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Categories: Prostitutes, Oral Sex, Being Taped
Tags: taped blowjob
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating
I woke up, disoriented and confused.  My head was a foggy haze as I looked around at the unfamiliar hotel room.  My arms and legs were sore, my hair was messed up, and I could feel something dry and flaky on my face and neck ... probably cum.  My clothes were neatly folded in a pile on an unused bed.  Slowly, the fog in my mind started to clear a little and the past few hours started to come back to me.

Three days ago, I had been contacted for a meeting by an older man, Steven.  He said he was 45 and he was quite the gentleman at all times when we talked.  Steven had a fantasy he wanted to fulfill and had heard that I was in the business of making the kinkiest dreams come true.  I was certainly flattered by that description, but his fantasy was something I had never done before.

What he wanted was to have rough sex with a girl who had been drugged.  Naturally, he understood that I would be concerned about my safety and had that all planned out.  The whole scene would be digitally recorded and I would be allowed to keep the only copy of the recording.  Because this request was so unusual, I met him beforehand to talk it over.  He was nice, considerate, thoughtful, and offering a lot of money, and he made me feel like this might be okay so I agreed.  He showed me the camera and the memory stick, and made a marking on the stick so that I could be sure that I had that copy.

This morning, I met him at a hotel room that he had picked out and we had a few drinks together.  As agreed, one of those drinks had a roofie in it and I started to lose my grip on my surroundings.  Before I lost it, Steven showed me around the room so that I could be confident that there was no way to make a copy of the video. 

I was getting a little nervous, but when I looked around the rest of the money was there, as agreed, and there was a thumb drive there, also as agreed.  I went up to the mirror above the desk to get dressed and when I looked closely at my face, I could see that what I felt on my face was, indeed, dried cum.  It was tough to see if you weren't up close and I just wanted to get out of there, so I started getting dressed and figured I'd shower at home.  Although it shames me to admit this, I was turned on and excited to see this video.  I've never watched myself have sex before.

The video started well after my memory stopped.  The camera was pointed at the bed and I was sitting on the edge of it, stripping.  I watched myself undress, taking off my shirt, my pants, and my bra.  Still with my black thong on, a naked man walked up to me.  Steven waved his cock in my face and I started to suck it.  I watched myself suck dick for about five minutes and I was turned on by how into it I was.  My eyes were closed, both of my hands were caressing his cock, and my head was moving back and forth and twisting side to side so that my tongue would pleasure as much of him as it could.  It seemed like I was hornier than I usually am when I'm sucking cock and I watched myself wrap my legs around his and rub my pussy against his thigh.

Steven leaned me back so that I was lying on the bed with my head hanging off the corner.  He moved behind me and lowered his cock down into my mouth.  I eagerly took it and continued sucking him.  After a few more minutes of this, he pushed my head down and started to slowly force his cock in and out of my mouth.  Steadily he started going faster.  Soon I had just opened my throat for him and he fucked my face.  He started pumping himself into me faster and harder.

I watched myself nearly gag and Steven took himself out of my mouth.  A line of precum and saliva hung off of his cock and landed on my face.  He allowed me to catch my breath and then plunged himself down my throat again, fucking it more aggressively.  I had heard the term "throat fuck" before, but I sat there in silence and watched this man actually do it to me
This went on for several minutes with him doing this to my throat, taking himself out to let me breathe, and then fucking my mouth again.  My face was getting wet and slick with a sticky combination of precum and saliva.  I watched as my hands strayed down between my legs and I started to lightly play with myself while he was doing this to me.  In fact, I found myself getting more turned on as I watched a naked man that I didn't really know use my mouth in such a dominant way.  I felt like a porn star.  Sassy, sexy, and slutty.

Soon, he turned me over so that I was lying on my stomach.  My face was glistening with precum, saliva, and humiliation as he made me grab my ankles with my hands so that I was totally at his mercy.  He took two scarves off of a nearby chair and tied my hands to my feet so that I couldn't let go even if I wanted to.  It seemed like all I could do just to balance myself so I couldn't stop him when he grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and thrust his cock back into my mouth.  Standing in front of me with his cock in my mouth and his hands holding my hair, he pumped my head along the length of his shaft over and over.  His grip on my hair tightened and he started going faster.  There was nothing I could do except let him abuse me like that.  While watching, I reached up my skirt and slid my panties off and started touching myself.  I was so turned on.

Powerless to resist, I allowed Steven to control me.  I wasn't even giving him a blowjob, he was taking one.  He rammed my head down his cock only to yank it back up again.  Soon his hips started to shake back and forth as he got closer to orgasm.  He held my head firm in his hands and fucked me in the mouth.  That was the only way to describe what I watched him do to me. My whole body was totally at his command, to be used for whatever kind of sexual gratification, abuse, pleasure, and domination he wanted. 
Thinking about that while watching the video, I could feel the tension mounting between my thighs.  I was hot and I could feel myself starting to sweat.  Sliding into my panties, my fingers opened my lips and massaged my clit.  I could feel the sweat pooling around the dried cum on my face and I could smell the musky scent of a cock lingering on me.

On the video, he wasn't ready to cum just then and took himself out of my mouth.  He gently helped me down off the bed and onto my knees but never untied my hands; they were still bound tightly to my feet.  I knelt before him, exposed and vulnerable, and he took his hard, slippery cock into his hand and stood directly over me.  He leaned down until his balls rested on my face. 
I tried to lick them but he just rubbed them all over me, down my cheeks, over my nose, across my eyes, and all over my lips and chin.  Then he started to slap my face lightly with his erect penis.  It didn't look like it hurt, but the point was made ... his cock was the master and I was the servant.  His cock could do whatever it wanted with my body.  The cock was clearly in charge here, and I would have to accept whatever abuse or degradation it heaped on me.  I didn't have to like it, although I clearly did.

After expressing his complete sexual control over me, he made me open my mouth again.  He forcefully put himself back in my mouth and fucked it for a few minutes until he started to cum.  He pulled himself out and jerked himself off all over my face.  At that point, while watching myself take a facial while nearly naked and tied up, I had an orgasm.  I was so turned on and so wet that I came hard and loud.  I'm sure one of my neighbors must have heard that.

He stroked every last drop out of himself and onto my face and then stepped back.  He moved off camera and I could clearly see streaks of thick white cum streaming down my face.  A moment later, the camera was picked up and moved and quickly zoomed in on my cumsoaked face.  It was everywhere ... in my hair, sliding down my cheeks, gluing one of my eyes shut, roped across my open mouth, and hanging off of my chin.  Beads of sweat glistened on my naked chest and I was still breathing hard from being throat fucked.  Steven held the camera out at arms' length and stood over me, letting his cock hang limply across my forehead.  He let his cock and balls drag across my face and filmed it all.

The video ended at that point and I sat in my chair, stunned.  I had just wanted myself get violated, abused, humiliated, and dominated.  The sight of me with a man's cum all over myself turned me on and shocked me at the same time.  Seeing this whole thing captured on film was one of the sexier things that's happened to me.

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