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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

We had arranged to meet at a sports bar for some drinks so we could get to know each other more. The sports bar was right next to a hotel so if we felt we need to get to know each other even MORE. You had gotten a table secluded in the back of the bar in the corner. You wanted our discussion to be somewhat private without drunks screaming all around us. We decided that we would meet around 10:00. You peer at your watch under the table. It read 7:30. You start to worry that I won’t show up at all, and you realize how big a mistake it was to not meet in person prior to this. Searching the place for anyone who resembles my description, your eyes land on a girl walking into the bar looking stressed.

She searches around the bar with her eyes, and some hope wells up inside you. The description fits well. She makes eye contact with you and tilts her head, silently asking if you are the person she was supposed to meet. You nod and give a small smile. It’s me. I’m wearing a tight black long sleeve t-shirt, and dark blue short shorts. I walk swiftly across the bar, heading to your table, and slide into the booth next to you.

“Hey” I greet you. I smile and you notice my breath smells minty. My voice is soft and feminine without being too shy. You respond, reflecting my smile, and signal for the waiter to come over. He comes over. He’s a stocky short guy with a tattoo around one arm and two piercings in his ears. He grunts and nods his head towards me. “I’d like just a beer please.” I ask, still pretty cheery. “Whatever kind you have.” He raises his eyebrows and walks away.

I turn to you again, and notice you were staring at my chest the whole time I was placing my order. I giggle and scoot a little closer to you. You turn your eyes back to my fact, breaking out of your trance. You hope that I wasn’t upset with you for staring, but I don’t seem like it so you feel you’re in the clear. Trying to seem charming, you stick out your hand to me. “I’m ____” You tell me smiling. I grin back and shake your hand. “I’m Serena” I answer. We make small talk and find out that we have a lot in common. Every so often, I place my hand on your leg and laugh. Your arm finds its way around me and I snuggle in closer to your warm chest.

You suddenly realize that you had had quite a number of drinks before I got to the bar, so you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. You come back, feeling freshened, and we continue talking about our jobs, our hobbies, our families, and previous relationships. You start to feel tired after a while, and we stop talking. I lean my head against your chest, and our breathing slows, as we both go into a soft sleep there in the bar.


You wake up and at first, think it’s a dream. You can’t see anything, and you can’t move the upper half of your body. As you regain consciousness, you feel a light breeze on your chest and realize that you shirt is off. You do a mental check, and your pants are still on. You kick your feet around slightly and figure out that you can move your feet as well. However, your hands are tied together, and you can’t see anything. It turns out you have a blind fold on. You can’t remember how you got there, and that’s what stumps you.

You tense as you hear the floorboard creak. “W-who’s t-there” You manage to get out. You hadn’t thought about it before, but if someone were to be there, they could do anything they pleased, and you in no way would be able to defend yourself. “Shhhhh” A soft whisper replies. “It’s okay.” The voice sounds familiar, but you can’t seem to place it. You remember the girls voice at the bar. It’s her! But how’d she get you here? You relax a little, thinking that you’re not in danger with her. She seemed safe enough. And nice. And pretty. And-

A voice breaks your thoughts. “I’m sure you’re wondering how you got here” I say softly. You nod your head. “When you left to go to the bathroom, I drugged your drink. I’m sorry.” I sound sad and regretful. “No.” You say. “It’s okay.” I slump next to you and you hear springs squeak. It turns out you’re on a bed. Everything clicks. “Ohhhh.” You mutter to yourself. “What?” I ask thinking that you said something to me. “It’s nothing. I just realized what the whole point of this was.” You say. “Oh… And are you okay with it?” I ask. You hear the springs squeak again and feel my weight lift off the bed. “Uhmm…” You feel your body get hot. When I speak again, my breath is on your face. “Well get ready…” I tell you, jumping on the bed next to you. You figure you’re in the center since I was just on your other side.

