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Location: A bed
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She lay on the bed, hands tied to the posts above her head making her smooth round breasts stand out from her chest. Her ankles tied to the posts at the foot of the bed, one either side spreading her legs exposing her most secret intimate parts to the cool evening air. Blindfolded her other senses becoming more acute picking up the moment when the door quietly opened and he entered the room.

She could hear his breathing quicken at the sight of her laying on the bed totally at his mercy. Her own breath caught in her throat as she wondered what would happen next. She felt him coming nearer, wished he would speak not daring to make a sound herself. She had agreed to this, it had been a dare supposed to be a bit of fun, now she wasn’t so sure. The side of the bed moved as he sat down next to her side, his breath crossed her nipples causing them to stiffen even more. Suddenly his fingers brushed against her stomach and she gasped realising she wanted more, allowing herself to accept that this scenario was really turning her on.

As she felt her wetness grow his fingers slowly travelled up from her navel to the point between her breasts. She tried to move so he would touch her nipple but immediately he withdrew his hand. She moaned and lay silent waiting impatiently for the return of his touch.

Eventually once she was still and silent again she felt his fingertips slowly circling her navel. Oh she wanted more, biting her lips to stop from moaning she was forced to wait as his fingertips once again travelled to between her breasts. Lingering there she felt his breath on her stomach and then his lips touching her soft skin. She gasped and then felt his fingers lightly brushing her nipple. Her back arched as her breasts searched for more.

His lips travelled the same path his fingers had earlier except they didn’t hesitate at the point between her breasts. His hand grasped her round breast and brought the nipple straight to his mouth. She gasped again as her erect nipple was engulfed by his mouth. His tongue flicking against the tip of nipple caused her to arch her back trying to push further into him.

His other hand pushed her back down onto the bed and his mouth released her nipple, damp in the cool evening air. Now she felt him move, he got off the bed and she anxiously awaited desperately hoping he wouldn’t leave the room. Shortly her fears were allayed as he climbed onto the bed this time straddling across her one knee either side of her legs. She felt his eyes rove over her body and again her wetness and the ache in her abdomen grew. His hands touched her thighs, fingertips brushing from outer thigh to inner thigh. She could feel her wetness dripping down her and into her crack between her buttocks.

Those fingers were coming closer to the tops of her thighs now and each stroke caused her breath to increase. Suddenly he stopped and she cried out in anguish. For the first time he made a sound, ‘shh’ and then was silent again. She tried to recognise the voice but failed. Her mind couldn’t concentrate on anything except her now burning desire. She felt his weight shift as he leant on his hands above her. His breath on her face coming closer until she could almost feel his lips against hers. His tongue brushed her lips and her mouth opened to allow him access. Again his tongue flicked against her lips making her like a small bird trying to grasp it. Finally his tongue entered her mouth and explored thoroughly as he kissed her moans of desire.

He licked her neck and nibbled her ear lobes sending her dizzy with such increased desire she felt her wetness dribble down her thighs and her crack moistening the bed clothes. He licked each nipple in turn caressing her breasts with tender fingers. Slowly his tongue travelled to her navel and there he spent some time kissing sucking and licking in and around it causing her to arch her back and moan with a deep need to be filled. His tongue then licked down to her bush. She gasped as she felt his breath on that most intimate part of her. Each side of the tops of her thighs was explored by that probing searching tongue as his hands made their way under her buttocks slightly lifting her to allow him better access of that secret flower. He gently blew on her flower and she gasped and moaned at the sensation.

His tongue expertly gently brushed across her slit and up to that most sensitive spot. She cried out as he stopped short of touching it. He quickly silenced her cry by covering her mouth with his own, probing her mouth with his tongue so she could taste her own wetness. Hungrily she pushed against his mouth trying to take his tongue further into her mouth but he pulled away and once more pushed her down on the bed.

Again his lips and tongue moved down her body, again his tongue brushed against her slit and once again to her intense unbearable frustration stopped before touching that spot. This time she bit her lip to avoid crying out and he grunted his approval. He was teasing her beyond endurance; she didn’t know how much more she could take. His weight shifted again as he brought himself up on all fours above her. She lay helpless and tears of frustration slowly slid down her cheeks.

He leant forward and she felt his hard member brush between her legs as his mouth gave attention to her nipples again. She lifted her buttocks trying to capture his member between her legs, trying to bring it into herself. He rocked backwards and forwards each stroke causing his hard rod to just touch her flower and then move away. She was biting so hard on her lip now that she could taste her own blood but still he continued.

Suddenly at the height of one stroke where his member just touched her he stopped allowing it to rest against her hole. She felt her buttocks jump towards it wanting it so badly inside her. He pushed it against her just breaking the entrance with his tip and again stopped. She cried out and writhed beneath him unable to take any more just wanting to be filled by that hard rod. Slowly he edged himself into her hole, taking it bit by bit as she moved beneath him urging him into herself. Finally she felt him give a push and his balls slapped against her. Finally she was full.

As if in slow motion he pulled back until once more only his very tip was inside her. He continued his slow pumping action until she felt the rising tide of orgasm grow to its height and then he stopped. She screamed in protest but he made no movement she writhed beneath him trying to get contact with that special spot that would just push her over the edge and release her. Still he made no move.

Suddenly she heard the door open and another person entered the room. Silently this second person approached the bed. She felt them climb on and straddle her near her head. She caught a faint smell of sex and realised this person was naked. Fingers rubbed her nipples as once again he pushed inside her. This time she felt the other person lean across her and felt their hard member brush her lips. Her mouth opened hungrily and her tongue darted out making contact with the glans. A gasp from above her confirmed this had the desired affect and her mouth accepted the large swollen rod lowered into it. She sucked hard as she felt the tide of orgasm once again build inside her.

Hands underneath her buttocks lifted her so the whole of his penis could be forcefully pushed into her, each stroke slow and measured causing her maximum sensation. Fingers rubbed her nipples as she sucked on the second penis lifting her head trying to get more of him into her mouth. Finally she could hold back no more and the tide swept over her, her body shuddered and jerked as the orgasm took her. Still he pumped into her causing her to writhe at each stroke. A gasp from near her head and her mouth was full of cum; swallowing quickly she still sucked hard as her orgasm continued to take her to new heights. Finally she came down and lay spent on the bed.

The one at her feet withdrew his penis and cupped his hand round her mound holding the heat and desire inside. The one at her head lowered his head and gently kissed her mouth. She moaned as she felt his tongue touch hers. The hand was removed from her mound and she again felt his breath gently blowing on her. This was quickly replaced by his tongue flicking against her sensitive clit still engorged from her previous orgasm. She strained against her ties as she felt yet another wave building inside her. As she cried aloud a mouth quickly covered hers kissing her in a deep passionate way.

This time he did not linger but quickly suckled her and licking her nub brought her to orgasm. She bucked violently screaming with an abandonment she had never felt before. As it subsided her bonds were loosed and her blindfold removed. Blinking in the light she looked up to see her boyfriend looking down at her still gently rubbing her nipples. His best friend was standing at the foot of the bed naked his large penis erect once more at the sight of her. She felt herself wanting more and hungrily kissed her boyfriend. Together without the blindfold and bonds they explored more positions.


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