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Roleplay: Master/slave
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It has been a week since we had our experience in the bar. Amy has been perfect, absolutely perfect. She asked me if it would be OK if her friend Linda could come and stay with us for a week or so. It seems that Linda and her boyfriend are having problems, and she just needed to get away for awhile. I told Amy that it would be fine, and to tell Linda I was sorry things weren't going well. I was a little relieved he would not be coming with Linda. I didn't know how I would feel having him around after sucking his cock at the party. It had been a first for me, I wasn't sure how I would react or what I would say to him. Amy said she would talk to Linda later that day and get the details.

When I got home from work, Amy told me Linda would be here the next day (Friday). I asked her if Linda knew about our new lifestyle and she told me no. She said she would talk with Linda when she arrived and explain everything to her. Amy said she wasn't sure how long Linda would be here, but would know by the time I got home. The next day, at work, I spent a lot of time thinking about Linda. I wasn't sure how she would react hearing about Amy's new lifestyle. I could picture her getting really upset hearing her friend was now used as a slut. I also felt a little awkward having that beautiful body around. Not that I would cheat on Amy, I would never do that, but I knew there were times when it would cross my mind.

When I got home, Amy and Linda were sitting at the kitchen table talking. Linda got up and gave me a big hug, thanking me for agreeing to let her visit for awhile. I laughed and told her I was happy to see her and there were no thanks necessary. I told her I was sorry about the problems she was having with her boyfriend and she was welcome to stay as long as she liked
. The three of us sat, drank coffee and talked for quite sometime. Linda asked if there was any beer. I nodded yes, and watched her get up to go to the fridge. I noticed she was wearing a white sundress, backless, and when she turned back around I got a really good look at the shape of her braless tits. In my mind I tried to remember what they looked like. I had seen her naked at the party, but so much had happened since then, and I really had to rely on my imagination.

Amy told me they had something to talk to me about. I told them to go ahead, they could talk to me about anything. She said she had told Linda about our life together. I looked at Linda and asked her how she felt knowing her best friend was treated like a slut. I braced myself, not knowing what reaction I would get. Linda smiled and told me it sounded hot, and wouldn't mind experiencing it herself at least once. I told her to be absolutely sure, because once she had committed herself, there was no turning back. She looked at Amy,  back at me, and said she was sure. I explained it would require she turn control of her body over to me and that I would use it in ways she had not even thought about. She smiled and said she wanted to do it, she was ready. I looked at Amy and she nodded yes, a big smile on her face. Linda asked me when we were going to start, and I told her that now was as good of a time as any.

I told her we were going to start with something simple. I told her to stand up and remove all of her clothes. I watched as she shrugged, stood up, and untied the straps of her sundress. She then pulled it down and let if fall on the floor. Linda stepped out of it and pushed it aside with her foot. I saw her standing there in only her panties and realized her tits were as beautiful as I thought I remembered
. She looked at me and I told her to continue. She pulled her panties down and took them off. Now she was totally naked and very beautiful. My cock was rock hard when I told her to stand directly in front of me, I wanted to feel her body. She glanced at Amy and heard my sweetheart tell her she needed to do as her Master said. Linda stepped up to me and I place my hand on her tits. I gently felt them, stopping to caress her nipples making them stand up and swell.
My hands worked their way downward, touching every inch. When I finally got to her pussy, I gently started to separate her lips and found her clit. I wasn't hard to do so because she was beginning to get wet. Apparently she was really getting turned on by having me play with her while her best friend watched. She whispered she needed more, and I abruptly stopped what I was doing. I told her she would only be allowed to cum when I told her to, and she was to address me as Master. She replied "Yes Master" and just stood there. You could smell her juices and I told her to go back and sit on her chair. Linda went to pick-up her clothes. I told her to leave them where they were, she was to remain naked for the time being. I looked at Amy and told her to strip, that I wanted both of my sluts nude.

I spent the next hour or so watching two beautiful sluts walk around the house naked. It was a sight indeed. Every once in awhile, I would call one of them over to me and let my hands play with their bodies. I told them we were going to go out in a little while. I said that we weren't going to be out long, I just wanted to break in my new slut. I told the girls to go ahead and shower, but not together. They were to dress in blouses, short skirts, no underwear at all.
I told them we were going to the movies. They did as they were told and when dressed came out to be inspected. I will admit, they really looked fantastic. Both of them were showing a good bit, but not too much. I reached over and unbuttoned another button on both of their blouses, told them they looked like two sexy sluts and to be sure to sit one on either side of me when we got into the theater.

We drove into town, both of them in the front seat with me. Amy was sitting next to me, and I enjoyed myself on the drive. I had my hand up her skirt playing with her pussy while Linda watched. I saw both of them stare at each other when we pulled up to an Adult XXX theater. Both of them stood quietly as I paid for the tickets and followed me silently inside.. When we got inside, we stood a moment to let our eyes get accustomed to the dark. I glance to an area on my left and saw a guy on his knees sucking a very large cock
. The guy he was blowing was transfixed on the screen while fucking the mouth of of the other man. I nudged Linda and told her to look over in the corner. She saw what was going on and her mouth dropped open. She looked back at me, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders. I looked around and saw several bobbing heads above the laps of other men. We sat a couple of rows up from the back, and the girls sat one on each side of me. 

