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  By: sexi_kelli69  Age: 28  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Force/Rape, Transvestites, Group Sex / Threesome
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I have been a crossdresser for since i was 13 but only recently experience my first time with another guy. I have quite a feminine body so carrying off the teen girl look is pretty easy. One nite me and a group of my girl friends decided to go out clubbing together, i had been gagging to get it on with another guy for so long i decided to wear the sluttiest outfit i possibly could. I wore a denim mini skirt showing off my gorgeous legs, a strappy top exposing my toned middrift, some stockings and suspenders, black stiletto heels and a tiny pink g-string to top it off.

We hit the club and started our man hunt, before long most of my other girl friends had pulled and i was left alone at the bar. I ws then approached by a couple of buff guys, i could tell from their tight t-shirt and bulging biceps they worked out. 'Hey gorgeous can i get you a drink?' one said, we got chatting and could feel myself getting extremely horny.

We decided to head back to their place, as soon as we got through the door my dark haired guy put his arms around me and started kissing my neck, i could feel his hard cock straining against his jeans and pushing against my pert ass. The other guy took his shirt off and revealed his ripped upper body. I couldnt contain myself any longer i had to have some cock. I dropped down to my knees and slid his hard member out of his jeans i couldnt believe how gorgeous his cock was, 8 inches and throbbing all for me.

This was te first time i had given head, and it came so natural i began sucking him slow at first licking his shaft and balls and then began taking him deep and hard in my throat. My other guy had also got his dick out and i began taking it in turns to blow their minds. Both guys were getting hornier by the second and it wasnt long before they shot their loads all over my face and in my mouth. Next they ordered me to get down on all fours, one guy slid my skirt to one side and dropped by knickers,

i then felt his huge cock enter my ass from behind, the other guy got in front and slid it in my mouth, i couldnt believe it i was getting spitroasted, 'oh yeh' one guy moaned 'you like that hard cock u dirty little slut' then after pounding away at my holes for over 10 minutes they both came in me deep and hard. My first time with a guy was really something to remember!

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