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Roleplay: Master/slave
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I opened my eyes the morning after. I glanced to one side and saw Linda, still sleeping. I looked to the other and saw Amy. She was awake and had been watching me sleep. She smiled and softly told me good morning. I asked how she slept and she told me beautifully. I softly kissed her lips, and caressed her cheek. I told her how very much I loved her. She grinned and told me she knew because I showed her every day. I felt Linda stir, looked over to her, and watched her open her eyes
She had a puzzled look on her face when she saw Amy and me. I guess everything started to sink in, because the puzzled look quickly changed to a "Did I really do that?" look. I told her good morning, kissed her lightly on the lips, and smiled. Amy told her good morning, reached over, and brushed some hair away from Linda's eyes. Linda asked me if she had gotten drunk last night and I shook my head. She looked at me and said she couldn't believe she had done it sober. I asked her if she regretted it, she smiled a little, and told me she hadn't realized she was capable of doing what she did.

I asked Linda if she still wanted to continue as my slut. She nodded her head and I smiled. I told Amy I wanted to taste her pussy and told Linda to suck me until I was hard and then to fuck me. Amy straddled my head and lowered herself over my mouth. My tongue gently played with her clit and I heard her sigh. I felt Linda take my cock into her mouth and begin to suck. I will give Linda this, she does know how to suck cock. I immediately felt my cock get hard. She pulled away from my dick and soon I felt the inside of her warm pussy, as she lowered herself and took me inside of her. Now I had my tongue inside the sweetest pussy on earth, and my cock inside one of the tightest pussies I have experienced. Fortunately, our timing was almost perfect. In no time all three of us came together. I love the taste of Amy's cum, can't get enough.

We spent the rest of the morning relaxing. I told the girls we were going out that evening and I expected them to dress in their slutty best. I gave them some money and told them to go out and get something special to wear. I had a plan, and needed them to leave so I could get it set up. I used to work with a couple of black guys named John and Mark. They were big guys, each well over 6'. I had heard that they were hung like horses, and decided I would find out tonight.
I called John and told him I had something in mind he might be interested in. I told him about the girls and what I wanted to take place. I asked if he could reach Mark and would the two of them be willing to help me out. John told me "Hell, yes!", and if Mark couldn't join us he would bring someone else. He said he would meet us at a bar he knew out in the country. He told me that everyone there was cool and the female bartender let everyone do pretty much what they wanted. I told John I didn't want the girls to know we knew each other, he told me he would play it cool.

When the girls came home, they showed me what they bought. Each had a very small tank top, short skirts and high heels. I couldn't wait for the evening to start. The girls started to get ready for the evening. I was anxious to see them in their new outfits. When the finished dressing, they came out for inspection. Both of their tops were way to small for them You could clearly see the shape of their tits and nipples. They wore no panties, their skirts came about half way to their knees and with their high heels their legs seemed very long and sexy. I told them we were going out for some drinks, maybe a couple of other places, depending on how things worked out. 

There were a dozen or so cars parked at the bar. It was about 5 miles outside of town, really quiet and out of the way. We walked in and you would of thought we had just stepped off a space ship. There was dead silence, all eyes were on us. All together there were about a dozen or so guys and a half dozen women spread out between the bar and several tables. I looked along one side of the room and saw John and Mark. They glanced up, but didn't give any indication they recognized me. I led the girls to the back of the bar to a table, about six feet from the jute box. I sat down with my back to the wall and the girls sat on either side of me, both giving me a peck on the cheek. We gave the waitress our drink orders and I handed Linda some money to play some music. I watched her as she walked over to select what she termed as kick-ass rock. Amy moved her chair closer to me, told me she loved me, and planted a very

I looked up and saw John and Mark, drinks in hand, coming toward out table. The girls didn't notice them until they were standing at the table. You could tell they were more than a little intimidated when they looked up and saw the size of these two guys. John TOLD me they wanted to sit down and buy us a drink. I acted a little nervous and told them thanks, no problem. He sat next to Linda and Mark pulled up another chair, dragging it over next to Amy. Mark introduced the two of them and we all shook hands, both of the guys openly gawking at two sets of very sexy tits. They ordered another round of drinks and John asked me which one of the girls was my "old lady"
I saw a slight look of panic come over Linda's face. Glancing at Amy, I saw her staring at the bar, waiting to hear my answer. I told John that both of the girls were my sluts, and heard him and Mark start to laugh. John said he didn't believe me, that two such beautiful ladies couldn't possibly be considered sluts. I told him thank you, but yes they were my personal sluts. Mark looked at Amy and asked her if what I said was true. She looked at me, then at him. She said that yes, I was her Master. Mark told her that if what she said was true, there wouldn't be any problem with what he was about to do.

