Truth or dare.. the online version   added 7 years ago
  By: paranoidandroid  Age: 35  Country: Denmark

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So... another boring day at the office. Monday morning, and a large cup of coffee does it's best to help me feel awake. My inbox is full of work related e-mails that need my reply, and I just don't feel motivated.


Linda, a co-worker of mine, steps into my office and hands me a report from today's morning meeting. She's a 30 year old brunette with a slender body and a pretty face. Today she's wearing a grey business suit with a skirt that go just below her knees. I can't help but wonder if she's wearing stockings or a pantyhose. I like to think that she's wearing stockings. The sight of Linda makes my thoughts wander, and when she leaves I just sit back and daydream, something I do pretty often.


Linda physically reminds me of an old online friend of mine back in the days, a lady from Australia that I actually never catched the real name of. We got to know each other on Myspace about 5 years ago through a common interest in music, but our e-mail exchange eventually grew more and more into sexual topics. We often told each other about our real life sexual experiences and sexual fantasies, and as I love writing I sometimes wrote her some erotic short stories made out from the fantasies she had. She loved reading my stories, and usually replied with a description of how she was pleasuring herself while reading them.


We also used to play some e-mail kind of a truth or dare game which I particulary enjoyed. When it came to the truth part, we used to send each other an e-mail with questions that had to be answered in honest fashion, and for the most part these questions was of sexual nature. The dare part was (of course) e-mails where we dared each other to do certain things. I would for instance dare her to go to work pantyless wearing a short skirt, in which she would reply with details about how the challenge worked out and how she felt about it. Of course I could never be 100% sure she was being honest, but I still like to think that she actually was. And nevertheless... it was enjoyable reading anyways. 


I had contact with this woman for nearly a year, but then she got engaged and wrote me that she didn't feel that it would be appropriate to have this kind of contact with me anymore. Of course I understood and respected that, but I have to say I miss writing and getting those e-mails. And I guess that's what this "fantasy" is all about... I have always been fascinated by how arousing the written word can be, but I find it difficult to actually find someone who shares the same opinion; that anonymous e-mail contact can be a very exciting way of spicing up the everyday. Hopefully may beg to differ. 


Well.. back to work.. and more coffee and daydreaming :)

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