Dirty Office Slut   added 6 years ago
  By: sexi_kelli69  Age: 28  Country: United Kingdom

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I like to crossdress and have done so for years, one of my ultimate fantasies is to go to work at my office dressed as a girl and been someones sexy secretary. I'd start by wearing the sluttiest outfit i could possibly wear, a short skirt with knee high fuck me boots, then a low cut top showing my bulging cleavage. I'd also slip a butt plug in so my ass is nice and wide for my first shag of the day.

My boss would be my first target i'd get him all alone in his office teasing him with my long legs and pert ass, i could just imagine getting down on my knees and flopping out his huge cock, jerking him off then taking him in my mouth pleasuring him with my lips and tongue before he spunks his hot load of cum down my throat, swallowing every drop as i'm such a good girl.

I'd then turn my attention to gettin some ass action, i'd take a couple of the hott young studs into a nice quiet meeting room. I'd bend over a desk and drop my knickers taking out my butt plug exposing my wide gapping asshole. I 'd then let one of my boys use me as im such a dirty little whore to get himself off and empty his cock and balls in my ass.

Then i'd take his cock in my mouth so i could taste my ass and his cum off his dick. I'd then jump on my other shag and start riding his cock like a slut screaming with pleasure as he split my ass wide open. Then we would all cum and i'd take every last drop inside me. Then with a dreamy sigh, 'same time tomorrow boys?'

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