Mark told me to tell Amy to stand. I looked at her and nodded my head. Amy stood and for a few moments stared down at Mark. I saw his hand go up, take hold of her tank top, and pull it slowly down. Amy kept her arms at her side, not making a move to pull her top back up. Mark's eyes were riveted to her chest, and I heard a couple of whistles coming from several guys in the bar who had seen what was happening.
I quietly told Amy she could now pull her top back up and sit down. Mark grinned at me and said he guessed  I was telling the truth, at least about Amy. Both of the men looked over to Linda and smiled. I told Linda to stand up and slide her top down to show the guys her tits. She said "Yes Master", stood up, pulled her top down, and turned defiantly to face John. John smiled broadly and told her how fine her tits were. Linda looked at me and I told her to cover herself and sit back down. Most of the guys in the bar had gotten an eyeful of both girls and kept glancing over to see if there was more to follow.

John told Linda to stand up and turn around, he wanted to check-out her ass. When she stood, she quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching. I told her not to worry about anything except doing what she was told. She nodded and turned her back to John. He lifted the back of her skirt, showing her naked ass to anyone who happened to be looking at the time. It was obvious that a few were, because you could hear whistles and applause coming from somewhere.
John took his hand and caressed Linda's ass, running his finger up her crack. I watched Linda shudder slightly and realized this was a hot spot for her. I told her to turn around so our new friend could see the rest of the package. When she turned, she raised her skirt so that her pussy was displayed for John's approval. John told me how beautiful her snatch was and I heard Linda say "Thank you sir". I told Linda to sit down and instructed Amy to do as Linda had done. Amy stood, turned around and lifted the back of her skirt. She let Mark play with her ass and then turned to let him see and touch her pussy. After a few minutes, she looked at me and I told her to sit.

I told John I thought I had proven I had been telling him the truth about the girls. I thanked him for the drinks and said we probably should be going. Both of the girls immediately stood, ready to go. I looked at them angrily and told them I was the one who would tell them to stand and to sit back down. They quickly sat and I told them I had changed my mind and we were going to stay. I signaled the waitress to bring another round of drinks and told the girls they needed to be taught who made the decisions. Both of them were staring downward, realizing they had fucked up. 

I looked at John and smiled. He was trying not to grin, but you could tell he was really beginning to get into what was going on. Mark didn't try to hide his amusement, a huge smile across his face. I told the girls to look up and put a smile on their faces. They tried, but you could tell they knew they had disappointed me. I couldn't believe how crushed they were
I told John that I had proven what I had said and now it was his turn to back something up. He asked me what I meant. I told him that I had always been told that black men had huge cocks but had never believed it. John said it was very true, but he wasn't quite sure how to prove it to me. I told him the only way I knew was for him to show us his dick. I believe the words he used were "Fuck You", nobody would ever get him to show another man his cock.
I looked at Linda and told her to tell John she wanted to see his dick. She turned to him and did as I said. I smiled at John and shrugged my shoulders. I saw John glance around to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied nobody could see, he reached down, unzipped, reached inside his shorts and hauled out his semi-hard cock. Linda's jaw dropped open as she saw this huge black dick. I will admit myself that it was a sight to behold. Even though it was not fully erect, it had to be a good 8-9". I had to smile seeing Linda transfixed at the sight.

I looked at John and asked him if that thing got any longer. He told me it got bigger the harder he got. I said I couldn't imagine anything bigger than what I was seeing and told Linda to take her hand and see how big it would get. I watched as she reached over and gently picked it up. Linda started working it up and down and I saw it grow in length and thickness. Soon, her hand looked really small around his huge cock.
I looked at Amy and saw her staring at the front of Mark's pants. I told her that she knew what to do and watched as she took his cock out expertly bring it to a huge hard on. A couple had walked over to the jute box, and the girl had seen what was going on. Amy and Linda saw her staring and started to pull back so she couldn't see. I told them to continue and if the girl wanted to watch it was her business. The girl smiled, whispered to her boyfriend and both of them stood watching. Soon a small group of people stood watching as John and Mark were receiving hand jobs. I told them that was enough and they stopped.

You could see the disappointment on John and Mark's face. I told them not to worry, I wouldn't leave them with blue balls. Some of the guys who had been watching groaned and walked away when I made the girls stop. I looked at the bar and saw the waitress whisper something to the bartender. She looked over at me, smiled, and nodded her head. I knew nobody would stop what was going to happen.

