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I was so fucking horny last night! I wanted something more then to jack off, so I called this massage place that I saw an ad for on backpage.com. It read, " Indulge your mind, body & spirit at Sweet Touch Massage! Enter our Oriental Oasis where lovely Asian therapists provide absolutely the best massage in Houston!" I figured what the fuck, might as well try it.

The location was an apartment complex not far from my house, it was an older complex with lots of speed bumps and tennis courts that had been turned into a playground. I felt a little uncomfortable parking my Expedition, but figured it was only for an hour. I knocked on apartment number 1013 and at was answered by a young Asian girl. She was pretty and about 5' tall. It was hard to tell, if she had a great body, because of the long slacks and baggy shirt she wore.

She spoke very little English, but beckoned me to a bed room where there was a massage table. She left and I undressed. I laid on the table, face down, and did not cover myself. I was already half hard when I laid down in anticipation of this young twenty something giving me a massage. She started on my back, and although she was not the best masseuse I had ever had, she was OK and her hands were soft and warm. Soon she had moved to my left side and as she pressed against the table, my hand brushed her leg. I opened my palm and let her slim leg press against it. I figured that she would move my hand back to the table, if it bothered her....but she left it alone.

I was becoming more and more aroused as she worked on my lower back and ass. I slipped my hand around her leg and felt her small, tight, leg. She made no move to stop me. As she worked further down my leg, I felt the heat of her small cunt pass near my hand. I shave my legs and the feeling of her smooth hands running down my legs was exquisite! She started up the other side of my body and my hand again got to feel the heat of her sex.

When she told me to lay on my back, I was rock hard. There was the slightest moan....I don't know if it was approval or disappointment. Using an  incredible light touch, she massaged my body coming close to my cock, but never touching it. Finally, she turned to look at me and with one long jester of her hand asked if I wanted her to massage my cock. I nodded an emphatic yes!

She spread baby oil over my cock and using both hands she started to massage it. Her legs were slightly spread, so I slipped my hand around her upper thigh and started to rub her leg and ass. I could still feel the heat coming from her pussy, so I slipped my hand up higher and started to massage it through her thick slacks. I heard her gasps as my hand touched her cunt and she spread her legs slightly. I continued to worked my fingers along her covered clitoris. She starts to arch her back and I could see that she has nice full breasts. The heat between her legs continues to rise and my hand started to move faster and faster.

She is bent over me now, stroking me harder and harder. I came with a powerful release and her stroking slowed, but I increased the pressure and speed of my hand. She came with an intensity that I have never seen. Her whole body shook as her body melts. Her face is flushed and she is breathing hard. She looks over at me and gives me the sweetest smile.

She cleaned me up and then slowly massaged my body one last time. I got up and dressed, while she washed her hands. As I turned towards her, she breathed deep and sighed, then gave me a long hug. I asked her name and she said "Koko."

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