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i got married 6 years ago

and i'd alo of troubles with my wife


so as we got separated  an old friend came to my life

she was married but divorced 2 years ago

the relation between us were based on respect, so when she appeared again i talked to her about my troubles and so she gave me advices to have a good life.

all our meetings were in restaurants and cafes, till a day she invited me for a visit to her place

it was my first time to visit her in her place, so we spend the day together and just talked played some cards and i left after 2 hours, at the end of the visit she kissed me and hugged me asking me to take care of my self and not to be upset.

i went home and we kept talking on cell and she asked me to go online so we can talk on video chat.

so i did, opened my cam and she was there with full dress and we talked for a while and it was getting late at night about 2:00AM, she asked me to hold on a second she need to change her cloths cause it was so hot weather that day and she don't want to use the air conditioner, she went for a while and came back with a very hot red lingerie,almost shows her body, and she didn't wear a bra or panties, so we kept talking but i didn't take off my eyes of her body as she laid down on a couch pretending she is tired, i got so horny as i can see through her hard nipples and her whole body.

we kept on  that for a few days and every time she were wearing a different lingerie every one is worst than the other, so i started to ask her to change this one, or to wear another one and so on, till that night she told me:

"why you don't come to my place and you can see them over me in real?"

and i accepted her invitation, so i went to her place next day morning and she opened the door for me in full dress, i brought her with me another hot lingerie and presented it as a gift for her asking to see it on her beautiful body, so she accepted and went to her room to wear it.

mean while i took off my cloths and sit on the same couch only with my panties, she came wearing the lingerie and she looks so sexy, she turned around and said:

"how do i look like? do you like it?"

"sure you look gorgeous"

she smiled and winked with her eye and said:

"hey my back hurts me, i need a massage can you do it for me?"

"sure honey i'd love to take your pain away, lay down on the couch om your face, let me rub your back"

so she did and intended to put a pillow below her stomach so her ass raise up.

i started to to rub her neck with my hands, then moved down to her back asking if she like that and she was so happy, after a while i said:

"well i can make a better massage for you, i can make a body massage, do you want to try it?"

"yes of course, i think it would be lovely"

so i took her lingerie off and slipped my pantie away so we became naked and she asked:

"why you took it off?"

"it must be like that babe, i must touch all of your skin, there must be no cloths so you can feel it"

and i laid over her body letting my hard cock touch her back, then i started to rub her back with my balls and hard cock, after a while she said:

"let me massage you, i;d love to make this body massage to you"

so i slept on my face and she started to rub my body with her wet pussy, then she turned me over and said:

"i'll give you another type of massage, it lips massage"

she started to kiss me every where till she reached my cock, she hold it with her right hand and opened my legs with her right one, she kissed the head then started to suck my cock and every time getting deeper till she took it all over her mouth, she kept doing that and my hands slipped to her wet pussy and hard nipples, i was getting every second harder and harder and i felt that pain in my dick and my hands were full of her wet pussy so i took my hands and licked my fingers saying:

"i like that water, i'm so thirsty i want to drink"

so she laid over me and kept sucking my cock while i'm licking her wet pussy, and i felt her fingers playing with my ass hole that made me more harder, i didn't feel like that before. so i started o touch her ass hole and lick it, and after a while i started to insert my finger in it, and every time i do it she gets deeper in my cock, and suddenly she left my cock to my ass hole and started to lick it, then inserted a finger in my ass i felt a pain in first but i liked it and made me more hard till i took her from her waist and laid her down on the back and put my hard cock in her wet pussy and i said:

"i want to fuck you so hard, i want to fuck that pussy so hard"

"fuck me babe, fuck me i want you to fuck my wet pussy, do you feel how much he needs your hard cock?"

"yeah babe i do, and i want to go deeper, i don't want to leave it"

i was so hard and hadn't have sex long time ago so i were about to cum and i said:

"do you want me to shower with my cum?"

"yeah babe, let me feel it, i wanna eat it"

so i were about to cum i took my dick off her pussy and cumed all over her breast and face, then she held my dick in her hands and licked the rest of my cum and sucked the head till the last drop,

i left that day and i'm so happy and glad and we agreed that i'll come to her next day

but thats along story i'll talk about it later. 

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