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Categories: The Fetishists, Transvestites, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: domination
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

 Chapter 1


You had me naked on your porch. You took my clothes and began to fiddle with your keys, taking pleasure in my obvious uncomfortability. I remember what you were wearing, I thought you looked lovely, very professional, as an owner meeting her architect. You had on a white silk blouse with the top two buttons open revealing a very sexy strand of pearls around your neck. I remember your grey pencil skirt and those sexy legs with dark but translucent stockings and your black pumps. Your hair was pulled back and you looked almost republican. As you turned to open the door I could see the seam of your stockings and I admit it turned me on, but I was so embarrassed to be naked in public I just wanted to get into your house as quickly as I could before anyone saw me.


When we got inside, you took my clothes into another room and told me to stay standing in the middle of your living room. I was very nervous, but you came back quickly holding what looked like two pieces of fabric. As you got closer I could see they were a pair of your thigh high stockings. You said to me, "I know you're nervous, but trust me, you will enjoy it more if you obey. Now, put your hands behind your back."

I did what you said, and you tied my hands behind my back with one of the stockings. You guided me to the sofa and helped me to sit down in the center of it. I felt a little more relaxed and started to get turned on a little, but it didn't show yet. Then you reached up under your skirt with both of your hands and slid off your panties. They were very sexy, a pair of black french cut lace panties that you tossed in my lap as you slid onto the sofa next to me sitting to my right hand side. You took the other stocking and started to blindfold me with it. I said, "No I want to watch," and you replied, "You'll do what I say, and you will trust me and obey," and continued to blindfold me.

I feel your hand reach up and begin to caress my hair, and I lean back and relax. I feel your lips come close to my ear and your warm breath gently move over my skin. And you whisper, "Just sit back, relax, enjoy, breathe deep... you can be yourself here with me....listen to my voice... and feel yourself getting more and more relaxed.... more calm..... and your breaths are getting deeper." I feel you caress my head more and your fingers open up across the back of my head, and I feel you bunch up the panties on my lap in your other hand.

You say, "I want you only to concentrate on my voice, my touch, and my scent..." as you bring the panties to my nose and cover my face with them... making sure the crotch panel is directly over my nose. "Breathe deep... in through your nose... out through your mouth... and concentrate on my words... my touch... and let my scent fill your brain... you want to obey more and will do everything I say... and the more you obey... the more excited you will become....Each task I give you to do will turn you on more and more, and you will LOVE doing them...Fear won't stop you, humiliation will turn you on.... the more degrading the things I make you do, the more you will want to do them for me... and the more turned on you will get...breathe deeply... take in my scent... is it turning you on? Do you like being my little toy?"

I nod my head up and down with your help, and you notice how erect my cock is getting. You take the panties away from my nose and wrap them around my cock and begin to slowly and very lightly caress it with the silky panties. My whole body twitches in pleasure, and you continue whispering, "You love the feel of my panties against your cock, don't you?"

Again, I nod and let out a little moan. "You Love ME doing this to you, don't you?... you want to be my little slave toy... and will do everything I say... breathe deeply.... relax.... enjoy....I am going to help you put on my panties... your really going to like it, aren't you?... and then I want you to stand and model them for me." You help slide each ankle into the panties and pull them up, telling me to wiggle my ass into them for you. you help me to stand and give my fully erect cock a few tugs and pull me to the center of the room. you tell me, "Stand still, I will be right back," and I wait. When I hear you return, I hear more than just your footsteps. I hear many.

Then the laughter starts, and I can see flashes from under the stocking blindfold. I can hear a few girls giggling. I make out four other distinct laughs, and of course yours. In spite of being totally humiliated, I am turned on even more, and my cock remains fully hard. You come over to me and take off the blindfold so I can see, there are four other women there, all your friends and they are laughing and pointing and taking digital pictures of me in your panties, and one of them says, "Well Linda, I guess you win... None of us believed you would have a good-looking stranger in your living room, naked, except for your panties... the money is all yours."

I feel you get closer to me and whisper in my ear, "Thank you, but this is far from over. It's only Friday night, and we have until Sunday before your flight leaves. You are going to be this weekend's entertainment for me and my friends, but Sunday, you're all mine." And you turn my head to you and kiss me passionately, and I become your slave.

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