I had noticed Amy and Linda were the only females in the theater. It didn't take very long for some of the men to find new places to sit. Of course these new places just happened to be in the rows behind and in front of where we were sitting. Both girls noticed too, and looked at me. Linda just closed her eyes and cringed. Amy seemed to just take it in stride, a knowing look on her face. I let the girls get used to their surroundings. All of our new neighbors kept glancing over, wondering if anything was going to happen.
Some guy came over and sat a couple of seats away from Linda and I figured it was as good of a time as any to start. I reached over and unbuttoned Linda's blouse. She glanced at the guy sitting close to her and then back at me. When she saw my face, she looked at the screen and continued to watch the couple fucking for all they were with.
I opened her blouse, showing her tits to anyone who looked. I started to caress her breasts, getting her nipples hard. I looked and saw her eyes close and knew she was getting turned on. I nodded to the guy who had moved to the seat right next to her and watched as he took over. He was playing with one tit and sucking on the other. The guys in front of us had moved directly in front of us and one began running his hands up Linda's skirt. I saw Linda's hips start to move and realized he had found her pussy.

I turned to Amy and told her to suck me. She pulled my hard cock out and begin to lick and suck. I stopped her for a moment and told her to stand and raise her skirt. She did,  sat back down, and continues to give me head. Now her pussy was there for all to see. I told the guy sitting in front of Amy to come on back and eat her. He didn't waste any time, and put his head between her legs to begin lapping her snatch. I glanced in the row behind us and told some guy to come up and face fuck Linda.
He stood in front of Linda with his hard cock out. Linda looked at me and I told her to suck him dry. She took it in hand, lowered her head and began to suck. It didn't take long to get him off, cum exploding all over her face. I came in Amy's mouth and felt her shudder with a climax from the guy eating her pussy. I really didn't want to stay too long, just wanted to get home with my sluts. I told the girls to button up, we needed to go home.

When we got into the car I asked Linda how she felt about what took place. She smiled and told me it was a real rush. She said she had never experienced anything like it and really wanted to explore some more. It wasn't quite dark yet and I decided to go out on the Interstate and take a drive before going home. There wasn't much traffic, mostly big rigs. There was this one trucker who would pass us, drop back so we could pass him, and then pass us again
. I quickly realized he was looking at the two girls. Amy was sitting by the door and I told her to take her blouse off and show the trucker her tits. She grinned, unbuttoned her blouse, took it off, waved at the trucker as he passed us and grinned widely. Linda cheered and I told her to lose her blouse too. With a broad grin on her face, off went her blouse and both of them waved when we passed the rig.

The next time the trucker passed us he honked and pointed desperately at the side of the road. Pushing ahead of us, he headed off at the next exit and I followed. All of the sudden the girls looked over at me and I told them to put their blouses back on. I followed the truck to a small rest area up the road. It was beginning to get dark and I saw him pull in and park next to another rig.
There were about six truckers parked there and I saw a couple of them outside one of the cabs talking, I assumed the rest of the drivers were sleeping or relaxing inside their sleepers. Our trucker got down from his cab and waved us over. The three of us got out and went over to where he was standing. The two other truckers came over and greeted their friend. The trucker we had followed laughed and told the others that he had just experienced one helluva show. He told them that the girls had taken their tops off and showed him their boobs. His friends said they were disappointed they hadn't seen and would I mind if they saw some naked titties too.

I looked at the girls, smiled and told Amy and Linda to take their tops off. Both of them said "Yes Sir" and took off their tops. I heard the guys say "oh fuck" when the girls were topless. They stood for a couple of minutes and asked me if it was OK for them to go get the other truckers so they could see too. When I told them I didn't mind, two of them went off and I saw them knocking on the doors of the other trucks parked in the lot. They hurried back and I watched as the other drivers started making their way over to us. It wasn't long before all the men were standing around us, staring at my sluts naked tits.
I introduced the girls to the guys and explained that Amy and Linda were my sluts and I really enjoyed having the girls show their bodies to nice guys like themselves. One of the drivers said that all of them appreciated seeing the beautiful tits, but wasn't their more body to expose. I nodded and told the girls to strip naked. Amy and Linda looked at each other and took off their skirts. Now, both of them were standing in front of the truckers naked. It was silence for a moment as the men took it all in.

One of the guys rubbed his crotch and said that just looking at the girls made his cock hard. I immediately told Amy to take care of his problem. She went over and knelt in front of him. The rest of the guys watched in disbelief as Amy unzipped him, took his hard cock in hand, and started to suck. I looked at Linda and told her to do as Amy was doing. She went over to another trucker and was soon sucking on a cock of her own. Before long, the girls had managed to suck off all of the guys. I heard one of them ask if the girls fucked as well as they sucked. I told him I would let him be the judge, and saw him walk over to Linda.
He took her by the hand and led her over to the side of one of the rigs. He bent her over and plunged his cock into her. He started to slam into her when another guy took Amy over to the same truck and bent her over right beside of where Linda was getting nailed. I couldn't believe that all the guys seem to have no problem getting hard enough to fuck so quickly after being sucked off. I watched both girls get pounded by all of these men..

By the time all of the men had been serviced it was very dark. I picked up the girls clothes and told them to get in car. I knew nobody would see them. On the drive home, both  leaned against each other and slept. I parked in the driveway, woke them up, and told them to go inside.. There wasn't anyone around and they walked naked into the house. Linda said she needed a shower and started toward the bathroom. I told her to wait. I said that before they showered, I needed them to clean each others pussy. She looked at Amy and both of them smiled.
I saw them in the "69" position, lapping all of the cum they could get out of each others body. It didn't take long for them to have a jolting orgasm and lay back with a big smile on their faces. I told them to go ahead and shower, then to join me in bed. They didn't stay in the bathroom long. Exhausted, they crawled into bed with me one on either side. They both cuddled up beside me, and laid in my arms. They fell asleep, each with a hand on my cock. Yes, life is good.     

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