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Traveling for work is not the best way of living: you usually pass your evenings alone in some forgotten hotel, with the only company of a remote and a bottle of wine. Sometimes you are luckier and you have company, but most of the time are local colleagues eager to have a costly company-billed dinner with you and then get back to the commodities of their houses and families. Rarely you travel with somebody else, so you can share your loneliness over a few drinks. If things go well, you can have a decent evening, but sometimes you get more that what you had secretly desired. That's what happened during my last trip to Moscow. I was traveling with this nice female co-worker, Nadia, a girl in her early 30s, nice curvaceous body, 5'4" tall, long dark hairs, black eyes and a penchant for fashion dresses that hid only the minimum of her cleavage.

She was the typical professional consultant, leaving little time to personal interaction and focusing on work even outside the office. We had three long days of meetings and brainstorming running late in the evening, and we were so tired that after a brief dinner in the hotel restaurant we could barely manage to reach our rooms before falling asleep. The last day we had a meeting with local HR director, Irina, a stunning 6'2" short haired blonde virago. She spent the whole morning throwing glances at me and during luchbreak she used any chanche she had for leaning on my side laughing in a girlish way and being clear she was flirting with me.

Nadia just smiled sarcastically at her attempts, never losing her professional stance. Sadly, we had to leave after lunch and I didn't had the chance to arrange a follow up for next trip. On our way to the airport, she commented that Irina was too slutty to do her job and she jokingly told me "From the big bulge on your pants I believe you are not of the same opinion" I was still too aroused to think what I was saying "Ah, I didn't know you liked to check for my erections. I hope you weren't disappointed by the size of it"

For the first time she lost, but just for a second, her cold attire answering me "Well, I had to figure out what Irina was hoping to have, and from what I saw she wouldn't have been deluded." It was just two seconds, but she had spoken in a different tone and I could see her salivating. So there was something different under that cold attire... The airport reserved us a bad surprise: overbooking! After a 2 hours wait we were brought back to our hotel and scheduled for next morning departure. This left us with a nice half-day in Prague: after a short visit to the city, we went to a little restaurant near the hotel.

I had tried in vain to mail Irina about my availability for the evening: she had left the office after the meeting. Nadia was cheerful for the whole evening, more and more everytime we ordered another round of beer. After the restaurant we went to a famous pub full of young people, where everyone's first thought seemed to be flirting. One young nice boy on his early twenties even tried his luck with Nadia and she let him buy her some drinks and court her until he kissed her always naked cleavage and she had to back him off and call a security guy to throw him off.

She didn't seem to dislike the kiss, the hardness of her nipples where easily noticed behind her skirt, but probably she didn't want to flirt in front of a co-worker. After the incident she couldn't go back to her usual role, probably because of too many drinks we had. "I'm surprised you didn't call Irina for a wild night, leaving me alone" "Well, I didn't want to leave you in the hands of some young Czech stallion."

"Stallion? He was just a cute puppy. Judging from his jeans bulge I don't think he would have pleased me enough..." "So you use the bulge in a male pants as a measure of his ability to please you" "Do you think Irina was looking at something else this morning? If you two had been alone, she would have closed the door of the meeting room, raised her gown and asked to ride you on the chair. I bet she wasn't even wearing panties under her dress"

"Well, I couldn't imagine you were flying so wild with your imagination during the meeting." "She was too easy to guess her intentions. And when she caught me looking between her legs she gave that slutty look to me too!" "You weren't guessing then: you saw her pantyless!" "Yeah, and with a nice trim it seems." she said smirking "Do you think she's bi?" I asked in half a voice, my dream coming true. "Anyone so openly slutty doesn't care for gender of the partner. She would have been probably better for me that our young Czech stallion here" When she said it, I nearly fainted: I imagined her locking the door, jumping on Irina and starting to lick her pussy on the meeting table.

She noticed I was holding my breath and realising she had said more than needed she smiled "Hey you hero, I'm happy to see I made your bulge bigger than this morning... but don't bet on a show between me and Irina: I like guys" After that I told her it was time to go to bed and we got back to the hotel.

She was clearly aroused "So what would you have done having me and Irina both slutty in that meeting room this morning?" "I would have arranged something on the table: there was enough space for everyone." "You are the typical male pig: you would have asked for all pleasures for you using us as toys" she said squeezing my belly and caressing my abs. "I didn't know you were so fit. Everything is always hidden underneath clothes" "Well, there are many ways to find out how your colleagues are" I dared, replying the caress and discovering she had a pierced belly button.

