Rough love Story   added 6 years ago
  By: josh  Age: 35  Country: Israel

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Force/Rape
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Rough love Story


9 pm. I can see her clearly through the window.she is making dinner for herself and next she will sit down infront of the tv like the day before and the day before that.. I know her well now. After 3 weeks of watching I can honestly say she drives me crazy. I cant stop thinking about her. Every simple move she makes burns through my body and I cant wait to the right time when ill confront her and make her mine.

That day is today. And the time is now. When she sits down to watch her fav reality show wearing her white panties with a little smile on it saying “come and get it” and her red tank top. She looks so good when she wears them ' showing her long legs and her pale skin ' and those amazing nipples through that top. I feel my whole body reacting. Im about to explode in I walk to her front door I think about who I will pretend to be when she opens the door ' something that will let me inside without troubles. I decide to b a guy whos car died and needs to use the phone. Ohh and of course my cell phone ran out of battery...


knock knock


I hear footsteps and my heart is racing . I immedietly forget everything I planned.


She opens the door , now wearing a blue robe.


“yes”? Shes so beautiful.”can I help u? “


“amm yeah ...hi name is josh and....i used to live in this apartment when I was a kid . I was wondering if I could have a quick look? Just live up some memories.”


she looks at me trying to decide if im any kisk to her. “ yeah sure but just for a few minutes ok?


I smile at her . “of course.. just for a few minutes.


I enter the house and she closes the doo behind me.


Im in...




to be continued

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