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Categories: Identified partner, Young boys
Location: A bed
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So when my steady boyfriend and I split up I went to stay with my friend. She needed someone to help her work on getting her house ready to sell. So I helped her and just kinda hung out. Neither one of us was working at the time so we spent a lot of time just keeping me as busy as possible. Her man at the time had a great job and knew I was going through a rough spot.

So after I’d been there a few days her oldest son comes up from his Dad’s to lend a hand as well. He too was having problems, so you could say we had a lot in common at the time. I hadn’t seen him more than once or twice since he’d moved to his Dad’s. That had been probably 2 years ago. He’d really grown. Standing head and shoulders above me. He’d lost his kid look too. He wasn’t skinny enough to be gangly, his shoulders were broad and filled out. His face had thinned enough to make his bone structure more defined. His eyes were still amber brown colored and round, but his brows were thicker and very straight.

We hung out a lot, it was nice having my buddy again. He’d had a crush on me for years, so he doted on me in my misery. We took walks, worked on the house, played cards at night, and generally just hid out from life for a while.

My friend stuck us in the same room since the house was getting closed off as we progressed. The whole room was a clutter of futons, pillows, and blankets. She wasn’t worried about any hanky panky. Her son was 17 and I was in my mid 20’s. Moreover, his Mom and I had been friends for years. He was like an annoying little brother.

Then one night when he thought I was sleeping something strange happened. I was drifting off when he came in. I didn’t move at all, I was tired and didn’t want to debate with him tonight. Truth was he loved to argue with me, just to get my back up, no real reason. Then he would smirk at my indignation. It made me crazy, he’d just laugh and laugh at me. So I laid there and pretended to be sleeping.

After a minute I felt him settle in a little closer than usual. I was starting to drift off again when I felt a hand run very slowly up my thigh. I froze. He’d been a little flirtatious but I’d quickly reminded him I was way to old for him. He’d seemed unbothered by my objections.

I felt his hand slide slowly up my dress. It tingled as he moved up my bare skin. He pressed closer and I knew he was enjoying himself. I stirred, trying to fake him out. This was really a bad idea, I reminded myself. He paused a moment, I could feel his warm hand on my thigh. My body was responding in spite of myself. When I didn’t move again he continued. I could feel his hot breath as he stifled a groan. His face pressed into my hair, breathing raggedly. He tugged me a tiny bit closer, his hand slid under the waist band of my panties. He slid his finger along the lips of my opening. He must’ve liked what he found. His lips pressed into the back of my head. He wasted no more time, finding my clit he began rubbing gently. He moved his forefinger in tiny circles. I rolled onto my back, still pretending sleep. He’d quickly withdrawn, afraid I’d wake maybe.

When I was still again he retuned. Again he tested my wetness. This time he buried his finger in as far as it would go. I moaned softly, and he chuckled quietly, withdrawing slowly enough to make me shiver. Using his now wet finger he started working on my clit again. His fingers were insistent, making me stifle another moan. I’d had this done before but never with this much skill. He was working me with the ease of a switch.

He brushed his lips across my hair. I think he could tell I liked it. More than liked it, I was going to come in his hand, just explode all over him as he persistently worked me over. I had to make this stop. Despite my body’s aching objections, I had to be strong. So I rolled over again, sliding my legs closed and curling up.

He seemed to realize I’d had enough. His hands went back up my dress but this time he was still. His cheek rested on the top of my head. It felt like I was burning. I’d been so close to satisfaction and not had it. Problem was now I wanted him to ease my distress.

The next day he went to see some friends for the weekend. The night he got back things got very interesting.

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