further, my hand pumping him faster now, totally caught up with the scene unfolding in front of me.

Once she had wet her dildo enough, she spread her legs wide, positioned the head of it up against her cunt and using both hands slowly pushed it into her. She struggled to take his girth, the head so huge spreading her lips so wide and then all of a sudden, in it popped and with a sigh of relief, I watched as she slid it even further until it was buried deep inside her. She clamped her legs around it and stiffened as a spasm ripped through her, and then totally possessed now, she started to fuck herself with this monster cock right in front of me.

Slowly at first, long strokes in and out, I saw her lips being dragged out with it and forced in again and again, speeding up gradually until at the end she was thrusting him into her in short fast strokes building herself up to an enormous orgasm. With a scream that surely could be heard three rooms away, she arched her back, grabbed one of her large soft breasts and squeezing hard on her erect nipple sent herself over the edge, bucking and writhing all the way through.

I could take no more and emerged from the wardrobe; my cock fully gorged now, moments away, desperate now for my own orgasm. Straight up to her face, she turned and took him into her hot, wet mouth, her tongue wrapping round his head immediately, sucking him in. I could hold it no longer and instantly shot my load down her eager throat, pumping again and again seeming never to end each shot an ecstasy of its own, not just to me but turning Lisa on so much she started to come all over again, joining me in my throes.


Another time the phone rang, “ I hope you’re hard already because I am so turned on and have been secretly playing with myself waiting for the chance to call. We’ve got about three minutes, so get your cock out now and start wanking for me.”

I still reckoned I could do it, such was the effect she always had on me and moments later I had my stiff knob out and was pumping him hard exactly as told, “ That’s it wank him onto my face, picture my tongue licking his head, my mouth swallowing him sucking him teasing him, my hands cupping your balls, kneading them, feeling them swell up to my touch. Wank him harder, squeeze him tight, make him throb for me, I know you want to come on my face, watch your spunk hit my cheeks, eyes, spatter me with your jizz, go on then, I’ve got two fingers up me fucking myself, going for three now, my thumbs on my clit, I am right on the brink…. oh god yes I can feel it coming up my legs working its way up my body to my head, I’m all tingling now all over, yes I’m going to come right now, I want you to shoot your load with me RIGHT NOW!”

And with that she moaned and groaned and came on the phone with me, my cock followed suit spunking again and again, pulsating in my hand as he spurted his load all over me. I loved being told to wank off, I loved the fact that she knew that I would do it for her then and there, it made everything so exciting.


And then it got a little bit weird. Again the phone rang and it was her. My hand leapt straight to my cock instinctively stroking him to full erection within seconds.

“Hi darling, I’m phoning you from home today, I’m all naked here on the bed for you, all wet and ready. But this time I’ve got a friend, and I think you know her very well. She’s all naked as well, lying between my legs, oh and licking me out so well.


“I bet you didn’t know your wife was into that did you. In fact she seems to love licking me out even more than you do and that is saying something. She is so good at it too, have you been teaching her? I bet you have been imagining us being together so many times, can you picture it now? Anne’s head between my thighs, her long black hair covering me, her tongue working its way up my sopping wet cunt, lapping up my juices. Oh God she’s found my clit, oh yeah that’s right lick me just like that, oh God yes suck me in… oh fuck, its too nice. Oh, she’s pushing her fingers up me now, did you tell her how much I like that, she must have at least three up there now, sliding in and out, licking my clit, driving me on and on, oh my God.”

Her voice kept trailing off as spasms of pleasure raced through her, I was so turned on wanking away, putting off questions such as how did she know the colour of my wife’s hair, and I’m sure I never told her Anne’s name.

However as she talked me through her upcoming orgasm it didn’t seem to matter at all, I could feel the spunk rising and knew it wouldn’t be long before I came with her.

“ I can’t hang on any longer, her tongue is driving me mad, my cunt is on fire and my clit is ready to burst, oh God she’s just sucked it in again, I can’t take any more…oh fuck here it comes” and with a really loud scream she came again and again, I could picture her bucking away holding Anne’s head fast onto her cunt, as she had done many times with me, using her to bring herself off again and again.

