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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, The Audience / Voyeur, Identified partner, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

My wife and I are both gym fanatics. The gym where we both go used to be the place to be, but nowadays it’s a very sad affair, dwindling membership and aging equipment. It does have the advantage that you can often be the only people working out and you never get to wait to do the exercise you want. Its other advantage is the wall-to-wall mirrors that allow you to see anywhere in the gym without looking like you’re staring.


Which used to be great for me when the gym was busy, filled with Lycra clad beauties, bending over machines to adjust them, or even better doing their stretches in the middle. Now it’s often just me, Anne and a couple of other guys working out, especially on Saturday afternoons when the place is totally dead. I get Anne to do the most outrageous poses just to watch the other guys react, and they always react. You can see their eyes boring into her body as she goes into cat position, arse high in the air, back arched to show her perfect bum off through the thin lycra. Then she would slide onto a bench to do some presses, her legs wide apart for stability, but equally a perfect poses for letching.


For some weeks it had been just me, Anne and these two black guys Leon and Mark who used to work out together, and I could see she was turning them on big time. Their eyes used to follow her around the whole time and they even stopped pretending they weren’t watching her. One day afterwards in the showers, they remarked to me how hot my wife was and what a lucky guy I was. A bit disconcerting though as whilst they were telling me this, we were all naked and both the guys seemed to spend all their time washing their cocks whilst chatting, and these guys were both hung. Even soft they hung halfway down their thighs and it was almost impossible not to notice.


I told Anne about the compliments (and about their size) and she became very interested.

“So, you have open showers in your changing rooms then?”

“Duh, yeah all guys changing rooms do”

“And no-one else comes in?

“Not on Saturday, all the staff are female then, and you know we are the only ones working out”

She kept on like this for a while and then said no more.


Next Saturday though, she had bought a new workout outfit, even more revealing than normal, and her poses whilst working out were even more provocative. Mark and Leon were there as usual and I don’t think they pushed any weights at all just stood around and stared. And in the showers, they hardly washed anything else but their cocks, and they weren’t pointing down any more.


Just then the door to the shower block opened and in walked Anne. A towel wrapped around her was so small it covered her breasts but didn’t do a great job of covering anything else.

“Sorry honey, you don’t have any soap in here do you? We have run out in our block.”

However she wasn’t looking at the soap dishes, her gaze went straight down between Mark and Leon’s legs to see what they had there. The shock of seeing my half-naked wife had not affected them there at all, although it did stop them rubbing themselves for a moment.

I handed her the soap in silence with a look that said, you’ve got what you came for now off you go.

However, my wife had other ideas. “Whilst I’m here I might as well use your showers.” And with that she shook off her towel, and stepped into the shower between my mates. “I  don’t suppose one of you could help me with soaping my back?”

That was all it took, Mark grabbed the soap and started lathering up her back, whilst Leon just went straight in and started on her breasts. He spent ages just massaging  them in his hands, tweaking her nipples to make her squirm, whilst Mark moved down to squeeze her bum, making her arch her back and stick it out even more.

I watched her hands slide over Leon’s muscled body, but knew they were only headed one place. She grasped him with both hands and she needed them both. He was now completely erect, pointing straight at her, and needing no further invitation she bent her head and took him right into her open mouth. I knew how much she loved sucking cock and this one was a treat for her. I saw her pump him with a swizzle motion, up and down his shaft, with his head buried deep in her mouth. I knew from experience how good that felt and envied him the feeling. I watched as her cheeks sucked in, and knew that her tongue would be swirling around his head, whilst she sucked all the blood to the top of his knob. Turned on as he must have been right then, I’m surprised he didn’t blow his load down her eager throat.

Mark meanwhile wasn’t wasting any time. He took the invitation of her arched back, and dropped a hand between her legs, and I could see his thumb pushing into her from behind, then using her own juices ran it down, spreading her lips to circle her swollen clit. Her eyes did the usual glazing over thing she does when she particularly likes whets being done to her, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before she collapsed into her first orgasm. I love watching her come, you can almost map the exquisite feelings racing through her, but I wasn’t sure how it would be watching her do this with someone else. And not even one other person else.

My mind switched back to the scene in front and I noticed that Mark’s other hand was stroking his cock, readying it for penetration. I had a moment of doubt then, as I wasn’t sure she would be able to take it all, but I was proved wrong immediately as he positioned himself behind her, rubbed his enormous bell end up and down her lips once or twice, slowly forced the head inside her juicy little cunt lips, then just pushed him in all the way, pulling her onto him by the hips.

Anne’s glazed eyes suddenly sprang wide open, but as Mark started to thrust in and out the glazed look came back and I noticed her pushing back onto him almost as hard as he was thrusting into her.

She started to pump harder on Leon’s engorged penis, her head flying up and down his shaft, his cock must have been hitting the back of her throat continually, but she didn’t stop until suddenly she pulled her head back, squeezing his cock so hard, as she fell into one of the biggest orgasms I had ever seen. Her head bucking, hair flying she was held in place unable to move as Mark’s huge prick slammed into her faster and faster, mercilessly taking her over the top and back up again. I knew she would go straight into the next one, her capacity for multiple orgasms was immense, and so it was, Mark didn’t let up for a second just driving her on again and again, until I saw his own face change expression and he must have blown the whole lot up her., this last bit taking her biggest screaming orgasm yet as his cock must have swelled up to its largest size before spurting his hot spunk up her.

I found that I was almost as breathless as them and discovered that I had been wanking the whole time and not even noticed so engrossed by the scene in front of me.

Anne paused for only a few moments then she took control once more. Leading Leon over to her towel she pushed him back down onto it. Taking him in her hands she crouched over him and fed his huge dick into her, one inch at a time. Eventually he was in her up to the hilt, her favourite position, in control but on the edge at the same time.

She sat unmoving there, but I knew her strong inner muscles were working like mad, stroking his cock up and down, milking him dry, literally wanking him with her cunt.

She started to move then, slowly at first rubbing her clit on his pubes, pushing him in and out of her, using him to take her on to yet another orgasm. Faster and faster now, her whole body moving, I knew she was close, and then  Leon let out a shout and thrust hard upwards into her, rewarded with a matching scream as she came hard collapsing on top of his prone body.

Sitting back up with his cock still in her, she beckoned me over,  reached out and grabbed my cock, already bursting hard ready to spurt and sank her lips over him doing all those things she knew I loved.

I must have lasted a couple of seconds at most, before I could feel him swell up, throbbing with lust, his head a mass of taut nerve ends, and then felt the overwhelming relief as he pumped out his first load.

She pulled him out then and I looked down to watch her pump him onto her face, something she has known I’ve always wanted to do. Again and again I splattered her cheeks, her hair, her eyes and I could see she was loving it as much as me.

Eventually there was no more left and we all had to go  back under the showers to wash all that semen away.





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