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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
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I wrote this from the females perspective. It is based on the girls view in my other fantasy "forced". Girls and guys let me know what you think.


I am sitting on the edge of the four poster bed, wondering why I ever tried to get away with it. God, his cock and body felt so good, though!  


From across the room you look at me with disappointment and anger. I don’t know which emotion I am more afraid of. You walk across the room and slap my face. “So,” you say. “You want something stuffed up that little cunt of yours, do you? Take off your clothes…..now!”  With a start, I realize that I had been gazing into the distance and rubbing my cheek. You have never slapped me before!  With shaking hands I quickly undress……


~12-hours earlier


With shaking fingers I zipped up the side of my short dress and straitened my top. Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that I looked like a hot little slut. I was wearing a skirt and a top with spaghetti straps and no bra. My nipples were hard as they rubbed against the fabric and they showed through the thin top. Putting on a pair of black high heals I raced down to meet the taxi.


The taxi dropped me off at the entrance to the club. The queue ran down the block, but I walked to the front of the line and flashed a smile at the bouncer. I felt his eyes wonder over my body. I swallow hard and he laughs when he sees how anxious I was and with a smile he stepped aside to let me enter.


It was so scary being out and away from my mistress, but a strange freedom too. I watched the dancers moving to the beat of the music and I felt a thrill run through me! I was free of my mistresses’ control and I could do anything!


I walked to the bar and ordered a Martini, straight up with Bombay Sapphire Gin (just like what Mistress orders). I started to pay, but the bartender said, “That gentleman at the end of the bar covered your drink”. I look down the bar to see a tall, lean, man looking at me. As soon as our eyes met, I dropped mine and looked down. I drank deeply and almost choked as the bitter concoction went down. I lower my glass to find the man standing next to me. Looking down at me, he says, “Finish your drink and let’s dance.”


As we walked to the dance floor, his hand slipped around my waist and then down to my ass and squeezed it. Then we started to dance. The music took me over. Sweat beaded on my brow and made my blouse cling to my breasts. I pressed my body against him and felt his semi-hard cock pressing against the fabric of his paints. I pushed away, laughing at his surprise when he realizes that I had grabbed his cock. We come together again and I press my body next to him and start to dry fuck him. As he reaches for me, I pull away; grab another guy and start dancing with him. I spin and come back to my original partner, laughing the whole time.


As a slow song starts, I reach for him and wrap my arms around his big shoulders. He slips his arms around my body and pulls me close to him. I let him squeeze and fondle my ass, then push back, “You want to fuck me, but I am not going to give you the chance,” I say. I turned and started to leave the dance floor.


I felt his strong hand grab my arm and start to pull me to the back of the club. I asked him where we were going and he tells me to “shut up and come with me, bitch”. He opened a door by the back of the dance floor and pushes me forward. As I turned to protest, I heard the sound of a lock turning. He pushed me to a couch and his hands were all over me. He told me how he was going to teach a little slut like me to beg.


I was so scared but I wanted him too! He pulled my panties off and holds both of my hands above my head. He then just looks at me. He starts talking about my body. Telling me how he is going to fuck me. He told me how he likes small tits, while he violently paws at them. He roughly starts to finger fuck me, but I am so wet that he laughs at me and said something about “being ready”.


It was the fucking of my life. His cock was not long but it was thick. He talked about what a horny little slut I was, when I came. When he was finished he took my panties and told me he was keeping them. I was left with no bra, no panties, and cum trickling out of my pussy and down my legs.


Crying, I ran from the room to find a phone. My mistress was silent on the other end of the line. When I finish telling her where I was, she said in a curt voice, “Wait outside, I will send the driver for you. When you get home, shower and wait in my bed chamber.”


You tell me to lie down on the bed spread eagle. You walk to each corner of the bed and secure my hands and feet with silk that is tied to the bed posts. To my horror, I see you setting up a video camera. It is aimed between my legs. As I see the small red light start to flash on the camera I try to cover myself with my legs, but I am tied too tightly! Crying, I beg you to stop. “Quite, my sweet or I will have to gag you,” you whisper into my ear. Silent tears slide down my cheeks as I watch the red light of the camera. I realize that the tears are not the tears of humiliation, but are tears for the shame that I have caused my Mistress.


You gently run your fingers from my right foot, up my leg, to my cheek. Along the way you circle my pussy and each of my breasts. I am breathing fast and am longing for you to touch me! I bite my trembling lip so that I don’t cry out, oh please, let me satisfy my Mistress! You undress slowly, forcing me to wait for you. You have total control over your desires...


You straddle me and slowly lower your pussy to my face. You press your cunt into my mouth and I suck greedily. All I want to do is please you. I push my tongue deep into you at the same time you lower your body completely onto me. My breathing is coming in short bursts as you work your pussy on my face. With a scream you come! Bucking on my face, your juices fill my mouth and cover my face and hair.


Panting, you rise off of me and turn around. With a gleam in your eye you smile at me. You then reach down and pick up something that I had not seen. It is a golden double-headed dildo. It has small gems encircling each end. “Like I said, something for your little cunt!” You slip one end of the tool into my waiting pussy and then you press yourself down on the other end.


You take me gently, knowing that I will still be sore. You gently rub and stroke my breast, squeezing each nipple between you thumb and finger. I strain to pull myself free so that I and embrace you. “No,” you say “that is part of your punishment. The hardest punishment for you will not being able to caress me." With sweet caress you cover my breasts, neck, and mouth with kisses. And then you gently lick my face clean.


With slow gyrations you work your new toy in my cunt. I press my restricted body against you and you gently rub the sides of my waist, just like you know I love. Our hips are grinding against one another and you wrap your long legs around mine. With a shudder we both come together, your mouth muffling my moans of ecstasy. Kissing my ear lobe, you tell me that you are "sorry for having to punish me.”



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