She tensed a bit: we were in front of the elevator and another guest was waiting for it. "That's why we do those boring 'Team Building' meetings sometimes" I thought I had gone so far, but on the elevator I saw her gaze locked on my pants, my erection clearly visible, and her mouth slightly open in an horny stupor." We told each other goodnight, her room 3 doors from mine, and I got inside. Irina in the morning and Nadia in the evening had taken a toll on me: I was so horny I decided to check some of Prague famous red-light pubs. I needed some decent sex or I could go crazy.

I was changing clothes when I heard knocking on the door "Matt, open the door! hurry!". Nadia? Probably she needed the usual pill to sleep away the hangover. I opened the door and coudl only say "What the f..?!" Nadia was standing in front of the door, completely naked apart from her black pointed shoes with hig heels she had been using the whole day and a black rope necklace. It was the first time I could have a good look at her tits, a nice C cup slightly falling but pointing upwards at the end: the perfect rack to be grabbed during a wild ride.

The hard nipples I had dreamed of sucking for the whole evening jutted out surrounded by dark huge areolae nearly bigger than my mouth.

Her pussy was trimmed, only a short black line of hairs left over a soft mound so pink and firm you could think it belonged to a teen.

Her hand was on the doorstand and I could notice her finger were all wet. "I'm too horny. I tried to cool down by myself but I need something more." she told rushing inside the room "and I came directly naked so I couldn't change my mind after knocking." She shoved me aside and leaned on the bed and begged "So please fuck me now, and then we can forget everything"

It was clear she was completely at the mercy of her own arousal and I decided it was too much to end everything with a short fuck session: I was so horny it would have gone away in a few minutes. "So you want to see my cock?" "No I want it inside me" "Do not think I'm going to give it to you so easily: you have to deserve it!" "No please, I'm going crazy! I should have gone with the young boy at the pub! I need a cock inside me now" "You slutty girl, you don't even care who's going to please you! But you'll change your mind!" I took her by one leg and brought her on her knees beside the bed "You must suck me first. I am to excited to fuck you: first I want you to suck me."

She moved to my pants and frantically removed them "Yes, but promise me you are going to fuck me the whole night" I couldn't even recognize her, the professional consultant of many meetings, but I later discovered she had always been the easy going type in her personal life,remaining calm only at work to avoid spreading dangerous gossips around.

She started sucking me avidly, with some mindless but failed attempts of deepthroating that nearly made her choke. I could feel her tits against my legs while she moved her hand all over my body. I couldn't resist more that a couple of minutes and I started cumming in her mouth "Take this baby, I want to see my cum in your mouth. Don't let any out" She seemed to enjoy the load, and it was a big one, the sum of all excitement of a horny day: she had to let some out, even if she didn't like it, to avoid drinking it.

When I pumped my last drop in her mouth I removed her head from my cock and she was hornier than ever, letting me look at her mouth full of my cum. "Fuck me now, please" she said, letting the white substance dripping on her tits. I rapidly made her standing, being a little blunt in the moves since I understood she like that way. I put my hand on her neck under her chin and slowly move her head backwards "Now drink all my cum honey, and then I'm going to fuck your pussy". She tried to resist at first, but then while I was kissing her neck and caressing between her wet legs with one hand she let my other hand raise her chin enough to force her drink everything she had in the mouth.

She smirked and coughed, probably the first time she drunk cum, and then let a big gasp "Good slutty you are baby. Did you like it?" "Wathever you want Matt, I'm too horny right now to say no to anything" I decided she deserved her prize so i turned her around and put her on the bed. I undressed completely , put a condom and then jumped on her back, starting a furious fuck while she tried not to scream of pleasure biting the blankets. Her pussy was wet and warm, I didn't have any problem going in, and while fucking her I saw that her ass seemed unexplored: her little hole was pinkish and perfect, something I didn't want somebody else to use first.

But I needed her to come and took all my time to please her as she had pleased me. I moved her on top of me and she rode me shouting raunchy words "Do you think Irina would fuck you this way?" "C'mon I want to feel you cock the whole night" until after increasing her rhythm she let out a muzzled scream and nearly fainted over me. "Whoa honey, I was lusting for your cock since this morning. I was already jelous of her: I would never manage be so slutty at work." "Be honest, it was seeing her pantyless that aroused you" "Yes, the thought that she could have been fucked right there drove me crazy. Watching people fuck makes me so horny" "I think next time we should close the door and have some fun all toghether" I told her, and while she fantasized about our threesome I pulled her head down on my cock and started pumping again in her mouth until cum was squirting from her mouth. "

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