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  By: dana  Age: 30  Country: Germany

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Dear Pandora!

I've shared a few of my experiences with you in the past, but I've never told you about my desires, my fantasies - and that's what this is all about, right?

Let me tell you something about myself. I'm a student in the early twenties, I look pretty cute and I have a body that most girls would kill for. I don't want to brag, it's just how I am. Still, my friends and family consider me a pretty good girl in a sexual kind of way. Most of the people who know me think that I'm pretty conservative and probably think that I'm really boring when it comes to sex. I think that's because I'm somewhat picky regarding boyfriends. Little do they know.

It's just so hard for me to find the right person. Being a girl is hard in a society like this... I mean I can't just go out and fuck anyone without being considered a total slut (which I probably am, heh). Once I find a guy that seems to be into something, he's probably not brave enough to act on my desires although I tell him to. I had a few boyfriends in my life, but I've never found a guy who completely fulfilled me sexually. Some guys are into anal, which is pretty important for me, but then they don't want to tie me up or somehow hurt me or do the right things on the right time. I haven't found much limits yet and I love to explore, so I grow tired too soon and leave for another guy... Yeah, I'm young - and I love to find out so much more.

I'd love to have a guy that supports me and helps me to explore my sexuality. There's so much more I'd like to experience. I'd love to be gangbanged, have threesomes, swallow cum of total strangers after they fucked me in the ass. Where's the guy that has me suck him off in the middle of a dancefloor and invites others to join the fun while I've had benwa balls up my cunt all night? The one that makes me eat his load after he shot it up my ass in the toilet of a classy restaurant because I've teased him with my leg? The thought of seeing my boyfriend sucking another cock makes me wet, but most of the guys I used to be with find it disgusting. Where can I find a guy who ties me up, makes me gag on his cock, pulls my hair and makes me swallow his piss while he's watching the game?

Yes, I get a thrill out of perversity. The more, the better. I find playing with shit disgusting, but I'd still love to try it at least once just to make sure it's not my cup of tea because I don't really know yet. Hell, I'd even suck him clean afterwards because I'd be so grateful for the experience. What about waking up after a long night of hot sex and getting my butt fucked and filled with his morning piss, then fucked until the sheets are a total mess? I don't like puke, but I'd have no problem to try it if Mr. Perfect wanted me to do it.

Yeah I know, that sounds pretty submissive. I don't know, I love to be treated bad sometimes, but there's times when I just need some loving sex, too. And I have no problem in being dominant either - seeing a buttplug (or a cock?) disappear in my man and then fuck him until he fills me with his hot cum never fails to get me off. Or just making him lick my asshole while he's all tied up, then pee in his mouth his on his chest... yum! Maybe I would just mount him and go to sleep with his hard cock up inside me, teasing him like that all night.

What I'm looking for is a guy who has no limits, no boundaries, someone who does things to me that I've never even dreamed about and still loves me after I've banged all of his friends.

Dear Pandora, do I expect too much?

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