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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
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Nature: Humiliating

Chapter 4

The contents of each present were used up completely and we were both drenched in sweat.  I hadn’t noticed how much time had passed, but it was almost dawn.  As we lay there recovering, tired, sleepy, I hear a rustling in the room and I lift my head to look, but the blindfold is still on.  You are lying on top of me and I hear the giggling.  Your friends are awake now and they’ve come into your room.  I feel embarrassment suddenly, though I shouldn’t after all I’d been through so far.  As you’re waking up, I feel someone slide into bed on each side of us, sitting up, next to us, and then the caressing of fingertips on my skin.  It drives me wild, tickling, sending shivers down my spine.

            I hear one of your friends say to you, “Is he ready?”

            You whisper back, “I think so.  It’s been stretching him all night; he’ll be able to take all of us.”  With this the girls laugh again, but this time it’s a little more sinister, not as light, and I imagine evil grins on all of your faces, but I still can’t see.

            I feel all of you get up and start to untie me.  I feel relieved.  Then, as I am free, I hear you say to me, “Roll over slave! Do it now,” and my hopes sink.  I know it’s not over, not by a long shot.  As I slowly turn over in the bed one of your friends slides a pillow under my hips, and my hands and feet are once again tied down spread eagled to the corners of your huge bed.

            I beg, “Please take the blindfold off.  I want to see what you’re doing.  Please, Mistress?”

            You say, “Oh, okay... You don’t need a blindfold on for what’s coming next.  Put the dirty clothes under his face… He loves that.  Who wants to go first?”  I am a little concerned by what you mean and then I feel someone removing the butt plug.  It leaves slowly, and I feel myself stretched out, and relaxed, and there is relief from that filled up feeling.

            Then I can feel the pressure of something larger there.  It’s cool and wet, slimy almost, and I feel knees straddling my legs.  The pressure just becomes more and more, and I hear you whisper in my ear, “Just relax, you’ll enjoy this so much more if you relax.”  I tried to relax and it happened... I felt it enter me.  There was some pain at first, and I pushed forward to try to get away, but I felt a hand dig nails into my hardening cock, and I thrust backward.  I groaned loudly, and felt a little relief as she eased back out, but then she gently slid forward and into me more this time.  It was burning, on fire, but very stimulating at the same time. 

Each time she would pull out slowly almost all the way, and drive forward, quicker every time.  I felt your breath on my ear, and my face was buried in the dirty laundry, and both of my arms and legs were being held down.  I heard you say, “Does it feel really good yet?”  I had to admit the pain was beginning to go away and it was replaced by excitement.

            As the next girl took her place behind me, you moved into a position right in front of my face.  Your back was to the headboard, and my face was pressed between your legs.  My hands reached up around your thighs and I held on tight while my lips parted and covered you there. 

As she thrust into me, you could feel her energy pushing into both of us.  My tongue flicked and licked, and I sucked gently, kissing, gently rolling, and teasing you to the limit.  I could feel you getting closer, more wet, and your breathing became more rapid.  I slid my first two fingers on my right hand with my palm facing up into you.  My chin was resting on my palm as I licked your clit slowly and gently and my fingers ‘walked’ in tiny pulling motions at the tips.

  I could feel that sensitive spot all spongy under the tips of my fingers, and I massaged it, adding just the right amount of pressure.  I could feel the walls of your pussy clamping down on my fingers hard, and you gasped, starting to pull away and upward… but there was nowhere for you to go.  You finally relaxed, gave in totally, and climaxed.  Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through you, and I felt your juices spill all over my hand and face.  I loved every minute of it.  In the moment I hadn’t noticed that everyone was cumming at the same time, all of them loving the show.  We had all become entwined, and linked with this sexual energy flowing between our bodies.  It was heavenly.

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