I kiss you softly on the lips first, and you respond by slipping your tongue gently into my mouth. My lips taste sweet, like candy and you lick around them as I flick my tongue in and out your mouth. I rub your chest softly as we kiss, getting more passionate with every second. You feel your cock twitch a little, unhappy with the restraints of your pants. I kiss down your jaw line and onto your chest. “You have nice abs” I comment in between kisses. You mutter thanks, but feel like it’s lost with your deep breathing. Your cock gets a little more erect with every soft kiss. I make my way down your stomach and slip my fingers under your waistband. “I can’t help but notice your bulge” I comment giggling. “Mind if I get a better look?” You shake your head, unable to find words to explain how much you want me to pull off your pants. I tug them down around your ankles, leaving your boxers still on.

I sit on the side of the bed, fiddling with the fabric around the boxers, still rubbing your chest softly. “Want a little more?” I whisper softly? “Yeah…” You manage to get out. I pull down your boxers, exposing you fully. I tickle the head with my index finger while I massage your balls softly with my other hand. I start using two fingers now to rub the tip and I start to massage a little harder. You’re fully erect now, with precum glistening on the head of your cock. I take away my hands away completely for about a minute, until you’re nearly shaking with anticipation.

After watching you suffer a little, I flick at your shaft delicately with my tongue. You moan in response, begging for more. However, I don’t intend on giving you more for a while. You see, I have this thing that I do. I call it tease torture. I’m not sure if someone has ever introduced this before me, but I think it would be great to get teased a lot before actual intercourse. If you have to wait a long time for an orgasm, it makes you appreciate it more. What I do is I tease, until the person is really hyped up and ready for more. Then, I leave them and come back a little later, taking it in tiny, tiny steps.

I continue massaging your balls while licking your cock softly, and you feel like you can’t take it anymore. You thrust your hips up, and your entire cock goes in my mouth. I quickly pull it out, and slap you in the balls. You recoil into fetal position, moaning in pain and in pleasure. “Listen” I say firmly. “I’m in charge here, and we go at the speed that I want.” After you regain yourself and straighten out again, I continue to lick you up and down. Once and a while I slip your cock into my mouth and lick around it. You groan, confirming that what I’m doing feels good.

I leave again, returning about two minutes later. “Hungry?” I ask. At first you think I’m asking you to eat me out, so you answer quickly and tell me to mount you however I want. I giggle again and reply “No silly. I lay down on the bed again next to you and press a banana up to your lips. “Hungry for food.” You take a bite of the banana and chew slowly. We finish the banana, each taking bites until it’s gone. I go to throw out the peel and return. “So… where were we?” I ask when I return. “Well, you were about to ride me like a horse until I cummed all over you?” You ask hopefully. I laugh. “I  don’t think we were there quite yet.”

This time, I take your whole cock in my mouth from the beginning, and stroke up and down slowly. You whimper softly, and moan. I gradually start to get faster, letting my head bob up and down like a buoy. As your moans start getting louder, I stop again, not wanting you to cum yet.

“God damn it” You mutter to yourself. You wait there, expecting the pause that will happen between the two sessions. When I return, I announce that it is time, and that you’ll finally get what you want. I straddle your chest first, getting my position right, and then lower myself to the level of your cock. I take it in my hand and guide it inside me, moving so slowly at first. Now, my moans of pleasure join yours as I speed up. As I start getting faster, you thrust your hips to meet mine, and both of our groans get louder. I orgasm first, yelling, and keeping our quick pace, trying to prolong it. You go over the edge while I’m on the tail end of mine, and moan in ecstasy, filling me up. You notice how big your load is and wonder if the long teasing period had anything to do with it.

I dismount, untying your hands and taking of your blindfold. You look at me and see that I’m flushed. I wearing some floppy t-shirt. I smile at you, exhausted and flop on the bed. You put your boxers up and grab your shirt, which you see is next to the bed on the nightstand. Putting it on, you wrap your arm around me, and we both fall asleep.


You wake up, and the curtains over the window are drawn back, letting light into the room. You rub your eyes, remembering last night. You look around searching for any sign of me, but you can’t see anything. There’s a scrap of paper at the bottom of the bed. You bend down, and grab it.
Last night was really great, but I had to clear out or I’d be late for work. I’ve paid for the room, and told the guy you’d be out by 1:00 PM. You look over at the clock. It’s 12:30. Meet me at the same place, same time tonight. This time, YOU can use ME.

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