Eventually, she calmed down, “Gotta go now honey, its my turn to give head, and I am looking forward to it so much, her cunt is so gorgeous. Totally bald, is that her choice or yours? Yours I bet. Oh well. Talk to you later” and she hung up. A lucky guess maybe or could it really be happening. Time to think about it now as my spent cock started to droop, my brain at last free to ponder. No I’m sure it was made up but then why wasn’t Anne answering her phone…


No mention of it when I got home, and of course not exactly something I could bring up.


Then a few weeks later, another call, this time from Anne. “ Where on earth did you get those gardeners from?” came the query. Not trouble again I thought, and again could not say anything as they had been recommended by Lisa, my mistress, and stupidly I had taken her advice.

“Why what’s the problem. What have they done?”

“Nothing yet, I just can’t believe that you would send two such gorgeous guys round, with me here on my own. You know my fantasy about being taken by two handymen, I’m just stuck here by the kitchen window, playing with myself wondering which one of them I want to take me first.”


Now this was not what I had expected. I had tried long ago to get Anne into a bit of phone sex and she hadn’t even given it the time of day. And now here she was playing with herself at the other end of the phone fantasising over two guys in my back yard, whilst I was stuck here at work.


“I think it will have to be the blond one, he’s got his shirt off now and the most beautiful pecs on him, and such strong arms. Oh God I would love to go out there and sink to my knees in front of him, unzip him, and take his huge throbbing cock in my mouth and suck him all the way off.  I am so wet just picturing it, he’d take his jeans off, force me onto my back spread me wide and just take me there fucking me hard and fast making me come with his fucking enormous cock. His mate would have his cock out by now and force that in my mouth making me suck him, before they change round and he could take me from behind like a stallion fucking his mare, whilst I could suck Blondie off again.


God I would come like a train for them, I would finish off sitting on Blondie’s cock, let him fuck me up the ass, then lie back and have his mate fuck my cunt at the same time, you know, just like in those films you watch.”


“If you were here now, would you join in and fuck me hard and fast with your big cock. Or would you just watch them fucking me and wank like I bet you are doing right now? Anyway whilst you are jerking yourself off at the thought of it, I think I am going to go out there and see if they want anything, and by that I mean anything. Bye darling, see you later”


Ok she was right I was wanking but was she kidding, why now would she start doing this. I got the feeling I was being played, just wasn’t too sure what the game was and who exactly was playing. Still I was fairly sure I would find out soon enough.


When I got home that night she was waiting for me, just high heels and a leather dress. Before I could speak she came up to me, dropped to her knees, freeing my stiffening knob and latched her warm hot mouth on him, deep throating me immediately.  As I looked down, watching her head diving back and forth I couldn’t help but imagine her doing this with some strange blond guy possibly standing exactly where I was. Still I have got to admit it was the best blow job I had experienced for a while.


Her tongue drove me wild on the tip of him, her lips covering the shaft, gently sucking him in, and then fucking him with her mouth. She seemed possessed, nothing like the wife I had known for so long.


Eventually, she broke away. “ Do me now, doggy fashion, right here right now.” And she turned round and offered herself to me, arse in the air, back arched, cunt wide open and begging for it. I couldn’t resist and kneeling behind her just thrust myself in, all the way, but she was so wet there was no resistance, just a load moan. I grabbed her hips and pounded away, so fast and hard, just how she wanted it.

“Go on, yeah just like that, just like Blondie and his mate, and I want you to do me up the ass just like they did too, make me scream, make me come.”

Too turned on to even worry being the second that day, I pulled out and positioned my prick right on her asshole. Pushing in, I could feel her asshole stretch wide to accommodate me followed by that exquisite feeling as his head finally  pops in, her ass lips smacking shut on him allowing me to ease all the way up.


“That’s it fuck me like that, I want you to come inside me. Give it to me now.”


And her hand slipped under to play with her clit, frigging herself as I fucked her ass harder and faster, loving the tightness, loving her dirty talk, unable to hold on any longer, one last thrust and the joys of spunking, my cock swelling enormously, pumping gallons my juice  right up her ass.


“Don’t worry I never let them come up me, I made them jack off on my tits and face, just like in the films. I’d only ever let you come up me.”


Never sure when she was joking, I couldn’t bring myself to ask whether she really had done it this morning, convinced that it was just made up but there will always be that nagging doubt. Still if it makes our sex life this good, should I want to rock the boat.

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