John, Mark and I sat talking for awhile. They told me how hot they thought the girls were, and how lucky I was. Mark asked me how far the girls would go and I told him as far as I told them to. In the meantime the girls were sneaking glances at each other. I'm sure they were wondering if I had forgiven them and how far I was going to go. I signaled the waitress. When she came over, I told her I had noticed how busy she had been. I asked her if she could use some free help serving the customers. She said her name was Terri, and said she could use a little help.
 Terri asked the girls if they had any experience. Amy and Linda both shook their heads no. Terri said she was worried they might do more harm than good. I told her that I would make sure they did the job right and that they would split their tips with her at the end of the night. She shrugged, told the girls to come to the bar to get their trays and walked away. I looked at my sluts and told them they were to make sure everyone had drinks at all times. Just to make sure the customers were satisfied they were to wait tables topless
. They looked at me, looked at the customers sitting in the bar and then each other. I asked them if there was a problem and saw them both shake their heads no. I instructed them to walk to the bar, introduce themselves, and let the bartender and Terri know they would not have their tops on. I watched as they made their way to the bar. I saw them talking to the bartender and saw her hand them each a tray. She folded her arms and stared at Amy and Linda. The girls laid their trays down and proceeded to take their tops off and turn around facing the customers.
It took a few minutes for most of them to look up and see my girls standing with naked breasts. Who knew? At that time exactly, everyone decided they needed another drink. I watched as my two girls scurried from table to table taking drink orders. As you can guess, all eyes were on tits, not the girls faces as they placed their order. John and Mark were beside themselves, declaring me as their new best friend.

After about an hour, and many drink orders later, I was watching Amy. She had started to take three guys orders when she dropped her pen. Without thinking, she bent over to pick it up and remembered she wasn't wearing underwear. Even across the room I had an excellent view of her bare ass and pussy. She suddenly remembered, and straightened. It was too late. The guys at the table had seen and stood applauding. Amy turned beet red.
Linda had seen too and stood laughing and clapping. I signaled the girls to come over. When they got to the table, I told them that since everyone would eventually see anyway, they were both to get rid of their skirts, and begin to wait on the customers nude. They said "Yes Master", unbuttoned and took off their skirts. They walked to the bar, naked, and placed their orders. Everyone stood and cheered when the girls turned around displaying everything for everyone.

I let this continue for another hour. The place had filled up a little more, keeping the girls busy getting drinks and fending off the hands that tried to groped their bodies. They had just set our drinks down when I told them John and Mark had a special tip for them. The girls smiled and Linda asked how much. I told her no money, just a nice hard cock. I told both of them to get on their knees, take The guys' cocks out, and suck them. They looked at each other and dropped to their knees. They took the cocks out and began to suck. I watched as they became harder and harder. Both girls were beginning to have a problem getting all of John and Mark's cocks into their mouths. People were gathering around to watch.

I saw a couple of guys putting two tables together several feet on the other side of the jute box. Terri came from the back with a bunch of padding for the table. I saw one of the guys put up a sign on the wall over the table. I looked closely and saw that it said "FREE - HELP YOURSELF". Some of the men picked up Amy and Linda and carried them to the tables.
The girls were laid down, their legs spread, and I watched as John and Mark slowly eased their huge dicks into the girls. They both winced at first, but eventually I saw them take every inch into their wet pussies. John and Mark started to thrust for all they were worth. I saw a look of raw lust on the girls faces as they took every inch inside. All of the sudden they pulled out, spraying cum all over my beautiful little sluts. I walked over to them and explained they were to be the buffet for the evening. I pointed to the sign and told them they were to remain where they were and service anyone and everyone who wanted them .

During the next couple of hours I watched men go over to Amy and Linda, pull their hips to the edge of the table, and help themselves to free pussy. Some of them would go to one of the girls, pull her head to the edge to get sucked until they were hard and then fuck the other. Some of them just wanted to fuck a hot mouth. I even saw a few pussies lowered over willing mouths. Nobody locked any doors, so I saw some new customers come in to the bar, order drinks and then walk over and check out the "buffet". Some of them just stood and ran their hands and fingers over the naked bodies. Some of them pulled out their cocks, got a blow job and then went to finish their drinks. What surprised me was that nobody acted like it was a big deal. It was almost like it happened every weekend.

I let everything go on until about midnight. I got the girl's clothes together, walked over and told them it was time to go home. After I helped them from the table, you could tell they were exhausted. John handed me a couple of blankets and I draped them over the girls. He and I walked them to the car, put them in the back seat and helped them get comfortable for the drive home. On the way, Linda asked me if they did OK, and was I pleased with them? I told her they had been fantastic, and I was very proud of them. I heard Amy tell me she loved me and I told her I loved her too. A very small voice, Linda's, told me she did too.           

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