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Categories: Force/Rape
Tags: desires Natural force wolf
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive

Wolf sniffed deeply. The scent was unmistakable. There was a female in heat somewhere nearby. Since the doctor had released Wolf into this forest over two months ago, this was the first time he had scented a female. Wolf had no intention of allowing her to get away from him. He began to sniff the air and follow the strong musk.

Wolf had been the most successful of the doctor’s experiments so far. The doctor was quite mad, of course, and his quest to create the perfect half-human/half animal had many previous failures. The precise concoction of herbs had to be carefully distilled and tested. The doctor had been at it for years, Wolf thought, before his henchmen had captured him and brought him here for testing. The actual transformation had been relatively painless. He had been forced to drink the concoction, and the change began on the first day. It had taken about a week, all together. Wolfs what he was. He had no name for what he was. He thought like a man but his instincts and senses were much sharper. He had fur all over his body and he ran like a wolf. His legs were the legs of a wolf but he still had arms like a man. He was incredibly strong.

His cock had grown huge and retracted into his belly unless he was aroused. Then the cock came out of its sheath, hard and erect with a huge head. His balls hung when he was aroused, otherwise they, too, were close to his belly. He lifted his leg to piss. He pissed a lot, scent marking his area. He was simply compelled to do this.

And now his heightened senses led him to the female. As he came nearer, her scent increased. The musk was driving Wolf on, he was wild to find this female and mount her. Soon he spied her. She was in a clearing. She was obviously the latest creation of the doctor and she looked dazed. She was very tiny and this aroused Wolf even more, thinking of how his huge cock would feel when he forced it into her.

She too had fur. The top half of her body looked almost entirely human, with human female breasts. Her bottom half had fur and a tail, with wolf hind legs. She was delicately squatting, and pissing on the ground. The smell was overwhelming. Wolf could see her blood mixed with the piss, she was most assuredly in heat. He paused at the edge of the clearing, waiting to get the best opportunity to rush her.

At the moment that her piss stopped, Wolf ran and grabbed her. She screamed and tried to struggle, but she was so tiny compared to him that she had no hope of escape. He held her firmly around the waist with his arms and sniffed her crotch deeply, taking in her smell as if it was the finest perfume. Then, holding her hips as she struggled, he thrust his face into her crotch. He licked her pussy deeply. It tasted like piss and blood and sex and Wolf felt his cock engorge.

As he licked her, she struggled less. Soon she wasn’t struggling at all, but Wolf still held her tightly. He had no intention of allowing her escape. When he had licked her clean by sending his tongue deep within her tiny pussy, he mounted.

Like the wolf that he was, he reared up and grabbed her hips like a dog would. He plunged his cock around for a few seconds and then, it found its home. He plunged into her. She was so small that his cock nearly tore her pussy, but it didn’t. Her vagina stretched to its limits and accepted his cock inside. She had put her face to the ground, which allowed him full access to her. He fucked her fast and hard. It was all he could do not to bite her neck. She was grunting with every thrust, he knew that he was filling her to the maximum that she could handle.

Wolf was totally lost in the fucking. He didn’t care if she was in pain or in ecstasy. He only cared about his own cock and how it felt to ram it in and out of her as fast as he possibly could. She was making no attempt to get away, though, so he thought that she was enjoying it as well. He pumped in and out of her for over an hour. Finally, he could feel his balls tighten and he knew he was close to exploding in her.

He both felt and saw the knot at the root of his cock. It was at least nine inches around, and he knew he had a choice. If he forced it into her, they would become tied. If he didn't, he would be able to withdraw after his ejaculation. But for him there really was no choice. He forced the knot into her tiny pussy. She cried out in pain and tried to pull away from him, but he held her firm.

He flooded her with his come. It leaked out of her from around his cock, still jammed into her as far as he could possibly get it. His climax seemed to last for minutes. Her tiny, tiny pussy was clamped onto his knot like a vise. When at last he had shot all of his sperm, they were tied tight, his knot holding her pussy hostage to him.

The female attempted to pull away, but it was no good. Wolf just felt how good it felt to be stuck in her pussy. He growled a warning to her and she stopped trying to pull away. They remained hung up, cock in pussy, for another thirty minutes or so. Finally Wolf could feel his cock relaxing. He made a tentative move and it slid just a touch inside of her.

The female had begun to wiggle around and again, Wolf growled at her. This time she growled back! He guessed she was ready to be free of his cock. Still holding her tightly, he pulled hard and his cock came out of her with a loud popping sound. The female cried out in pain. He sat down next to her, but he did not let go of her, he did not want her to run away. She lay down in the grass, panting.

Guided by ancient instinct, Wolf began to lick her pussy again, and licked until she was clean. She just lay there with her eyes closed. When he was done, she sat up and took his cock into her mouth. She licked him clean as well. When she had finished, he asked her what her name was. In a tiny voice, she said, “Arone.” Wolf said, “Well, Arone, you are mine now!” as he prepared to mount her again.


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